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  1. Happy birthday!

    1. Caster


      Happy birthday.

  2. Oh, sorry! I got their names mixed up, dunno why though. I'll go edit that out. Thank you! Possibilities are endless with speculation. That and we really don't know about it. So yeah, you could be right too. Just don't be so rude next time, okay? I still appreciate the comment though, so thank you! Nope. He DOES look very old though, so I guess I could see that. That's one of the points I was trying to get to. Thank you for actually posting this! And yes, it sounds unlikely, but it's just speculation. ...On other news. *fangirl melt* I love your stuff. Sorry for fangirling.
  3. Wow, I had no idea it showed up like that.
  4. Sorry, I forgot to put "most" in that line, which is strange, since I actually wrote this down on paper first, but thanks for reminding me! And yes, he could, but the whole thing about the hair color became kinda weird with Inigo and Owain being included in Fates. Yes, it could, but that would leave Tharja out. Yes, Robin could be an exception. I really feel bad about forgetting that "most" right now. I mentioned Aversa because she is shown to be rather close to Validar in the main storyline, so maybe she could know something. Yes, they must have Grima's blood to become the vessel, but if Validar went through generations of "purification" of said blood, it would explain his physical traits, like his height for example, which is not shared by Robin either, and since that might be an effect of the blood, I doubt he would make his child with any woman that didn't have the pure Grima blood, which would make her share those traits with Validar, and consequentially pass them onto Robin. That means Validar isn't the only person with rather pure Grima blood, leaving the possibility that some other member of the Grimleal could have even purer blood, and that Validar was merely coordinating Robin's birth, manipulating the parents to get the best blood, and then implanting the Grima mindset on Robin once he was captured. I think said members were hidden away by Validar, so that he wouldn't lose his position as the leader of the Grimleal. Don't worry, I didn't take you as rude. And this is all just pointless speculation for possible plot points for a likely direct sequel. I didn't know that. Could you please post the source? I'm rather curious now. And yes, it isn't that big of a deal, I just really like to waste my time thinking about pointless stuff.
  5. For this theory, I'll use default Robin's(the one in Smash 4) as reference, since that's the "deafultest" look possible. Hey there! So recently I've noticed something while playing FE13, and it kinda shocked me when I realized it. We all here know that most children in FE13 inherit their father's hair color, right? And since Robin's hair color is up to the player, most children can have any of the selectable hair colors. Now, very later in the game, we discover that Robin is the child of Fauder/Validar, and that becomes quite the plot point, as it explains how Validar managed to make Robin kill Chrom at the very beginning of the game. He was controlling Robin through his blood, which was related to his own. But here's what I noticed. Robin and Validar do not share their hair color at all. ...Quite shocking, I know. This can mean a few things: 1) Robin could not actually be Validar's child​ ​Which seems quite an idiotic thing, since the game explicitly tells otherwise to us, but bear with me for a bit. I think that Robin was some random kid that Validar kidnapped and ended up brainwashing said kid to believe that he was their real father. Maybe he saw the potential Robin had to be Grima's Vessel and decided to seize the opportunity, so as to not take risks. Eventually, something happened to Robin, and that something triggered their memories. That and finding out that they had been lied to the entire time made them flee from Validar's reach, only to be found by GimRey (That's what I'm calling the Robin from the future, who decided to accept being the vessel. Thanks shadowofchaos.)in Ylisse and have their memories disabled until later in the game. The shock from GimRey and their memories made Robin faint, only to be found later by Chrom, Lissa and Fredrick. When Validar controlled Robin, it simply was controlling using Grima's power to seize a good vessel for Grima.Since the fell dragon wanted that too, he lent Validar some of his power, so that he could be reborn as GimRey. Now there might be a few errors within this theory, especially the fact that Robin never seems to mention that, nor does Validar or Aversa. Or the fact that this game seems to love plotholes. But it has enough evidence to make it at least plausible, so I guess it's up for you to decide if you'll believe it or not. Now, onward to "thing" 2. 2) It's just a silly plothole, and I should stop thinking too deep. Don't forget that we are still talking about FE13, and it's tightly-written story. This seems to be enough evidence to break the theory too, so yeah. Or maybe... 3) They may use this not-resolved plotline to make another game in Ylisse that follows Awakening. Which seems likely too, since Awakening revitalized the franchise in the West and is the best selling in the series. Who knows? Like point 2, I won't delve too much into this, as it is real-life speculation. Endgame I'd like to invite you guys to share your thoughts in this thread, be it evidence, criticism or any kind of commentary. After all, this is why people like to come to SF...right? I don't know if someone else already posted something like this, but if they did, sorry in advance. I hope we can spark some nice discussion out of this! And who knows what will happen in the future, right? Thank you for reading until here! Have a nice day!
  6. Don't fret, your Mii's name won't be revealed, but your Character's (Highlander/Fafnir/Custom Guild Members) will be. Thanks, I've done it.
  7. You're right. Alright then, from now on this is the EO4/EOU/EO2U Guild Card Trading Post! When posting your Guild Card, please specify the game you are using. Happy trading!
  8. Hi there! Welcome to the Serenes Forest Guild Card/Grimoire Trading Post for Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight! Here you may post your Guild Cards and socialize with other guilds. You can also try to request certain grimoires or just have friendly discussions with other players. If you want to upload your Guild Card, you can do so by uploading its file to imgur, which is the method that I think works best. If you don't know how to share your Guild Card, you can go to Regina's café, then select "Guild House", then "Manage Guild Cards", then select your card and press X. You should see an option that says "Output QR Code", select that. Congratulations! Now your Guild Card is stored in your SD card! If you don't know how to scan a Guild Card, go to Regina's café, select "Guild House", then "Data Settings", and finally "Read QR Code". I'll start by uploading my low-level Story Mode party, but Classic may be uploaded as well: (Link to GC) i.imgur.com/YbfTDOr.png Also, if the people demand it, I may create a Trading Post for EOU: The Millennium Girl. Good trading everyone! And please never forget your warp ropes(Ariadne Threads).
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    Thanks! P.S - We like Ike! Thanks! Will do!
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    Okay, I'll wipe off the dust from my PSP then. Thanks!
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    I promise nothing about no heart attacks I'll try Grownlanser sometime soon then. Anything worth noting before I do so? I am so HAPPY for you!
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    I've heard about these "Ys" games before, and I think I saw one of those on Steam. I'll try them if I get the chance.
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    Thanks! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS, YOU PLAYED BOTH THE EO SERIES AND METROID ZM I'M GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK OVER HERE. I'll try the japanese versions first so I can train my japanese skills a bit (I don't want to depend on translations right, Fire Emblem?) Don't worry, the artist for EO (Yuji Himukai, if my memory is right) was also THAT type of artist before Atlus hired him. Don't ask me how I found that out I still love his style though
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    Thanks! Then I must be some special kind of weird to make one. I don't know what I'm doing either.
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