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  1. I've only ever said it as a joke with other friends, and also ever seen it used in such context as well, so I never really considered it to be mean personally. Although there was this one time where a guy tried to get a mod kicked out because he didn't like his pfp, and resorted to using "Ok Boomer" to insult him which was just hilarious. Ever since I always thought it was dumb to use the phrase to actually insult someone lol.
  2. this is just X3's soundtrack I see no problem.
  3. You forgot to include the FE6 Arabic translation: Its by the same guy who did the FE1 arabic patch. EDIT: nvm I'm an idiot, sorry sorry
  4. Pre time-skip Lorenz's hair > Post time-skip Lorenz's hair.
  5. I don't think I ever used any of the bags. Roma was one of the other cities that I thought looked pretty cool. It just looks really nice, with all the clear looking water. Its called PATEIE iirc. I always have Megami as a mantra. Its a nice all target spell that heals a lot.
  6. Nice to know I'm not the only one that uses her lol. That said I often use Robert O.Speedwagon thank you arena abuse and Selphina, the latter especially since she can use brave bow at base rank. I've seen him either be praised as a meme or for being a potential mage killer.
  7. I remember the first boss of Riza's route being hard then I later found out I just had to keep both on the back row and it becomes much easier to handle, as you said. I think I also had Defenseup and OffenseUp for mantras for this battle, so that helped a bit. Anyways, I always liked the Babel section of Riza's route. I guess I also just like how the city looks, and I was kind of surprised how Babel's dictator (what was his name again) came to be relevant later on in Surlent's route.
  8. ew Sion Good luck with the game. I personally found Sion's route the hardest, mostly early game. Are the results you get random or does it change after a specific amount of time? I think I only ever got SUKA from the box. Floating Islands were probably the most interesting part about Sion's route. Too bad it doesn't last for long, but oh well.
  9. 6>8>7 6: Despite its flaws it was the most enjoyable one for me gameplay wise. Story was fine, nothing special. Not my favourite cast but many of them were likeable enough. Final boss sucked. 8: Like the music and gameplay. Story was decent enough imo, but the game feels short. Favourite cast among the gba games. Final boss wasn't really spectacular. 7: Good gameplay but booooring plot. Couldn't really motivate myself to play the game at times since the plot was often boring. That said, some parts I liked, such as the Dread Isles. Most of the cast is fairly likeable. Final boss was decent but I'm not too much of a fan of Nergal overall.
  10. 3 to 4 times for FE3, FE4, FE7, and FE8. 2 or 3 of those playthroughs were unfinished though. FE6 I played twice, and completed both times. Only Normal mode though.
  11. Mixed it up there. You need to level up Sue and Shin more than Taters and Thany to go to Sacae.
  12. Woah, did not expect this. Played the GBA rivercity but it was kinda boring and I was confused on where to go at times. The SNES Kunio kun game however, I had fun with, even if it was pretty difficult. Hopefully this game turns out great.
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