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  1. 3 to 4 times for FE3, FE4, FE7, and FE8. 2 or 3 of those playthroughs were unfinished though. FE6 I played twice, and completed both times. Only Normal mode though.
  2. Mixed it up there. You need to level up Sue and Shin more than Taters and Thany to go to Sacae.
  3. Woah, did not expect this. Played the GBA rivercity but it was kinda boring and I was confused on where to go at times. The SNES Kunio kun game however, I had fun with, even if it was pretty difficult. Hopefully this game turns out great.
  4. FE7? Its not bad gameplay wise but the plot is pretty boring. By the time you get to Dread Isles things become interesting, but then after that it felt boring again Another contender would be Shadow Dragon. Main complain are the bleh battle sprites and the way gaidens were handled.
  5. They could probably just make it into a support system: Love points will stop increasing as long as you don't engage in a support conversation. Will make it easier to have desired pairings.
  6. Really? I manage to pair her up with Midir easily enough (especially thanks to their talk convo) so it prevents her ending up with Dew. Unless you pair her with Jamke or anyone else that comes later, in which case yeah the chances of her pairing up with Dew becomes higher.
  7. Or alternatively if you want to suffer invest in him, then have him boss abuse against Gandalf until he's level 20 and then promote him. Its tedious to do so, but at least Thief Fighter Dew is pretty awesome since he can reliably kill and also has pursuit, so clearling most of the arena shouldn't become an issue anymore.
  8. A tie between: Thracia 776: and Sacred Stones: I'm also quite fond of Genealogy's and Binding Blade's (which is a remix of Genealogy's). Don't really like the encounter themes for FE1 and its remixes. I especially dislike FE7's remix of it. However, I do like the second version of it in FE3 Book 2.
  9. No doubt they are going to update a remake. They did with SD, NM, and SoV, after all. How they are going to do that however, we don't know, but there was already a topic about this issue, so you might as well look at that. Map design they likely will not change at all considering how they're designed to fit the continent.
  10. If you have to leave inbetween a game then that's really you're problem and not the game's honestly. And technically not a problem of any of the other games in the series that doesn't let you save in the middle of a chapter. Saving without moving a unit does make things less flexible, but it does give you the chance to rethink your strategies in case anything goes wrong in the following turn. Because imagine accidentally having Fury in the range of an archer and then you immediately saved on all save files, so she's a 100% goner. That'd be a big oof. Big oof that Shadow Dragon is lower than fucking BS FE.
  11. I know this was posted on Saturday but: Movement issue is definitely a problem, but in the end it also depends on your playstyle. You're not obligated to only use mounted units, nor are you obligated to use only footies. to be fair snes constraints forced them to shorten Book 1. But I agree that Book 2 is pretty much the main game. To be fair you can save each turn in FE4 (granted you don't move a unit first). I guess there's a chance to nerf those stat boosts in a remake, the same way starsphere shards were nerfed into giving 2+ stat boosts instead of growth boosts. Yet something like fatigue that only appeared in FE5 returned several games later in FE Shadows of Valentia. But I'll admit, its unlikely for certain mechanics to reappear if they've been gone for so long. But I don't think its impossible. ------------------------- Right, what do I think is the next remake. I'd like to say FE4, but I feel FE6 is more likely. Mainly because Roy seems popular enough in the fandom so a FE6 remake would likely sell more. Then again, Gaiden got remade and that was fairly not well known. So who knows, FE4 may be the next remake.
  12. 1. Breath of Fire 7. 6 was a shitty mobile game from what I've heard and it was eventually killed anyways. Even a remake would be fine of the previous installments too. 2. Lufia 5. Dead since the Lufia 2 remake. 3. Treasure of the Rudras 2. Recently played the game and while I was satisfied with the ending, I wouldn't mind another game. 4. A Mystic Ark, 7th Saga or Brain Lord. All three were made by the same company and all were very fun, so I'd like to see a sequel to them. I guess Mystic Ark was a spiritual successor of sorts to both 7th Saga and Brain Lord though. 5. Terranigma sequel. Just really want to play something similar to this game, it was pretty fun. I guess Illusion of Gaia fits the bill. They're very loosely connected to begin with. There was also this fanmade hack of the game called Terranigma 2: The Continuance, but I'm not sure of how much it has progressed.
  13. Portal: Interested in the second one, just never got around to it. Not really interested in the first one. Persona: Popular series with personas that remind me of Stands so yes I wanna play it someday. Might be able to emulate Persona 3 for PSP sooo Fortnite, Apex, PUBG: Might actually play one of them, just never got around to it, especially considering how long it would take to download one for me. Most interested in Apex. Half Life: I remember playing the first one for a little while at a friend's house. I heard how good the second game is so I would like to try it out if I could. Call of Duty: Meh, not my thing. Silent Hill: I remember my sister playing it years ago but I was too much of a wuss to see her playing it, or play it myself. Dead by Daylight, Skyrim: Never got around to buying them. Maybe I will this summer, probably.
  14. FE3: Rickard. I like his design and overall personality, and I like thieves in general. Too bad he's pretty bad stat wise, so his only purpose is just opening chests. But Julian exists and is better compared to him in everything, and Marth can open chests once he gets the Fire Emblem. So there really is no point in using him. Samto is another unit I like personality wise and for his whole gimmick of masquerading as Navarre . He's just rather underwhelming when compared to Ogma (who joins earlier) and Navarre (who's recruited literally the next chapter), both being better than him statwise. Starsphere shards can help him become more powerful due to the specific growth bonuses each provide, but there are always better units to choose from. FE4: Dew. Again, I like thieves in general, and that includes Dew. Unfortunately he sucks in this game as long as he isn't promoted. Other than the movement issue, he does like 1 or 2 damage most of the time against enemies. His avoid rate is decent, but mostly against axe users due to weapon triangle advantage. He's pretty good after promotion though, and gains Pursuit. But you have to baby him to get him to level 20. Patty is also kinda in the same situation but not as bad, and with the sleep sword and a good father she can be pretty good. FE6: I like Wendy, but for really no particular reason lol. It sucks she has really bad base stats, otherwise she can be a really good unit if you manage to invest in her. It just takes really long, and she's in a class that isn't considered particularly too good to begin with anyways. FE7: Renault. Interesting character with a cool design imo that can act as a backup bishop if you need one. He's not otherwise needed since his magic stat and growth iirc are not great. Not exactly bad, but still, would be better if he had higher mag. Karel is another cool character and I like her relationship with Bartre. Her stats are underwhelming though, and comes way too late to improve much unless you deliberately invest in her. FE8: the skirmishes and tower make it easier to make any unit good, so I don't really find anyone too bad in this game. If we go by traditional FE standards then I guess Amelia and Ewan since they come too late and, without the tower and skirmishes, are rather hard to train. Which makes me glad the grinding aspects of this game exists: I really like the two trainees and their designs, and I like Amelia's relationship with Franz. Knoll is another unit I find interesting. As far as I can recall he wasn't exactly too bad, just underwhelming. He can make for a fine Summoner though.
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