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  1. FE7. Dull and boring imo, both in story and in gameplay. I think it has better balance than fe6 at least and perhaps more challenge than fe8 but I just have the least fun out of it among the three.
  2. any post i made in serious discussion makes me want to delete my account and start anew lmfao
  3. 1. Brigid 2. Aideen 3. Erinys 4. Tine 5. Arthur 6. Fee 7. Sara 8. Dagdar 9. Patty 10. Asbel 11. Amalda 12. Linoan 13. Salem 14. Lowen 15. Renault 16. Artur 17. Gilliam 18. Vanessa 19. Moulder 20. Niime 21. Kris
  4. Solid enough unit I'd say, but his competitors Rutger and Dieck are just better and easier to use. Combined that with the shortage of Hero Crests you can normally get in the game and you're better off promoting the other two. his design is also ugly as hell
  5. A lot of my reasons for disliking or hating characters is pretty petty so um... Bored and Umbilical Cord: Not Barst. Vyland: Boring while also having my least favourite design among his other three companions. Johan: Punchable face, kind of annoying, and I don't really care for movement in FE4. Goodbye loser. Hilda: Very sure she is supposed to be hated, and boy do I hate her. Doesn't help that I really like Tailtiu and her kids, so knowing what she did to her truly does anger me. Sylvia: Please stop interfering me from pairing Lewyn with Erin thanks. Lester: I really don't like his design. I'm not even entirely sure why, I just find it awful. I'd gladly take Dimna over him any day if only I could also get to keep Lana. Alec: Not a fan of his design, nor his personality, nor his smug face, and I never found his combat exceptional enough to like him more. Cain: The Leonster trio (Cain, Alva and Robert O.Speedwagon) don't really have much of a personality in the game, and iirc they don't even have any dialogue (exception being the death and escape quotes). So yeah they're boring, but at least Alva and Robert look cute. Cain not so much, sorry dude. Oujay: That blue and yellow colour scheme is awful to look at. He can do fine in combat at least, but Dick and Edgy are just way better, so that doesn't help him. Raigh: His portrait in-game looks so bad, and he's pretty average in terms of gameplay for me at least. I also hate it whenever I get him in FEH. Cath: Haha yes I do find it very fun to talk to you three times in three separate chapters just to recruit a thief with poor base stats considering the join time and the fact that two other, way better thieves join fairly early on. Kent: I don't really remember much of his personality, but his combat is usually awful for me, especially when compared to Sain and Lowen Wil: He just seems so...generic. His backstory is interesting at least. Heath: Wtf is that hair. Disgusting. Matthew: I used to like Matthew at first, but I've slowly started to just dislike him and I'm not really sure why. I suppose two reasons is that I don't like his design as much anymore, and Legault is just better in every way that I don't see much point in using him. Colm: I don't really dislike any of the SS cast. Colm I like the least I guess, mainly for his usual attitude towards Neimi and his meh design. Still, I don't completely despise him. Selena: I have played neither Fates or Awakening, but judging from her dialogue in FEH she seems like a tsundere type. Not a fan of that trope, so I assume I wouldn't like Selena much in the mainline games she appears in either. That's all for now
  6. I've only ever said it as a joke with other friends, and also ever seen it used in such context as well, so I never really considered it to be mean personally. Although there was this one time where a guy tried to get a mod kicked out because he didn't like his pfp, and resorted to using "Ok Boomer" to insult him which was just hilarious. Ever since I always thought it was dumb to use the phrase to actually insult someone lol.
  7. this is just X3's soundtrack I see no problem.
  8. You forgot to include the FE6 Arabic translation: Its by the same guy who did the FE1 arabic patch. EDIT: nvm I'm an idiot, sorry sorry
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