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    MOTHER/Earthbound (!!!), Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros, J-funk/City Pop, retro anime, Magical Girls!
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  1. Do you ever remember something that you thought you forgot?

  2. Happy Leif Erikson Day! HINGA DINGA DURGEN

  3. i t ' s t i m e t o g e t s p o o k y

  4. Happy Birthday to me!

  5. Damn the forums feel dead today

  6. I'm not watching any as of now, but I want to get into Re:Zero, One Punch Man, and Osomatsu-san.
  7. Here are some of mine (in no particular order): Vs. Rival - Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Bayou Billy - Stage 1 Battle - Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Buried in Snow - Final Fantasy VII All That I Needed Was You - MOTHER Confronting Arvis - Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Rainbow Road - Mario Kart Super Circuit Vs. Rival - Pokemon Gold and Silver The Moon - Ducktales Winters' White - Earthbound Rise to the Challenge - Fire Emblem Blazing Sword There's probably a few that I'm forgetting, but meh.
  8. Once I get home I pour some cereal and milk into a cup and eat/drink it like that. I could use a bowl, but I have it more as a snack than a meal, and the cup is easier to position on my nightstand and hold while I use my computer.
  9. I was upset that my sister was older than me, but thought that I would catch up to her eventually.
  10. Haha whoops forgot I made this

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