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  1. Only played AM and CF yet but do they ever give more hints about slitherers', err, biology? Solon and Thales look like someone who might be extending their lifespan by magical/magitech means. Kronya's heart was used as a tool to perform a ritual and Thales says something about the secret of their bodies. They steal various people's identites but are they shapeshifters or something else? Could it be that agarthians' possession works exactly like Rhea's intended ritual for reviving Sothis? Imagine if Agarthians don't even have natural bodies anymore and exist as some kind of personality cores. Once the core gets implanted into intended person it completely overwrites their personality. So yes, Kronya uses Monica's body and Solon uses Tomas'. Was Patricia an agarthian mole from the very beginning? I got the impression that she knows but just never blows his cover while Byleth is present.
  2. I usually don't care much about polls for other franchises but IS takes FE polls very seriously. Top scoring characters always get the most attention and IS might be using this information for deciding future FEH alts/SR Cipher cards/official merch and so on. Who knows, maybe they will take risk and announce Dimitri and/ or Claude figures.
  3. Wow, I'm really happy because I almost expected all remaining popular Echoes characters to be added as oddball special heroes. I really hope Python is a demote. Colored and cavalry bows aren't special anymore and his kit is much cheaper than Sue's. Catria probably was chosen not only because she's the most popular among pegasister trio but because plenty of japanese players 10+ her spring version. People are better to vote for Tatiana and Luthier during CYL4 if they ever want to see them in. I feel sorry for Conrad, because they would definitely treated him better if he was on Farfetched banner. But again, I doubt he is OG Berkut kind of bad.
  4. I'm dissapointed that Brave Alm has the same weapon and movement as standard Alm since I already heavily invested into the original. I guess that's how people with +10 Hectors felt when they released LHector. It's interesting how different LEliwood and BEliwood look even if they are both drawn by the same artist.
  5. Yeah, don't get your hopes up for Dimitri and Claude figures. FE has rather bad record with male ones: they either aren't made and when they are made they don't sell that well. Marth nendoroid was shelfwarming for a long time and people weren't super eager to buy him even when he went on sale. I don't remember much about Chrom chara-forme sales but the figure has some issues.
  6. Maybe they are working one something to celebrate series' upcoming 30th Anniversary milestone? Not saying another game will be out next year but they might make an announcement.
  7. "Well, those fujoshi will still draw their yaoi doujinshi, right?" - probably someone at Three Houses dev team. I legitimately don't undestand how someone could see such disparity and say, "yes, that's okay". I sincerely hope people will complain and IS gets the note. Oh, and if I read everything right, Rhea's situation is somehow worse than all possible theories about why Alois is S-option.
  8. Male Byleth gives me Atlus vibes in CG cutscenes.
  9. Was Thanibomb wrong about dancers? I remember they said that everyone could learn the ability but there it seems to be female locked.
  10. I won't say anything new and I usually don't comment much on dating sim parts but the situation with quantity AND quality of m-m options compared to f-f ones is ridiculous. I'm almost completely sure they are afraid to make any important male character confirmed bisexual because they are afraid of backlash from certain parts of male playerbase. Probably some crossover with people who are vocally disgusted by males on summer banners in FEH. And while I understand Alois (if he isn't lying about having a family then it's going to be Valbar situation), Gilbert is completely out of left field. The third option shoud have been someone from Blue Lions or Golden Deers. I would recommend to sent feedback to Nintendo if you are dissatisfied. While I doubt they will add more options in 3H (even if they will be doing updates for 9 months) it might give them better ideas for future games. Also wonder if it was 5 ff and 3 mm from the start or they dummied out some options how they did with several convos of questionable quality in Warriors.
  11. I think all green-haired characters might have dragon lineage. For some reason none of them show their ears which makes me think they could be pointy.
  12. I don't think it will be Echoes because Delthea and Berkut probably count as this. I remember Choose Your Legends 3 site had Sirius among characters you can get from image roulette. It also had Rutger and Ranulf and they both got in. But CYL2 one had Valbar and we still don't have him so it doesn't guarantee anything.
  13. Was this ever discussed? If it's related to legendary banner that would mean the new legendary won't use Staff.
  14. I rarely post anything but I'm super surprised at Lukas getting an alt. I'm using him as my main castle unit for a long time and he's also the first I managed to +10. But as much as I like him I don't think I want to +10 a seasonal version. Too bad his kit is almost launch unit unimpressive. I absolutely don't understand the mentality of giving one limited unit less skills and another one amazing fodder when neither will get demoted. Maybe he has super impressive statline but I doubt it. I also have growing suspicions about new Legendary coming from Valentia, possibly with Luna as colorless bow. I'm most likely wrong but it sure would be something that could happen in gacha game.
  15. CYL2 Top 5 of characters who aren't in FEH yet in order: Kliff, Rinea, Conrad, Python, Mila. The difference between Conrad and Python is very small. Considering IS' track record, if Echoes gets a full banner we'll probably see at least two of those characters. But I can see them using Silque instead of Mila and Rinea. That and probably an alt of Delthea/Faye/Genny who got into Top 100. Personally, Python is the one I want the most but knowing IS' track record with somewhat popular male characters I'm not optimistic.
  16. The cynical part of me suspects that Kagero is a repurposed alt. There is nothing about her looks that screams Halloween celebration especially because it's just a standard maid uniform in Fates. Just compare it to last year's monster butler Jakob. It's more likely that someone realized that people would rather pull for another female unit than second Dorcas and had change of plans thanks to Kagero's spring banner performance.
  17. I don't know if it means anything but a very interesting thing happened today during Cipher stream. They revealed a signed Elice (Marth's sister) card. According to people on twitter it was signed by her old VA from OVA. Something similar happened to Navarre's card that was signed by Takehito Koyasu before he was confirmed to reprise the role in #FE. Does it mean she will be voicing Elice in FEH soon? Who knows, but Elice scored well enough to get into the gacha.
  18. Ephraim's upgraded helm accessory unironically makes him look like some sort of valkyrie.
  19. Marth, Eliwood and Alm part is kind of difficult to predict because I think it entirely depends on either any of them get legendary/regular (but not seasonal) alts and how satisfying they will be. In my opinion, this might reduce people's demand: Eliwood getting an alt with good stats and art by Wada Sachiko, Marth getting a rollable alt that is better than his standard version from 3-4* pool, Alm getting a (colored) bow alt and making the gap between the amount of his and Celica's alts smaller. I think there will always be some bitterness when it comes to games that have multiple lords unless everyone gets the same treatment. But the gap between Lyn, Hector and Eliwood is already too big to fix it unless Eliwood somehow gets two more alts before either Lyn or Hector get more. Which doesn't seems to be a good decision if they care about money so much.
  20. Wasn't Michalis Navarre recolor in FE1? By the way, FE12 was confusing because they didn't even bother updating Samuel's design to match new Navarre's darker hair and red clothes. At least their FE3 portraits shared color scheme. Now it's easier to mistake Caesar for Jeorge than Samuel for Navarre.
  21. In addition to FE1 Marth and FE2 Alm, either hood up, no pants Merric or his Bishop version based on unique FE3 sprite. Navarre looked pretty damn different in FE3 but I think FE11 design suits him better and purple goes to Ayra and her relatives.
  22. There actually might be some weird logic behind Xander on this banner. His japanese VA Katsuyuki Konishi voices old man Kita Kita (who is a...dancer) in new adaptation of Mahoujin Guru Guru and as far as I know the guy is a huge ancient meme in Japan. They just didn't want to miss that chance.
  23. I don't know if this counts as heavy hitters but the upcoming Audio Drama CD about Alm's Army features Kliff, Silque, Python and Forsyth who aren't in Heroes yet. They even put Lukas, Python and Forsyth on the cover. But audio dramas is something that they make mostly for female fans which isn't the case for Fire Emblem Heroes as a whole so it doesn't mean those characters are guaranteed to get in next.
  24. Honestly, I wish it was impossible to vote for one character more than once. You have seven days and need to vote fot seven different characters. So the winners would be those characters who got the most votes from different people. But I guess they cannot do it properly unless they will restrict voting only for those who already have accounts for proper tracking.
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