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  1. huh, yeah, looking through it now and it's counting old numbers (e.g. the first option is displaying as #3). I'll look into it more, but I'm not 100% sure this can be fixed short of making a new question and trusting people not to double dip i'll ask admin later, though
  2. Did I already say Pelleas was mine at some point in the thread before I cannot remember if not: pelleas
  3. no because he's literally the sort of person that'd go crying to our boss over it
  4. tangentially related my boomer co-worker keeps calling me kiddo even though i'm like man don't call me that in professional situations it's driving me crazy
  5. shit this is fftf right edit: yes
  6. some of the boomer jokes can get a cathartic chuckle but saying something like "ok boomer" to someone kinda seems really stupid but it isn't even vaguely in the same ballpark as the slurs some people have compared it to
  7. i hope i don't have to teach your account tho that'd bode badly for u
  8. yeah but on the bright side it's really fun to use their slang and watch them die inside
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