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  1. I lived with my parents all through college and +1 year while I established myself professionally in my field (and financially) and it was great - so I did exactly what you want to do lmao. I think it's ridiculous that people think it's necessary for families to separate as soon as possible and the amount of judgment I used to get saying I "still" lived with my parents was pretty bothering. It's only bad if people are unhappy about it. If everyone in the house is chill with it, I don't understand why there's any societal judgment
  2. I can speak as a licensed English teacher (lots of teaching of writing and story analysis! Fun shit!) that there is a lot of merit in the effect of the writing isolated from the intent of the writing. It's just two different approaches to judging something. Generally judging by the effect is the more commonly suggested route because you don't always know what someone was explicitly going for but you can always gauge some message or meaning based on how you respond to the text I imagine your perspective will not change drastically haha but have fun seeing what you learn
  3. they really are perfectly nice ships. I think my original Chrom ship was Maribelle even but man it feels so long ago now ...so what about pairings that can't hold hands in the actual game
  4. I'm now very curious what your favorite unpopular ship is
  5. I want to address this real quick, since it did not get commented on and I feel it is an important thing to emphasize. Apologies for the mod-derail, you can publicly shame me. I will keep it short. We would not put warn histories out to the public because it really should not be public information. The primary point is that we would not want to do anything that encourages bias among members, and as much as I try to have a pleasant view of people, they would absolutely use this functionality to form prejudices against others for situations they have no other context about. The secondary point is that I believe as a general rule (I know this statement would make some who don't care go "well I don't care"), people who have warns would simply rather not anyone be able to peep on that and see what has happened in their history. I believe it just shows tiny bit of respect and support towards letting people learn and grow. OK thank you for tolerating me, please go back to your wonderful writing competition and feel free to DM me if you have further inquiries or thoughts about why we do things this way
  6. we have a lot of woodland and it's perfect for goats
  7. it might when im done with it
  8. i can even buy avocado toast for my new house
  9. zuko and katara was such an interesting and complicated dynamic and i loved it and i was disappointed in in the decision for the basic 'i guess the main guy and main girl gotta be together' i'm really, really not a fan of the katara/aang decision since it's like ... she's like his mom ... all the time ... i'm extremely not into the 'he acts like the most annoying kid in the 7th grade class and she acts like his caretaker, but she romantically loves him somehow' thing i struggle to comprehend how that worked
  10. To be fair, his posts weren't accusing you of being a bigot, but serving as a cautionary comment that that kind of language is associated with people you likely don't want to be associated with in your arguments edit: oops i was redundant sorry
  11. Ah, no, not at all but I can really see how you read it that way so that was my bad for phrasing. Thank you for allowing me to clarify. We can and should criticize looters, vandalism, assaults and murders that have taken place, but my intention is to say there's an issue if we use this as evidence to ignore the reason the protests are happening and not have the discussion about racial violence because things like looting have taken place. Does that make more sense? edit: I want to add a tiny bit that in my head feels important. Ignoring the issue is not always an intentional choice that stems from this - if you find yourself talking more about the looters in a protest and whether that is appropriate behavior than about the systemic racial violence that sparked the protest, that likely is missing the main issue
  12. No need to apologize. Happy to rephrase. The focus in the OP is on things like looting during the riots and Disneyland choosing to redo Splash Mountain as evidence of the racial discussion going "too far." The talk of how some people have responded badly or what companies are doing to respond are kind of "lesser issues" that are being used to discredit or distract from the talk about violence again black people in America. If we're more focused on whether or not looters have "gone too far," we're implicitly (whether intentionally or not) saying that we'll only worry about and address the issue of violence against black people if it's done "the right way," which inevitably means "perfectly," which is actively impossible. It discredits the movement because people are essentially now focusing on debating if a whole lotta people have the right to be heard based upon other people's conduct during this time.
  13. I am glad you agree. If this is so, though, the way you presented your points in the opening post does look to others like you are among the people who are discrediting the issue by focusing on these branches that are lesser to the cause. If that was not your intention, I hope knowing this can help you rethink how you want to present your point for this discussion.
  14. I think anyone who has not actually had experience with racial discrimination should keep that in mind when debating this topic. It's going to seem a lot less of an issue from the perspective of someone who isn't really forced to live it. Keep that in mind when arguing against those who are obviously personally affected by this topic that some of us are more comfortably distanced from it. It doesn't mean you can't participate, but do stay humble to other people's experiences. My concern with the issue right now is that the media and some people are trying to force attention away from the actual issue of racism and brutality by highlighting and making us focus on things like 'well, but some people are looting during the riot' and other particulars to try to discredit conversation about the core problem. There is continuously such a focus on "this is an important topic BUT [...]" and a lot of people are summarily losing sight of the actual issue. Criticizing people who are acting badly is one thing, but not to avoid facing the issue that's underlying all of this. I am not saying bad things haven't happened during a very impassioned time and some people who genuinely may not even be connected to the movement are taking advantage of the situation in harmful ways, but when we're having a conversation about the disproportionate amount of brutality done against black people in America, I don't think we should allow ourselves to be distracted from considering these very real, life-ending problem by things like "some companies are responding in ways we may or may not personally enjoy." I am going to remind everyone here as a final note in this post that this is a highly charged issue for many and I want us to be able to handle it and listen to each other with dignity so we can generally leave more educated and introspective than we came in. That does not mean people cannot be passionate, since this is a close to home issue for many, but please do not give us any reason to need to shut this thread down. If someone is out-of-line and your only emotional response is to get into a mud fight with them, report the user instead and leave the thread and go do something else for yourself.
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