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  1. it's pretty dope that you felt like sharing that part of you with us all keep doing you girl
  2. nothing like seeing a beautiful field of perfect grass and wanting to enjoy it but knowing satan's blackheads are waiting to drink you dry and give you an incurable disease
  3. i'm not a violent or hateful lady but every single tick can die in hellfire
  4. all i know is dedue is a fucking mountain
  5. no they can pick me up and i enjoy that greatly
  6. I know the weightlifter Samantha Wright is like 5' 2'', so I don't think being short really means they can or cannot throw some heavy shit around
  7. hi welcome back joey 3h is pretty fuckin lit i'll have been here for 10 years next year and boy that's fuckin wild
  8. They could milk me for more money than I'm comfortable with if they put out Seteth and/or Ferdinand
  9. Not necessarily. Men often grow a little into their early 20s, women sometimes do as well. I picked up another roughly two inches over the course of ages 18-24
  10. lots of contenders so I'll throw out a shoutout to Tharja for fuckin up Noire pretty hard
  11. I'm not sure what is again human law? Some people grow taller in their late teens, some people do not grow at all. There is no real set rule for it so there's no real explanation needed, that's just how human growth works
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