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  1. the best part about it is when someone said we should replace integrity with me that still applies to this day. timeless comment
  2. I always go female. I did it the first time, solidified her character in my brain, and now that's just how it do really be like
  3. I really liked fe13 and it's my most played game in the series still out of sheer enjoyment edit: good thread, op
  4. you very well might've been. trust me, the standards for 'best' are so very low ; p (for real good on you for being decent tho) the best impression I ever heard was one of my sophomores hamming it the fuck up during one of our class readings and doing the worst Russian accent I've ever heard in my life and that made it the most wonderful experience I wrote on his feedback form that he somehow managed to make the character sound like the Swedish Chef and gave him a bonus point on the assignment
  5. good luck in hs!!! it's not too bad. you'll be okay one of my favorite dumb things coming to mind was this one freshman that would Fortnite dance for me for roughly no reason I've ever figured out. literally, just come up to my desk after class, say "Ms Specta, watch" and just break it the fuck down. I don't know why he did that, but it sure perked up a shitty day. I hope lil dude is doing well wherever he is
  6. I don't feel like things like text speed are something we need to find "effective use" for. It's not really a deep-thinking game mechanic. It has no purpose besides letting you decide what's comfortable for you to watch text scroll by. It doesn't need to have a purpose beyond that. Slow for people who enjoy a leisurely scroll and increments up for people who get antsier but want to watch the text. There would be nothing gained by speeding up the slower text speeds because people who want fast speeds won't even be using those, so they literally do not (or should not) care how fast the slower speeds are I could see adding an Even Faster speed if the fastest speed isn't enough for some, but not taking away the option for the people who have no overlap at all with that demographic to have text scroll as slowly as it does
  7. I pay for Spotify and Ipsy (a makeup subscription to get a grab-bag of beauty stuff every month). Both are definitely incredibly worth it 1000% I have some other shit through generous friends, but they're... incredibly generous and don't make me pay a share for some reason, so I won't count it, as I don't pay for it
  8. if i look at him and my brain goes "cute" then he's cute sometimes people are situationally cute and are hot or handsome in other times
  9. I'm gonna guess this applies since I've gotten into many arguments about it over the years haha Personally, I don't really care about the idea of balancing units. I love having some units that are absolute trash and some units that destroy everyone and a bunch of rabble in between. Bring on the wild variety; it adds extra layers of fun gameplay for me
  10. Yeah, I'm aware of her characterization. I might be missing your point?
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