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  1. honey there's proof out there if you really need to see it
  2. Let's pull this back around - while I do like a zesty debate about the more general concepts behind literature interpretation, this has been over a page now so let's try to get back to the thread's topic. If people want to continue a more generalize literature debate, definitely feel free to make another thread to reignite the conversation, but I think we've gotten a bit out of this thread's reasonable zone
  3. the faces at the end really made me laugh. that was unexpected this is such a fun idea for a project, though - keep it up!
  4. I agree if you had just asked for an explanation and they had responded "it's just my opinion." In that situation, I would've been like "well, that doesn't help the discussion at all" but that isn't exactly what happened. If someone says I'm wrong and also tells me in the same breath that I'm bad at arguing at the beginning of an interaction, I'm more likely to address the attack against my knowledge of argumentative rhetoric than entertain the call for evidence. One is a lot more insulting to me, which distracts from the discussion at hand. You feel?
  5. @Ottservia There is merit in asking for someone to provide some evidence because you're interested in hearing their opinion more in depth but it's not as productive to just tell them they're bad at arguing as a whole because they didn't expand enough yet. That is not productive. That went from 0 to 10 too fast You could stop at just "what other supports are like Kellam's, do you think?" and let them provide more in-depth detailing about their opinion, not making it into a critique about their argumentative methods. That lets you address that you don't think it's enough information and you want more without making it weird, man Remember a good, productive discussion doesn't necessarily mean everyone tosses out an air-tight argument with bibliography off the bat. Sometimes you gotta prompt each other and that's okay
  6. We never had our shit, we barely even exist in the right dimension so shit's bound to be weird
  7. absolute fucking power abuse. what the fuck are you doing here, banned boy? huh? circumventing justice?
  8. I'm not a fan, really. It takes me out of my zone immersing myself in the story when there's this black void of dialogue where people are responding to stuff that wasn't actually said, especially if the writing is such that the characters the silent protag talks to have to use their one-sided dialogue to clunkily signal what the silent protag was saying, doing, or emoting
  9. No one can stop you from holding your opinions, but we cannot abide by people tossing about rhetoric that may make members of our forum feel uncomfortable existing here. If you are unhappy with this being an inclusive space to people of different identities, this might not be the forum for you. Even if you do not think it's "real", you will have to at least respect that others will be expressing non-binary identities and we will be accepting of them and expecting others to not make them feel unwelcome. Anyone who is dismissive with the sole crutch of "it's simple science" or other such non-specific rationales often has a shallow grasp of complex topics. Even the scientific topic is not actually "simple." I encourage you to not present yourself as of those people.
  10. I made it quite clear that anything further should be in DM, thank you. I will not respond to this topic in this thread. Anything further on this topic put here specifically will unfortunately have to be a warning.
  11. I certainly have been going through the thread as it was reported as my time permits - if you are referring to the previous thread. I am not sure what mod behavior you were seeing that was so pervasive, as the mods were not active in that thread not were the mods throwing insults in that thread. If you mean this thread, there is nothing in this thread that has proven anybody wrong, so that is likely not anyone's motivation, nor has there been a recognizably conscious or successful attempt at derail barring this conversation about it. Yes, the posts are up, and that does not negate what I said. I recognize you are frustrated, but I am not sure what you expect. I will not provide evidence of what action was taken against any other user. If the only evidence you accept is whether or not you can visibly see that a post was hidden, you will of course never think anyone's ever done anything, because we don't always do that. If you want to talk through further onus with this or the previous thread, please DM me or another staff member so we don't derail this thread's attempt at productive discussion from here on out. I will always hear out concerns. This goes for everyone else, too. Any further talk of this specific topic should be directed to DM with a mod if it is an issue. If it is in this thread specifically, it will be treated as a derail from now.
  12. There is an issue I'm seeing right now that you seemed to be locked in your interpretation of genius and you're not engaging with people who think otherwise. If you think that people are just babies who are throwing tantrums as they lose an argument, why would you make another thread about it? Discussion of theme could be fun, but it's not fun if nay-sayers are considered just 'babies.' This thread has been fine so far. The last one was not, and the mods had not been engaged in that one until they were summoned by users who were complaining about user behavior. If you are taking issue to moderation, please contact others on the staff in DM if you wish to discuss it. There is no purpose in saying things like "none of the reports will go through," as you have no way of knowing how we handle reports against other people.
  13. There are no wrong choices in casual playing. Don't sweat that. Other smarter people can guide you on class and bow, but for real, you can marry anyone to anyone and it'll be fine
  14. I'm not sure I'd call portraying a theme fairly straight as "genius." It's always fun to realize a theme and find evidence to support it, but calling it genius requires a little more substantial argument. Just uncovering that there is a theme is not what makes writing genius, if it is that. Any theme you can uncover legitimately is going to have evidence in the writing - if it didn't, it... wouldn't... be a theme. What about the portrayal makes it deserve applause outside of 'hey, I like that theme'? You're obviously reacting strongly to something, but just saying 'there is a theme and I like this theme' is not genius, even if it's perfectly fine to appreciate. You likely could argue support for an underlying theme in the story about hatred being the catalyst for suffering, or some such, but again, it'd be a hard sell for me to claim that the delivery of said themes is really worth such hefty praise.
  15. I am curious as to why you think this way. Regardless of anyone's beliefs on gender identity, we use pronouns. Whether you are someone who believes in a binary or does not, one way or another you communicate which pronouns people should refer to you as. If you were setting "male" on the previous gender indicator, the primary purpose of that was to allow people to know to call you He. This new thing is doing the exact same thing, just providing an extra option or two. What rules do you not believe in are you complying with through this?
  16. I lived with my parents all through college and +1 year while I established myself professionally in my field (and financially) and it was great - so I did exactly what you want to do lmao. I think it's ridiculous that people think it's necessary for families to separate as soon as possible and the amount of judgment I used to get saying I "still" lived with my parents was pretty bothering. It's only bad if people are unhappy about it. If everyone in the house is chill with it, I don't understand why there's any societal judgment
  17. I can speak as a licensed English teacher (lots of teaching of writing and story analysis! Fun shit!) that there is a lot of merit in the effect of the writing isolated from the intent of the writing. It's just two different approaches to judging something. Generally judging by the effect is the more commonly suggested route because you don't always know what someone was explicitly going for but you can always gauge some message or meaning based on how you respond to the text I imagine your perspective will not change drastically haha but have fun seeing what you learn
  18. they really are perfectly nice ships. I think my original Chrom ship was Maribelle even but man it feels so long ago now ...so what about pairings that can't hold hands in the actual game
  19. I'm now very curious what your favorite unpopular ship is
  20. I want to address this real quick, since it did not get commented on and I feel it is an important thing to emphasize. Apologies for the mod-derail, you can publicly shame me. I will keep it short. We would not put warn histories out to the public because it really should not be public information. The primary point is that we would not want to do anything that encourages bias among members, and as much as I try to have a pleasant view of people, they would absolutely use this functionality to form prejudices against others for situations they have no other context about. The secondary point is that I believe as a general rule (I know this statement would make some who don't care go "well I don't care"), people who have warns would simply rather not anyone be able to peep on that and see what has happened in their history. I believe it just shows tiny bit of respect and support towards letting people learn and grow. OK thank you for tolerating me, please go back to your wonderful writing competition and feel free to DM me if you have further inquiries or thoughts about why we do things this way
  21. we have a lot of woodland and it's perfect for goats
  22. it might when im done with it
  23. i can even buy avocado toast for my new house
  24. zuko and katara was such an interesting and complicated dynamic and i loved it and i was disappointed in in the decision for the basic 'i guess the main guy and main girl gotta be together' i'm really, really not a fan of the katara/aang decision since it's like ... she's like his mom ... all the time ... i'm extremely not into the 'he acts like the most annoying kid in the 7th grade class and she acts like his caretaker, but she romantically loves him somehow' thing i struggle to comprehend how that worked
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