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  1. People really are blind these days. It should be obvious that Tharja's the Best thing ever happening... and the summer scramble DLC Jokes aside, I'm still at 1600 Flags. Might start using them considering that I'll be sleeping when the gauntlet reaches it's climax.
  2. That's so adorable ≧◡≦! Poor Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi has lost his tactician robes
  3. Tharja: 3,658,199,106 Grima: 2,735,844,565
  4. Since the Round 3 has begun and before I forget, I want to thank Julia’s army for begin an interesting rival army. Dropped to Rank 1902 in Tharja’s army with a score of 291,610. For now though, it’s time to burn some Flags against Grima incarnate! For the glory of our beloved Plegian mistress! and for fanservice…
  5. You draw this gorgeous fan art with a phone? Props from that, I really like it :)
  6. @Tenzen12 @Frenzify @Marcodian_Elite Awesome job guys, we are doing fine! It’s a shame but by now, it’s pretty much a fact that we cannot get an another 3x boost against Julia’s army, so I would advice to save most the remaining flags for finale, but keep in mind to use 400 flags in the last hour to lessen damage from the possible last resort attack from the Naga’s Spawns, even if they would not have 3x bonus. It really depends on the difference of the score at that time. Tharja may or may not be wholly evil but I gotta say that in my opinion, supporting her in this gauntlet gives you somewhat of an antagonistic status here on SF. Which is one of the reasons I became a Tharjan Well here’s some stats: Tharja: 11,946,191,370 (250M gain) Julia: 11,370,870,411 (100M gain) My rank: 1983 with a score of 268,290, dropped from Rank633 over the last night due to inactivity. Top 50 players have score of 477,810 - 393,000 Also I have more than 1800 feathers to use if needed :)
  7. Tharja 9,999,728,565 (almost 10billion) Julia 9,525,555,470 This is quite disappointing. If Julia’s team keeps staying behind like this and not getting closer even with the 3x boost, I have to save my flags for the inevitable Tharja vs Leo Robin. That said, how’s the Leo/Robin match fairing?
  8. fury/Desperation combo on Tharja sounds quite nasty. I guess I should start to use the skill inheritance system myself considering most of my main units have over 1200SP to spend when needed. Also, what I got is that the feather/flag thing has become a meme of some sorts since people started accidentally refer feathers when talking about flags. Haha :). I'll try to avoid using flags if they won't give the 3x, but it's going to depend on the situation. I'm going to bed soon so when I wake up in the morning I hope Julia is stronger to maximize feather usage!
  9. No matter what you will be, We will welcome you in Tharja's Army with open arms :) Tharja 6,974,892,776 Julia 6,693,035,670
  10. Thanks. Nothing that big. Main reason is that a grey unit would help me get 100 flags from the voting gauntlet task. But overall, I'm a fan of mobility in my strategies and not used to control armored units much. You're doing good, we're almost even. How many feathers flags you have atm. I'm sitting at 1,510, though I might get a few 100 more from quests.
  11. Rank 1 player in Tharja's Army has currently a mere score of 460,000. Rank 50 is at 340,000. I'm sitting at Rank 633 with a score of 265,760. How are other Tharjans doing? @KaidenTL Would appreciate if you could change Hector into Jeorge :) Outdid you with 108 Crests remaining . Hoarding items is a style of life
  12. True, but it's lot more fun that way :) @Frenzify Request accepted
  13. To any Tharjans out there who want help, Here's my ID: 843 821 1918 Sadly, my best units, including Tharja, Peri, Seliph and Nino(4*) have only their default skills and such.
  14. Welcome to the team, fellow Tharja supporter. I also love the vengeance pun in the current context.
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