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  1. Any chance we get an acknowledgement of FE16 with the release of Cipher series 12 on March 22nd? Literally trying to find a connection anywhere.
  2. Most of the people replying to his post are all saying that its okay and still believing him. I don't know much about him, but I think people are being overly hopeful that he wasn't lying. Predicting no FE in a mini-direct or Labo direct isn't that out of the box. Is he like crazy credible on here or something?
  3. Wow, so disappointed with the lack of Fire Emblem. I know Smash was their big thing, but as someone who owns Smash but doesn't care that much about it, I would've rather seen Fire Emblem...
  4. Today's the day...(hopefully). I'm going to be watching this live and with my money ready just in case they decide that they want to drop a trailer and then immediately put it up for pre-order or something. If Fates special edition was an indication, I will need to grab any Switch special editions right away. Who knows if we'll even get anything at all...but it's hard not to hope!
  5. Is there any reason people think the next direct will be in March other than the anniversary? Like has anyone come out and said they heard anything about it happening in March? Honestly, I'm not even sure who to believe anymore. The person saying we were supposed to have a direct last week said they still stand by that date and that Nintendo just pushed it back last minute or something. Not sure if we should believe that or if they're just trying to cover their back.
  6. Do you think the Direct Mini from last month will set a precedent for not announcing the directs from now on? Because there's only a couple of days left in the 12th-15th window and if we don't hear an announcement soon, our only hope I guess would be that they drop it unannounced. I don't know a lot about the nature of directs and how they are usually announced, though. Thoughts?
  7. Well today is the 12th, so hopefully we hear some news this week about another direct. I'm hoping the rumors are true because they were right about the January direct and the Nintendo Labo stuff.
  8. A release date. But more seriously, I would like an improved character creation on the avatar character that isn't a main character like in Awakening and Fates.
  9. I hope they announce things ahead of time for the next direct. Not that the craziness wasn't interesting, but I don't have it in me to do that again 2 more times if there's another direct this week (as some are speculating) and then FE news later this month. If they could even drop a trailer for FE with no direct that would be better than continuing the last year of silence. Give me a title or something, Nintendo!
  10. I'm so disappointed in the lacking of FE news. Not just in the direct but overall. It's like they announced it last year and then just nothing but all these "leaks" and whatever. Would they really do another direct only one week after this one? I'm not that familiar with the spacing. I would think it would be at least another month. Either way, fingers crossed for some kind of new info (or at least some acknowledgement from Nintendo) Direct or not.
  11. If the January direct was coming out this Thursday, should we have heard news about it yet? I want to hear about the new FE since they've been silent for song long, but it's 3 days before the supposed direct and no announcement.
  12. Fire Emblem is notorious for being talked about in the January directs right? So, I'm hoping the tradition follows and we here about FE: Switch. A title would be nice and a release date or at least release quarter. The last two major FE's (main games like Awakening and Fates) came out in the spring, so I'm kinda hoping we'll get it around then but I'm pretty sure that's too hopeful. I would be grateful for anything during the first half of the year. I hope they won't make us wait until next Christmas or something :/
  13. Thinking about finally buying a Switch for Christmas, but if I can't find any good deals, I'm just going to wait for FE Switch to come out next year. Do you think we'll get a special edition bundle like with Super Mario Odyssey or Splatoon 2? What do you think it'll look like? I wonder if they have one, if it'll even be possible for most people to get one/if it's worth waiting for. Plus, when do you think we'll get any new information on the game? I'm hoping for a spring release next year like the last two games on 3DS in NA, but they've been pretty silent about it, so I don't know if that's wishful thinking. And then you always have to consider if Japan will get it way in advance before the US.
  14. I would like both. It can be a bit cheesy for a self-inserted character and their personality is usually lacking, but if they reworked the bland personality maybe it could be better. And I am a sucker for character creation. I would like to see them not as the main character though and maybe more of a side character. I like the S-supports but after playing Echoes, I realize that neither the avatar or the marriage is necessary for a good game. But if they can do both, why not have more content (if it turns out well).
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