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    My name is Radiance and it's a name that fits into a whole lot of factors. I like playing FE games and I'm also a competitive smash player: Ike and Corrin are my characters. (Practicing Marth and Roy) and will take a challenge in a good match, idc if I lose. Every loss is a lesson for me to get to my highest skill level by using characters I like and idgaf about the tier list. I fight for my friends and hang out with my friends in a typical 10th grade career. My favorite character is Ike ever since I played Brawl and he was so fun and strong.I go on the serenes everyday when I can and like to converse with others and talk to people about whatever is being talked about or just talking about things in general. Wanna become allies? Hit that add button and I'll join you. We can all be friends and have a great time, it's free so go hit while it is hot. I usually go on small threads due to how crazy the hot topics are as in I cannot collaborate on what's up or read others opinions. You're more likely to see me in the Fates, Smash, Intro, and General Gaming forums, but I visit most of the threads or just random ones with good topics.

    Some facts about me:
    -I am "5.7" ft tall
    -3.0 student in Sophomore year
    -Collector of amiibos and Ike is the best one
    -I fight for my friends
    -My vision is shit and I have glasses
    -I love eating sweet and sour items that lead to candy.
    -Perfect attendance 3 years in a row in Elementary.
    -Latino and Hispanic but born in the U.S
    -Prefer cold weather or a cool breeze

    FE games played:
    Sacred Stones
    Rekka no ken (Blazing sword)
    Radiant Dawn
    Shadow Dragon (current FE being played)

    Other games:
    Halo series
    Smash Bros
    Mario maker
    Mario and Luigi series
    COD (Only trey arch, no ghost or aw)
    Mario Kart series

    Favorite Characters in FE:
    Ike - My favorite out of all of them. Ike amiibo in fates yes!
    Olivia- Best Waifu ever!
    Felicia- My loyal maid wife when fates comes out.
    Inigo - A charming character
    Lucina - Awesome design
    Severa - Introduced the tsundere personality
    Owain - Sword hand of justice
    Joshua - OP myrmidon
    Gerik - Monster
    And others that I would list but will later.

    If you need to ask me something or just say hi, feel free to Pm me. I also would not mind a good competitive 1v1 in Smash 4 or Casual free for alls with or without items. Thanks for reading and I might add some more things to my profile soon.
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    Radiant Dawn

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  1. Nice healer combo. Trust me, the Bishop slayer skill will murder those monsters. R.I.P Bishop class. To bad the Slayer skill was only in FE 8
  2. Want to make conquest even more fun. So I got an idea from this youtuber (Mangs) and thought doing a Corrin Emblem. Here is what you have to do. -Leave address and make seize easy -Lvl 10 MU with ONE personal skill EX: Pavise, Luna. DLC skills also allowed: Point Blank. Remove Corrin Nohr Noble skills. -No stat boosters -Asset and Flaw -DLC classes allowed -Cool MU - What Second tier class is your character suppose to become? EX: Mercenary --> Hero Remember this is Conquest Lunatic run. Utility units such as Thiefs or Healers would really help early on, but it's your choice. I forgot the max party you can bring toward the end of the game but I will choose those with creative MU's. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Oh btw you can also explain why your MU has their asset and flaw. Example would be you have bad skill because your untalented or something like that. Edit: Also, you can add a backstory to your character. A really good back story will make your chances for me to use you really high but this is optional so you don't have to do the backstory. You can also tie their class in the backstory on why they became that class, but that is also a option
  3. Address:04338-12082-10478-77147 MU: Eirika I am trying to grind points so I could make a viable Flora in Lunatic Conquest. I want to get all the bonuses in the my castle, so I would be gratefuo for help. I will visit other peoples castles as well. I have nothing special to offer in terms of skill due to not buying skills for the extra challenge so sorry about that.
  4. I use the Nohrian Blade. Plus my lucky Corrin eith great speed and defense.
  5. I beat Anna on the run before chapter 9 Conquest. I tricked the AI and used the Nohrian blade
  6. We will have to see today. I am doing conquest because I am in the middle of Revalations chapter 20
  7. I got this. I always liked Anna's high speed and luck. Her growths look amazing in this game. Her strength is pretty decent as its the same as Niles. Magic Bow will be amazing.
  8. Yeah that is a question. I would assume Corrin with tonics, support boost, and sword advantage will make the map so easy.
  9. Thanks! This is useful info to have. Anna here I come.... on Thrusday
  10. So Anna paralouge will be easy as hell then. I bet the Bersekers are Gunter level stats.
  11. Yeah I hope their skill is shit. I want to use Anna in chapter 10 cause it will help and she will be one of my healers. Lunatic chapter 10 will be fun with her.
  12. Idk. Maybe the same number like in Awakening I have no idea. I just want to use Anna before chapter 10 conquest and birthright.
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