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  1. I like Lamar and that offense, but also interested to see how it looks against a real squad. Titans defense is going to be very nice this year. If Mariota gets it together they’ll win the AFC South. Patriots going undefeated heard it here first edit: actually jk the offensive line is already super banged up. Maybe 13-3 tho
  2. There goes Flacco to Denver. It’s funny watching people shit on him on Twitter. The man went fucking haywire and carried his team to a championship. It’s fair to wonder how much of his money he owes to Rahim Moore (watching that playoff game with my older brother, who happens to be a Ravens fan, is probably my favorite non-Patriots football memory) @Lord Raven how are you feeling about Lamar Jackson going forward?
  3. If it makes any of you feel better, I won’t be able to attend the parade tomorrow because I have clinical. Guess I’ll just have to catch the next Sox parade later this year
  4. +1 championship for Titletown. Pretty awful game but a win is a win. Defense was unbelievable. I’m gonna miss Brian Flores a lot
  5. GAME DAY I’m gonna be honest, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in this game. The Chiefs’ offense is super explosive, and Mahomes is simply a special QB. The patriots have also been garbage on the road this season. I haven’t been super impressed with their coaching this season, though I do trust whatever game plan Bill has cooked up for this game. Also, I predict we’ll see at least one Gronk spike tonight. LFG
  6. I actually really like Suggs, not gonna lie. He's a beast and he's been balling for a long time. I never thought he was a dirty player. Also Lamar is a fumble machine
  7. While I don't have any real issues with anyone on the Ravens currently, I will always detest Ray Lewis. Fuck that guy
  8. I hope bill has 9000 gimmick formations ready for a possible playoff matchup against the Ravens
  9. lol Patriots twitter is so giddy about this win against the Jets. Because the Patriots get to play the Jets and Bills in the playoffs right?? I still have no confidence in them making a playoff run this postseason
  10. Patriots are soo sloppy and bad against the run when they play on the road. V confusing
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