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  1. Lamar wasn’t perfect but he played a great game. His team let him down big time
  2. TITTIES!!!!!! Hahahahahaha YES EDIT: Lamar “tossing quackers” Jackson. You really hate to see it
  3. Patriots offense this season makes me physically ill. Not gonna lie I’m excited for Mahomes vs Jackson in the AFC championship
  4. Am very thankful Lamar ended up with a team and coach that maximizes his abilities. Ravens are an absolute wagon right now
  5. The man can ball. Nobody denies this The offensive play calling was also terrific. It was all over once Edelman fumbled. I hope there’s a rematch I’m okay with getting buck’d because buck was also the truth back in his day
  6. Deadline day! Praying that Bill trades for some O line help, the patriots offense is looking pretty mediocre
  7. You have to admit Tanny Tuds has looked significantly better than Mariota has, even in limited action. He’s hovering near 10 yards per attempt in a game and a half of play, which was a figure Mariota rarely sniffed in his 4+ seasons. Is it sustainable? Who knows. But it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that certain members of the passing game have suddenly reappeared (Corey Davis?) I know Tannehill’s time spent in Miami was considered mostly a failure, but he endured a lot of coaching turnover and rarely had much talent around him. He always played the Patriots hard, too. I truly believe he will shred Tampa Bay’s miserable pass defense this week
  8. Lamar Jackson and friends vs. the Patriots defense is going to be such a fun matchup
  9. I like Lamar and that offense, but also interested to see how it looks against a real squad. Titans defense is going to be very nice this year. If Mariota gets it together they’ll win the AFC South. Patriots going undefeated heard it here first edit: actually jk the offensive line is already super banged up. Maybe 13-3 tho
  10. There goes Flacco to Denver. It’s funny watching people shit on him on Twitter. The man went fucking haywire and carried his team to a championship. It’s fair to wonder how much of his money he owes to Rahim Moore (watching that playoff game with my older brother, who happens to be a Ravens fan, is probably my favorite non-Patriots football memory) @Lord Raven how are you feeling about Lamar Jackson going forward?
  11. If it makes any of you feel better, I won’t be able to attend the parade tomorrow because I have clinical. Guess I’ll just have to catch the next Sox parade later this year
  12. +1 championship for Titletown. Pretty awful game but a win is a win. Defense was unbelievable. I’m gonna miss Brian Flores a lot
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