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  1. Is it a wonder that I lost on chapter 10? Not exactly. Well, that ends that I guess. I first lost Beruka getting crit'd by Hinata. Then Arthur missed an important attack and it all went downhill until I got seized. It was a good run, but this run might not be designed for Conquest XD
  2. OH MY GOD I'M AN IDIOT. I FORGOT TO GRAB NYX IN CHAPTER 9!!!! FUDGE! The only brightside is Odin got good level ups, and is now a samurai. Everyone survived. Except Nyx.
  3. Also should I just post pics after any major event? Like an image after every chapter is actually farrr too tedious. If you really would like it I will tho, otherwise it'll just be reclasses, deaths, and maybe story scenes?
  4. Update: Chapter 8 characters are now updated on my imgur, and will be linked below. Does anyone have any suggestions to make this more interactive for you guys? I feel like that would make this more interesting... http://imgur.com/SqvLcen (MU) http://imgur.com/SPuyGP3 (Arthur) http://imgur.com/SpLYrys (Effie) http://imgur.com/FaLdWVX (Odin)
  5. I'm in class right now, but just beat chapter 8. Was in major trouble, but lucked out. Odin dodged Kilma's Nosferatu and leveled up... Nice. But I got the full 10,000 gold by visiting the bottom two villiages and having Elise take Effie to the far left village. I'll update imgur with pics later.
  6. True, I feel CH 10 is going to blow, especially considering that MU, Effie, and Camilla are my only tanks as of now. I'm also thinking of making Odin a samurai prior to this with the free heart seal from CH 9... we'll see how that goes.
  7. Okay, so made it out of chapter 8 unscathed, blew 2000 gold on a heart seal to become a knight. Stats are solid, used a path bonus boots to restore my mov to acceptable. Maybe that last part is a bit sketch, but oh well. Anyways, got Stonewall Jackson, Arthur, and Elise now. I'm focusing on leveling them, and their stats are all attached as well as the levels they were post chapter 8. Regardless, smooth chapter thusfar, but chapter 8 is gonna blow... http://imgur.com/DC7Ir72 (MU) http://imgur.com/BvbV9tZ (Effie) http://imgur.com/6VT7BoY (Arthur) http://imgur.com/gwXpPsq (Elise)
  8. Okay, so I cleared the first 6 chapters of Conquest, no losses. I minimized the use of Jakob in order since he won't be used later on in this playthrough. Going into Chapter 7, I'm a level 9, with some decent stats. I'm getting three of my units next chapter, so major update coming soon~! Also a little side note here, I show my castle address here for anyone that wants to follow my castle throughout the playthrough, by all means. Or PM me if you want to add me, or such. EDIT: My castle address was being weird on SF so here's the URL - http://imgur.com/O02VlVE
  9. Alright :) I made the topic in the Let's Play section, and I'm starting it right now.
  10. Hey everyone! This is going to be a thread where I post occasional screencaps of my Conquest playthrough of FE14 with predetermined ending classes for every character (selected by eclipse) and I shall be only using the units selected, and the classes eclipse selected for me. I am going to be playing on Classic, Hard. And eclipse has not disclosed whether or not I am allowed to reset, however looking at the roster here I feel I might need to moreso than usual. Here's the original reply to my topic (from eclipse): [First off, make a topic in Let's Plays, so all of SF can see you suffer~! Anyway, I'm gonna say Conquest, no DLC, no powersaves. This should make things a bit more interesting. As for characters. . . Corrin - female, second class is Knight. . .since they have WTA against swords and should be tanky enough to take attacks from Siegfried. Shura - ends as a Bow Knight, due to some bad memories of Mokushu. Arthur - 'zerker, not allowed to have Bronze weapons, ever. It's kill or be killed~! Effie - After seeing Corrin in armor, she decided that she'd rather show off her intelligence than brawn, and thus became a Strategist. Odin - MAKE HIM A SWORDMASTER LIKE HE SHOULD BE! Beruka - She's always been a dark one, so why not Dark Knight? Benny - Fix his movement problems forever and make him a Paladin. Izana - The only thing better than one Izana is two of them, so turn him into a Mechanist~! Leo - He's a great support, so he can be an Adventurer! Elise - The frail flower of the royal family of Nohr ain't so frail when she's a General! Nyx - She should have a bigger role in the story, and what better way to be a star than to become a Hero? Have fun~! EDIT: A few people are locked into marriage, but most should be able to deal with it via A+ supports.] Okay, so as you can see this is going to be a bad time, but regardless I am going to commence this let's play as of now, and I will update regularly with chapter updates. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it! EDIT: Eclipse spared me and for now I cannot reset unless I get screwed over by RNG, which is kinda common so idk, I'll make my best judgement.
  11. I got a good chuckle out of these... Goodness, how devious of you. I will gladly accept your challenge and keep you updated. Am I allowed resets or do you spare no mercy on a pitiful soul such as mine?
  12. Hey guys, I've beaten Fates on Lunatic, all three paths. Now I'm left to spice things up on my own, and I thought of this. I'm going to do playthrough with randomized unit classes. The only rule, is that they NEED TO BE POSSIBLE. I have access to every character in the game in Revelations (besides you know who if you beat revelations RIP) but yeah I was curious as to what ideas you guys had. The following rules apply to this run: 1. Same class isn't allowed 2. DLC classes are permitted, but they must be on a character with the appropriate gender, meaning no female grandmasters or male great lords. 3. Class must be possible through supports or normal trees. 4. I must reclass said character into the tree of their selected class AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I know the seals are sparing earlier on in the game, but if needbe I can powersave them in (kinda unsure about this one so somebody tell me whether or not I should or should hold off... ONLY SEALS if I do.) 5. The gender and class of the MU is up to you. I'll take any suggestions made to me, I'll do any path also. So if you're interested with screwing me over hard core, go for it. Here's to recap: 1. Make a list of 10-12 characters with possible classes + Class and Gender of MU (total 13 at max) 2. Should I be allowed to powersave in seals earlier on and reclass ASAP, or should I get them all legally? 3. What path should I do (kind of affects the characters that you can choose, lol) 4. And finally, If you're interested in following this run, how you would like to keep up with it, be social media, or a PM on this site. Totally open to anything on this one. I'll even pm you on Pornhub if you so please... Anyways, thanks for reading this and if you're willing to make this happen I would be extremely grateful, and would probably finish in like 2 days because I have no life. So if you're as bored as I am, but too lazy to do this, reply to this post with those four things or PM me. Either works. THANKS :D EDIT: I can take as many suggestions as you want, all my saves are open. So lemme rephrase, any less than nine.
  13. I currently am using MU (Nohrian Noble), Soliel (Great Lord), Percy (Wyvern Lord), Mozu (Dread Fighter), Keaton (Wolfessenger), Charlotte (Fighter) (She's literally a pairup bot for Xander), Xander (Paladin), Odin (Sorcerer), Ophelia (Sorcerer), Laslow (Lodestar) and Leo (Dark Knight). Also switching in occasionally Selena (Hero) and Camilla (Wyvern Lord). I started the Xander and Charlotte supports, and married MU to Soliel because I heard that was necessary for all other units to pair up. I also began to make Keaton and Mozu mingle, I heard Keaton and Azura is good too though, not sure yet. Azura's character kinda annoys me, I never really use her tbh, but not sure how good Shigure is, only had him once and never used him... (EDIT: I'm only on Chapter 17 also, prepping for Ninja hell. Lots of grinding -_-)
  14. Hey guys, I'm doing Conquest Lunatic rn and I'm kinda lost on the whole optimal child pairings. I paired the following but nobody else: Arthur!Camilla Silas!Selena Odin!Elise Niles!Felicia Any other units are game, currently deathless so far, and hoping to stay that way. Just looking for some input, whatever you guys think.
  15. Hey guys, I was thinking of doing a let's play or series on my channel of any of the Fire Emblem games. This strawpoll below entails what games I was thinking of doing, only the international releases (before Awakening) and I was planning on commentating the videos. If anyone was interested in watching, by all means, PM me. But this thread I made was for taking suggestions on which game I should do first. I've beaten all of the games listed, so that doesn't affect me in anyway. Just curious. Link to straw poll: http://strawpoll.me/6827393/r
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