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  1. Likes the Male Robin & Cordelia pairing (so do I).
  2. True; I was just pointing out that it's the only case. Would she want to keep the crest of Seiros? I mean; it was given to her family by the very same person that she led a war against and slaughtered.
  3. As far as I know, the full list of paired endings that cure Lysithea is: Edelgard, Linhardt, Byleth, Hanneman, and Claude. You're right about the dynamic between Lysithea and Edelgard in Crimson Flower being like that of sisters, as well as Lysithea being straight. As for Edelgard being into girls, it's complicated. As far as I know, her only paired ending with a girl that's explicitly romantic is female Byleth; not even her support with Dorothea is explicitly romantic:
  4. Wrong; never played FE6. I'm not sure what you mean; I guess it can be slow at times, but I never thought it was boring. I agree about the rest. Just got ninja'd by Benice
  5. Has not completed Path of Radiance (no wonder you have it in fourth place on your list of best FE games instead of 1st where it rightfully belongs).
  6. Actually played New Mystery of the Emblem, unlike me, and failed to get all the spheres on their playthrough.
  7. Has a picture of Marth from the anime as their profile picture.
  8. No one's really "bad" in Path of Radiance, except maybe Sothe since he can't promote, but I enjoy using Rolf despite him first appearing (as a unit) in chapter 9 at level 1. With a bit of levelling up, he ends up being extremely useful, especially in the ship chapters that are full of raven laguz. I especially enjoy having him use the enemy's ballistae against them. In Radiant Dawn, I enjoy using Pelleas despite him being under-levelled. When properly levelled and given dark magic, especially long-range dark magic, he is basically magic artillery. I also enjoy using Micaiah as she's a very unique FE lord: a female light-magic wielding FE lord that's a Joan of Arc character is very unique, so I enjoy using her despite her having certain promotion/levelling issues.
  9. Is currently working on a fantasy novel. I hope the writing goes well.
  10. Has a picture titled "best FE girls" that does not include the best FE girls, as Elincia is nowhere to be seen in the picture.
  11. Then it's better. The movie's actually pretty good; considered to be one of the most underrated movies of the 2000s.
  12. I don't know about better, as I've never seen the original anime, but I thought that the Speed Racer film was pretty good.
  13. To add to that, another big difference between anime and western animation is that, in the west, animation has long had the stigma of being just, "kid stuff". TV Tropes refers to it as the Animation Age Ghetto: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AnimationAgeGhetto As a result, it can be hard to get something with a more serious story be made in the west if it's animated. Even today, most western animation that defy the AAG do so by being anime-esque; just look at Castlevania for a recent example. Because of this, anime is able to tell all kinds of different stories in animation that just wouldn't be approved by executives here in the west. I mean; could you imagine walking up to a western animation studio's executives and pitching something like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One-Punch Man, Violet Evergarden, etc.? This means that, here, if you want to make a "serious" narrative "marketable to adults or young-adults", you would very likely have to make it in live-action, which is bad, as animation and live-action have different pros and cons, with certain types of stories being more suited to one than the other.
  14. I think that part of that may have to do with their opponents. (Before I continue, I should clarify that I've only seen season 1, but I know the bulk of what happens in season 2) The Brittanian Empire that Lelouch is fighting is repeatedly shown over and over again to the viewer to be rotten to the core; a militaristic empire built on scheming, backstabbing and systemic bigotry with little-to-no chance of internal reform being able to change what it's defined itself to be. Any moral grayness within Brittania lies within the individual characters that oppose Lelouch, not within the system. Code Geass is very much a case of what TV Tropes calls Black-and-Gray Morality https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BlackAndGrayMorality By contrast, Edelgard is not fight a rotten evil empire; she's fighting an ultimately well-meaning church, and Three Houses is very much Gray-and-Gray Morality, with the only evil faction being TWSITD, who are fighting alongside Edelgard. I suspect, however, that the bigger reason for it is the often-subconscious misconception that protagonist = hero/good-guy. A lot of people, knowingly or not, tend to have an instinct to share the protagonists' desires to achieve their goals, and with that often comes centering the perceived morality of the story around the protagonist. Just look at Light Yagami from Death Note: he is very much the villain of the story, with the author of the manga having said multiple times that Light is a Villain Protagonist. But you'll still find a lot of people insisting that Light's and anti-hero or that Light's morally-gray. The reason for this is very simple: he's the primary character. Similarly, for Code Geass, Lelouch is the protagonist; we spend the bulk of the story seeing his perspective, so we naturally have a biased view aligned with his. The instinct is that he''s the main focus of the show, and he's fighting an evil empire, so he must be the "good guy" of the story. By contrast, in Three Houses, Byleth is the protagonist, and Edelgard is the main lord for only one of four routes. In every other route, she's one of the main antagonists. Again, much like how a lot of people subconsciously link protagonist to hero, by that same logic, antagonist is often linked to villain, when they actually mean very different things.
  15. Wow; for me, it's almost the exact opposite. I was extremely baffled by the joy-con problem when it first happened to me since, for all my life, Nintendo consoles and controllers were by far the most reliable ones my family and I had. Granted, there wasn't much competition since, until we got a PS4, the only non-Nintendo console my family ever had was the notoriously unreliable Xbox 360. But, when I look at my Nintendo consoles that I own, pretty much all of them work fine. My GameCube still works perfectly to this day as well as most if not all of the controllers. Same story for the Wii and the Wii U. My GameBoy Advance and my DS are on their last legs, but that's largely my fault; I accidentally dropped them probably more times than I can count. I just don't get why the quality now is so lacking in comparison that something like joy-con drift can happen.
  16. Ah; that makes sense. I recently finished VC4 (Riley & Claude not Three House Claude) and I've been meaning to play the first one.
  17. I believe the full list is Ingrid, Mercedes and Dorothea. The thing that they have in common is that they see through his BS and get him to open up about his issues.
  18. That could work. Would he? His character's so bland that I legitimately have no idea; it's one reason I prefer Ike and Elincia.
  19. That's a good point. That said; why does he also have no support with Petra? She isn't in a position above him after all (please don't take that sentence out of context!) Now I'm imagining what Sylvain trying to flirt with Petra would look like; probably him using a lot of lines and innuendoes that Petra naturally doesn't understand at all. "Hassle" would probably be an understatement. That said, it's implied in Crimson Flower that, post-timeskip, he sort-of ships Byleth and Edelgard (likely for reasons involving emotional support), so it's not a guaranteed death sentence so long as the flirter does exactly what you're suggesting. Anyway, back to the topic, Linhardt hates fighting and blood, so, while I don't see him defecting, I can see him leaving the battlefield entirely, with only something like wanting to protect Caspar being reason to come back.
  20. I suspect that Edelgard would very bluntly shoot him down, and Hubert would come along, glare at Sylvain, and ask Edelgard, "Lady Edelgard; there you are. Is there anything troubling you; anything you might need me to take care of?" and Sylvain would back away slowly as if he were trying to get away from an angry bear. I think Sylvain probably wouldn't use the Crest Babies angle; he'd probably find out about how previous emperors had lots of lovers out of a need for heirs and suggest that Edelgard do the same. It would fall flat for a number of reasons; one of them being that Edelgard has no intention of ever selecting an heir from among any children she may have in the future. Anyway, Leonie could side either way; if she first finds out about Jeralt's Journal, then she'd likely side with Edelgard. However, if she first found out about Edelgard working with TWSITD, then she'd side against Edelgard.
  21. So... You agree that both are bad and the Euphemia Incident is the worse one of the two? (I'm just asking for clarification) Side-Note: that theory makes no sense; if it were vengeance clouding her judgement, she would've burned King's Landing and Cersei, not go out of her way to burn literally everything else first. By the way, I wonder what would be a hypothetical equivalent of the Euphemia Incident if FE: Three Houses had been that dumb.
  22. Might be? I'm pretty sure the whole point of Light Yagami was that he was a Villain Protagonist (link below), and that, ultimately, despite everything he says to try to justify his actions, he was never anything more than a serial killer with a god complex. He's not an anti-hero; not in any sense of the word. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/VillainProtagonist
  23. What's a bok? I'm going to guess that that was meant to be "book". My favourite novel is easily The Hobbit. A fantastic story that's a classic for a reason. I've read it dozens of times and it doesn't get old.
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