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  1. Ah-ha! I was wondering where these characters were from, and someone linked me here. Thanks for figuring it out, Vincent!
  2. Thanks. I actually made a commit with the localized names, but he didn't seem to be interested. What was the original purpose of the tool? Something with the fan hack, right? I just know it's used for silly custom quotes.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't actually know how to code, despite me hosting this on Github. In theory, Awakening text boxes could be added to this, but I don't know how. If someone wants to add them, I'll be happy to merge it into the project on Github.
  4. Hiya! Since FEITS hasn't been updated in quite a while, and the creator wasn't interested in adding localized names, I did it myself. It's called FEFTS (Fire Emblem Fates Text Simulator) and is a fork of FEITS. Download link: https://github.com/robotortoise/FEFTS/releases Here's the changelog from FEITS: Optimized PNGs to save a bit of memory and hopefully boot a bit faster. Changed default conversation to something absurd (Selkie/Chrom) to better show the benefits of the program. Changed name to "Fire Emblem Fates Text Simulator". Localized Reference Guide, and stored locally. Created a changelog. Further improvements to overall system stability, system security, and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience
  5. I'm.... not quite sure? It seems to log me out after about a week.
  6. The site doesn't keep me logged in. I don't know why, I'm using the latest build of Chrome. Everything else about the site is pretty great, though.
  7. Yes and no. It doesn't actually organize them, true, but it extracts them and groups 'em in folders by sound archive name, which Fates happens to have for each character. Anyway, if you're interested I actually sorted them here. They're in FLAC format, aside from the AAC files.
  8. In the future you can use this program to extract by soundbank. https://github.com/soneek/3DSUSoundArchiveTool
  9. Ah, darn. Looks like DeathChaos25 beat me to it. Anyways you got the list!
  10. If you give me an example name or two, I can find the list for you. I honestly didn't know there WERE randomly generated avatar names in Awakening...
  11. Oh, huh! Good catch. Maybe all of the movies are called in the cmb files. That still leaves the question of why they're also called in the .bin files, then.
  12. Yeah, I found subtitles before. I'm curious about the movies themselves. It seems not all of them are loaded by the game script. Sumia's, for instance, which is "Lovebirds", is called as MID_003_MOVIE1: $t1$Wm???|3$w0|$Ws???|$Wa\$k but that doesn't actually...well, call anything. Movie05.moflex is the moflex file, and it's not even refrenced in the exefs. The only movies that are refrenced in the exefs are the intro (MovieOP.moflex) and the ending "Chrom, we have to do something!" cutscene (MovieOP.moflex). I think the game may just play the movies based on the number appended to them, or something, because there aren't any direct references to the moflex files as far as I can tell. It's...weird.
  13. You know, it's very bizarre. I can find references to the movies, but they're not for any internal names. They're the names the game gives the movie in the Theater. For example: MOVIE Future Chrom Yet there is no list of what movie corresponds to each moflex file, which I find very odd. The music list, for instance, has a .bin file called "ユニットビュアー" that lists all of the music names and which stream corresponds to each. There is nothing of the sort for the movies, as far as I can tell. If there is, it's not listed in the "m/E/" folder. I checked many .bin files, too, and I couldn't find anything that listed the movie names. I found the graphics for the movie names in ui/movierecall_E, but the data listing which movie is which wasn't there. Anyone got any ideas? The game can't just know what "Chrom's Future" means. It has to figure out the Moflex file name somewhere! Maybe this data would be in the ExeFS... EDIT: Yeah, it turns out it's in the ExeFS, at least for the Demo. Let me dump the ExeFS for the final and see if it's the same there. I assume so.
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