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  1. Echoes dlc prices always seemed damn right extortionate, yet I had never seen anyone complain about it nearly as much as the Fates paths. Whilst Fates was certainly scummy with having to buy multiple paths, I always felt it was at least more worth it for the price compared to what you got from the Echoes dlc.
  2. This game has made me dread seeing another Camilla alt. I still like her, and I certainly will continue using her vanilla form, but I really hate how her last two alts were pretty much just her being shoehorned into the theme. Also, two Corrins, one banner. I get that it's the different genders, but was that really needed? Also, another Azura alt... When was the last time I was excited for this game... When did Maribelle come out?
  3. Used my free 5 star on Celica, and pulled a +Spd -Def Veronica in 57 orbs. I'm happy I didn't have too much damage to my orb stash on a unit I kind of wanted, but not enough to go crazy on. And I would assume her IVs are pretty damn alright, too. Well, as I've got what I want out of the banner, back to saving.
  4. We have Catria. We have fucking Maribelle, who I am so hyped for. Just one more IS. Just one more and my trinity of favourite characters will be complete, and I'll be completely satisfied with this game. Anyway... I'm now very much aware of why people call special banners bait. They suck your orbs dry, then your favourite character comes, and you freak out. Boy... I see a whole lot of colourless in my future.
  5. Yes, I've bought orbs before. I've bought a lot of orbs before. I sure as hell don't anymore, as I personally consider it throwing money into a shredder. But I would never consider spending money on a gacha game to be cheating, because that is literally the driving force of these games, and the only reason they exist.
  6. Yeah, I don't want to say we're lucky to get as many male alts as we do, but in a genre where female fanservice reigns supreme Heroes does a barely passable job at putting out male alts, which is more than can be said about plenty of other games. That being said, it's at the very least understandable why people would be upset with the apparent bias towards female characters.
  7. She hasn't got a swimsuit alt, though? She has art in a Fates DLC, but then so do Leo, Xander and Elise. The fact that Camilla doesn't have one in this game is odd. Also, there's Gaius and Cordelia having art in Awakening DLC, too.
  8. To the differences people are pointing out between the silhouette and Camilla's beach dlc art, does it need to be 100% accurate? Anyway, considering Camilla was the only Fates royal without a swimsuit alt, that makes it all the more likely it's her. And considering we haven't had an alt of her all year (I think NY was in December), she's hardly the worst offender of excessive alts. At least not recently. It would be cool if we got new characters, but this makes perfect sense too, considering everything. Also, I've said this time and time again, but prior to this Camilla didn't even have the third most alts in the game, yet just because she's a polarising character people treat it like she's just as bad Lyn, if not worse, in the alt department. Now that she has three alts (most likely) I can understand, but people's attitudes towards her before this leads me to believe that even if she received no alts this year or next, people would still complain, whether joking or otherwise, that we'll only get Camilla and Tharja alts in the game. Also, regarding this hot and cold debate, hot weather can go and die.
  9. Marth on this gauntlet might honestly convince me to finally do something decent with mine.
  10. I stand corrected. This one just jumps out at me for some reason though. I dunno.
  11. Regarding the banner, when I looked at it I just thought "Really?" Has there been a focus banner before where there were three units who shared a colour? Besides legendary banners, of course.
  12. I pulled a Hardin, but I'll still be supporting Marth in this one.
  13. First I get L!Hector on a free pull and now this I get this on another. I hope this hasn't depleted my luck for the year. He's +Spd/ -Hp, but even so...
  14. Hector... man... You're not making it easy for me to fodder you... Here's my free pull. He's +Atk which is good, but -Def... which is not so good. But even so... Welp, I returned to the session after a communication error to this, so... I'm happy.
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