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  1. Yeah, I've already seen these, haha. Still waiting for M!Corrin to get ripped tho.
  2. Nah. At least not videos haha. I make 3D image/posters. And no, it wont be porn.
  3. Hey! I was just curious. Has anyone gotten around to trying to rip either the Switch or 3DS models from FEW yet? If someones onto something, please let me know!
  4. Any word if there are any Corrin supports with the Nohr and Hoshido siblings?
  5. Can the Corrins support with their other family? (M!Corrin support with Nohr | F!Corrin support with Hoshido)
  6. Ever wanted better supports? Like, I dunno... Non-rushed marriage proposals? Mozu not talking about food all the time? Camilla not talking about Corrin all the time? Effie not being obsessed about her strength? Well I got news for YOU! I'm here to make a hack about better support conversations! With this hack, we can remove all those things and MORE! I'm taking suggestions, bug testers, video showcase providers and writers! ----- What I won't do: -Add New Supports- -Added Compatibility with Gay-Fates or other hacks- ----- What Is Needed: A Home-brewed 3DS FE: Fates Optional: Extra Knowledge About 3DS Hacking ----- Release Coming soon! ----- Have a bug? Tell me and I'll be sure to fix it! This project is closed due to time management.
  7. Nevermind! I figured out, turns out I needed to export in Every File Explorer even if you can't see it so... Yeah! :) Edit: Uuuuuh.... Nevermind. There's no bones or UV maps. ;-;
  8. Hi! I figured out how to rip models from Fates. But now I'm trying Awakening, and I have all the files extracted. But every time I try to load a body model, it doesn't load on Ohana3DS. Weapons load fine, but the bodies are what I need, and they won't open... Has anyone figured out how to rip them?
  9. Long time no see! I'm just checking up on the progress on how many supports and other things are done so far. Yes, I realize the game comes out not too long from now, but I still want to play the uncensored Japanese version as well as the localized.
  10. One more question! I saw linkmstr's patched endgame video on YouTube. But I noticed none of the epilogues or character titles were translated. Will this be included in the upcoming patch or is that a long ways from now?
  11. Hi! Its been a while. I was wondering the same thing that danman703 was wondering. So will there be only a few Support inclusions or a lot more than I'm thinking there will be? And I was also wondering about My Castle speech as well, such as the characters outside of shops, bottom screen text when you buy something for a character, ect. I hope this question doesn't come out as annoying. ^^;
  12. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or you just missed something. But when it asks "Save game? Yes or No." Its still in Japanese. Crap! I just read the Save Game thing in the Error Log. Sorry! >.<
  13. Hi! Its me again. XD Anywho I was wondering about the the character supports and how much of it is complete. Any idea how much is left?
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