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  1. You do realize that Kaze's death was avoidable, right? It wasn't that difficult to get an A-rank with him. Hell, he has one of the fastest supports other than the royal siblings and retainers (hence why Kaze's considered the Avatar's retainer). At least Rhajat didn't do awful experiments on her child, if she's married to male Corrin. Rhajat's actually better in terms of characteristics than Tharja.
  2. I have Luna, Dragon Fang, and Dragon Ward on him. Castle code: 15628-95104 28523-28501
  3. Kaden wins easily in my opinion. Keaton in my playthrough didn't really help me that much, but he was alright. My Kaden would get critical hits most of the time and is a great father for Shigure, who also provided help for me in Birthright. Plus, Kaden's daughter is adorable and my favorite female child unit. I like Keaton's voice (since it's Gaius pretty much) and his design, but Kaden wins my heart.
  4. That I can agree with you. For Ignatius, I accidentally got him killed (Benny wasn't leveled up well but had a good skill to inherit.) Ignatius said he wants to join but didn't. XD Thankfully I didn't save but I had to do Xander's son's paralogue again, but I digress.Edit: typing on my phone is annoying sometimes :P
  5. I'm on Chapter 7 right now (I'm doing Revelations before doing Birthright again), but as long as I don't over think, Ryoma will survive. :D
  6. This. I paired them up and giving Shigure Even Better made him more reliable for my playthrough. Selkie was so much fun to use and her supports with Azura are adorable. :)
  7. Congrats on getting them! It is a pain to get the Sepcial Edition at a much higher price, but it's better than not getting it at all. :) Although, how come you bought the 3DS on EBay for that price? I believe there were copies you could buy at GameStop or Amazon at around $200. Regardless, it's your money so you do whatever you want with it. XD Congrats again!
  8. So the UPS truck came when my dad and I got back from town, and I was really excited because I finally waited for so long! ...the package was my mom's medicine. Funnily enough, there was another UPS coming through my neighborhood, I was looking forward to my game! ...it passed my house. I swear to Naga if I don't get it, I'm gonna be so sad. :(
  9. I would do what I did and call Best Buy about the shipping. If they say that they'll refund your shipping money, then that's great! What I'm doing is that since my SE copy is scheduled to be here tomorrow, I will call Best Buy to let them know it shipped on the same day as release date. Even if my copy doesn't get here on Friday (which it should), I'll still get a refund on the shipping. Like I said on my previous post, if you preorder in general, don't mess with the shipping speed, because the nice lady told me that preordering is scheduled to be at your doorstep on release day. Hope this helps!
  10. I have too. I bought a 6 month pass for Just Dance All Access and I stopped playing that game in the second month. At least when I'll trade it in for Xbox membership, it's worth the trade.
  11. As for me, I was panicking seeing how everyone at Best Buy is getting their orders shipped today, while mine still says processing. So my dad and I called Best Buy and apparently the system is glitched, but other than that, my order should come in by tomorrow at least before 5 pm in my time zone, and the lady was so kind with the information and will refund my shipping money ($15). If anyone has done the express or expedite shipping, don't do it if it's a preorder. That's my lesson learned from today. XD
  12. Am I the only that's okay with Dwyer's voice? Sure it sounds like he's stoned, but I think it adds his lazy personality. Personally though, I wouldn't marry someone who sounds like that though. Then again, he'll be my son in my first playthrough. XD Ryoma's lines are love and life. Leo's is also wonderful. I'm saving Jakob and Kaze's for last though.
  13. Everyone that's been doing expedited shipping, Best Buy has now added the Express shipping, which will release on the 19th. It is a whopping $15 for that, but if you really want it by tomorrow, hurry up and change your shipping speed!
  14. I sent an email about the expected release date and I'm still waiting for a reply. I hate having to pay $12 for shipping, but for the Special Edition, it's worth every penny. At least my paycheck for this month will be worth more than last month's.
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