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  1. Thank you. These mugs are in my patch because the vanilla version has palete versions of these mugs. That way the player gets a variety of different faces as he/she progresses through the game. Are you playing Fire Emblem The Binding Blade Extreme? If you are not you are in for a treat. Go ahead and play it.... Enjoy! 🙂
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I was tied up with school stuff. Yes patch it to an untranslated Japanese FE6 rom. Have fun and enjoy!
  3. To make that fight fair let's bless Lu Bu's weapons.
  4. Very interesting observations no doubt. Do you perhaps have an FE character in mind who could fight Lü Bu in a one on one fight? I place my faith in a level 20 Perceval with a Silver Sword, Silver Lance, and Silver Axe.
  5. Which non-magical Fire Emblem character has a chance against the mighty General Lü Bu? Besides Fire Emblem I have other favorite game franchises such as the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi games. In fact I was exited the moment I found out about Fire Emblem Warriors. Looking at Lü Bu’s base stats in FE standards (according to his stats in Dynasty Warriors) I would give him the following base stats as a General/Paladin. Level 18 HP 50 Str 19 Skl 20 Spd 22 Lck 16 Def 25 Res 17 Con 15 Sword rank A Lance rank A Axe rank A His inventory: Silver Sword, Qinglong Ji (spear) , Tomahawk Qinglong Ji stats: Uses 20 Mt: 13 Hit: 75% Crit: 10% range: 1-2 Wt: 16 Lü Bu is in a throne which grants him 30% avoid +3 defense and it heals Lü Bu 4 health points each turn. 1. Only using a character with class line Paladin (Cavalier, Paladin, Gold Knight) or General (Armored Knight, General, Marshall). A character with class not belonged to General or Paladin class line but have class same as Paladin or General is ok. 2. Unable to use a weapon with “effective against” effect, unless character personal weapon. 3. Unable to use a sacred weapon, unless character personal weapon. 4. Unable to use a personal sacred weapon with effect “effective against”. 5. Unable to use Skills that not belonged to the character’s original class line. 6. Only using character original to Fire Emblem Original series game, fan game character is forbidden. 7. Character’s maximum stats are limited to FE GBA system, even that character is not original from FE GBA system. 8. No throne, no healing,… fair battle in an arena custom map. (Updated later). 9. Lu Bu can use his personal weapon, “Qinglong Ji”, a spear with a poleax effect. Weapon stats are the same as Spear but far heavier. A match must be 3 battles. Sword Battle (only using Silver Sword) Lance Battle (chose only ranged or mele, only using Spear) Axe Battle (chose only ranged or mele, only using Tomahawk) Personal Weapon Battle (free fight, unless character personal weapon is unable to attack ranged then only using mele) (optional) No cheat. Lu Bu class must be the same as the opponent. General vs General. Paladin vs Paladin. Which non-magical FE character can defeat Lü Bu? https://koei.fandom.com/wiki/Lu_Bu https://feuniverse.us/t/the-mighty-general-lu-bu/5790
  6. Great choices! I think that most people would agree with your selections. However I think that Milady from Fire Emblem The Binding Blade is not being selected. She is a very reliable unit and with a good back story. She has a C rank on lances which grants her the ability to wield killer lances right away and great base stats. Her growth rates are respectable in my opinion.
  7. Spanish is my first language so in High School I had English classes with foreign and exchange students. I made friends with teenagers from other countries, I was in a school English program called ESOL. That's why it was easy for me and not rare.
  8. Yes! Even FE7. Back in the day I hung out with a few Asian friends in High School. They were from Taiwan, The Philippines, Japan, and China. Well my Jap friend introduced me to his NES and SNES Fire Emblem games in his house playing his Famicom and Super Famicom. Of course I didn't understood a single word in the games but he would translate as I played along. I truly enjoyed the games and I was basically sold. He informed me on the date when FE7 would release and I bought it. At the time I owned a regular GBA without a back-light so it was difficult to enjoy it. When I got both the GBA Player for the N-GC and a GBA-SP Lite that's when I really started having fun with it.
  9. You don't have to emulate them at all. Just hack your Wii (if you have one) and play those FE games of a flash drive. It's not the same as playing them from an emulator.
  10. Years. Every time Nintendo releases a new Fire Emblem or FE Amiibo I bought it immediately.
  11. HI Serene Forest! 🙂 This is my complete American release of Fire Emblem games (2 are fan translated FE6-FE12) To honest it took me a few minutes to take that picture lol. The game cases kept falling and I had a little trouble placing the FE amiibos. Like most of you guys I love the Fire Emblem franchise of games and I'll keep supporting regardless if they continue or discontinue the franchise.
  12. I should also point out the fact that my final and updated patch/hack contains some different portraits in enemy characters which are repeated in the vanilla version (different palate). Characters like Windhall, Orlo, Tick, William, Morgan, and Wagner. This way there's a variety of different faces 🙂 Here's their new portraits.
  13. You are right! I've actually been thinking about this tbh.
  14. Since Gale is in your team in Ch:21 I figured I added an extra boss there in his place. He is standing in a Fort which gives him +2 Def points and 20% avoid percentage.
  15. So everything that you mentioned in your feedback about my hack is accurate. There are no significant changes to my current update which doesn't change game-play other than I added an unused boss (William) in Chapter: 21 The Binding Blade. Here's some testing screenshots of him 🙂
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