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  1. Just want to say thank you to everyone involved and congrats to Aethin. Berwick Saga is a great FE-esque game (in fact, my favorite) that deserves to be played and hopefully appreciated by more people. Thank you for making that a possibility now in the west.
  2. Grrr, Kana GHB is pretty nasty for auto solo because of the huge central defense tile area slowing down your killing process and the two-corridor layout making it difficult to protect your fillers. My Fae + 7 (Lightning+, Warding Aether, QR) is still able to auto solo it but it takes forever to kill those bulky dragons on defense tiles. Ultimately, it takes close to 30 seconds per clear. I will run this on the two absolute worst days of the week for me (namely inefficient Robin and nasty Michalis), and for other days I will just do the regular weekly GHBs. Anyway, in case it could be helpful for anyone, it is recommended that one of your three fillers to be a flier, so that your fillers can have more space to squeeze at the bottom left of the map to avoid getting reached by the enemy.
  3. Yeah, Saias will be dearly missed for sure; I also have him to thank for the more than a page of 5000s I have right now.lol Fortunately T & H BHB rerun comes right when Saias fades away so we are clear for another week without worrying about inefficient Robin and tricky Michalis. Woohoo. Again, my F!Corrin is doing wonders in auto soloing this BHB. I put her at slot 2 and she will take the left route down, killing Pineapple and the blue mage cav on the 1st turn in retaliation. On the 2nd turn, she gets lunged by the axe cav (who F!Corrin can't ORKO) which enables her to be reached by Hinoka and the red sword pegasus, both of which vanquish to Aether. F!Corrin then finishes off the axe cav in turn 3 player phase. The run takes slightly longer than Saias due to taking half a turn more, at around 24 seconds, which is still pretty good. My F!Corn is now +10 (via feathers farmed recently of course) so I can't say with confidence like before that "any good DC blue will work", but I think it's at least worth trying for you guys who have a good Nowi or Fae or something. I would recommend putting a red filler in the 1st slot so that even if your solo unit cannot kill the axe cav in time, this red filler can still tank a turn; in addition, a red at slot 1 also encourages the axe cav to take the passage on the right (because it thinks it can do more damage to your units at slot 3 and 4), resulting in your solo unit not engaging it on turn 2 player phase so that your solo unit can get lunged by it on enemy phase and attacked by Hinoka and red pegasus. Yes, the movement of axe cav is pretty crucial in this strat, because you really need to kill the fliers in time to prevent them from reaching your unarmed fillers. In summary: Slot 1: Unarmed filler, red recommended. (Currently farming with Eirika) Slot 2: F!Corrin + 10 with Lightning+/Aether/Steady/QR. Slot 3: Unarmed filler. (Currently farming with Frederick) Slot 4: Unarmed filler. (Currently farming with Gerome)
  4. Just notice the Saias lunatic map is very good for "1+ 3" auto solo HM farming too. You just need a good DC unit (probably best if blue) with self-healing special at slot 3 and with 40 or above HP to panic ploy the blade tome mage. When auto-battling, this DC unit at slot 3 will take the right route to move up and slaughter everything. Alternatively, if your DC unit of choice doesn't have 40+ HP or it needs a seal (such as Distant Defense 3) to survive so it can't carry panic ploy, you can put it at slot 4 and one of the unarmed fillers with 40+ HP and panic ploy at slot 3 instead. In my case, my F!Corrin has 40+ HP so I just let her carry panic ploy and start at slot 3. She auto solo everything in 2 turns and under 23 seconds, which is fantastic in terms of HM farming efficiency. Too bad we can only farm Saias for a week, but at least it will be a damn good week; you can farm it non-stop without changing setups. And on days with low yield such as today (F!Robin is lv35) or problematic days such as Michalis, this is still pretty valuable, even just for a day.
  5. Again, F!Corrin helps me achieve fully auto 1 + 3 in Zephiel, which is vital because Narcian is lv35. However, due to the damn wary fighters making ORKOs impossible, it's a 3.5-turn clear (finishes on turn 4 player phase). As a result, time-efficiency wise Zephiel is not the best daily GHB for grinding compared to the others. Configuration is 3 unarmed fillers and F!Corrin (Lightning+/Steady/Aether/QR as usual) at the 3rd slot. Similarly-built Corrins and Nowis should have similar performance. As usual, if you lack power to ORKO the blue mage (who is dangerous to leave alive because he will move down and likely kill your 2nd unarmed unit with Blazing Thunder), add Atk+ seals; if you fail to survive, add CD3 or DT3 or both. And with Zephiel we have pretty much completed a full cycle of the daily GHB rotation. We still have Cah-moo tomorrow but Navarre on the same day is already so easy that we are already covered. So my grinding strategy for any week will be: Monday: Zephiel fully auto solo with F!Corrin. Around 29 seconds per clear. (I always add more than enough delays between clicks in the emulator scripts because network speed and latency does vary from time to time. If you are confident you won't run into repeatability issues then you can surely make it shorter.) Tuesday: Navarre fully auto solo with Like. Didn't timed it first time around, should be around 27 ~ 28 seconds or so. Wednesday: Apparently a worse day of the week in terms of farming efficiency because F!Robin is lv35 and Legion is full of surrounding rainbow-colored enemies and reinforcements. The best option I have is F!Robin fully auto solo with Fae (Lightning+/Warding/Aether/QR). Takes around 26 seconds per clear. Thursday: A pretty good day with both GHBs being quite accessible to fully auto solo. I have Ursula auto solo with Vector (Noontime), and Clarisse auto solo with Like. Ursula's is a bit faster, at around 27 seconds. Friday: Lloyd semi-auto solo (on the second last turn, manually intervene to end the turn instead of letting the AI initiate on the enemy) with F!Corrin. If I make a few more merges on F!Corrin and gain a point or two on speed so that she doesn't get doubled by the LnD axe pegasus after being speed threatened, i could turn this into a fully auto. As of now, it takes about 30 seconds per clear. Saturday: The absolute worst day for me. Valter is out of the question for obvious reasons, and as of now I do not have an auto solo solution for Michalis. The best 1 + 3 solution I have is a heavily guided solo with Like which takes more than a minute. I probably won't farm on this day until there are new findings or units that make better alternatives possible. Sunday: The best day for me by far with Xander fully auto solo with F!Corrin. Takes only 23 seconds. Note: The reason I'm only interested in 1 + 3 solutions is that I'm a lazy person. I do not want to have to change setups from week to week. I only want to save 7 scripts and repeat them every week (until I run out of units to farm HM for) with no change whatsoever and be happy with 15 HM per clear.
  6. Hooray, after a frustrating day of Michalis where I struggled and had to settle with unreliable scripted clears that take more than a minute per run, Xander comes to the rescue with its ideal confined corridor map structure. F!Corrin is my champ again and enables solo auto clear with only 2 turns and all ORKOs, resulting in under 23 seconds per clear, my personal record. Again, any good DC blue should perform quite similarly.
  7. But how do you avoid getting the 3 unarmed dudes killed though. My Like can solo the map, but the enemy fliers will fly straight over the mountain on turn 1 towards my poor unarmed dudes; I can't get the map done without scripting manual movements by me to make these 3 dudes follow Like closely to avoid getting kill, which makes the clear time much longer than typical auto clears. I can try picking 3 blue units and hopefully in auto they will follow my Like towards the sword cav, but even if I succeed, that will limit my choice of units to grind this map, which isn't an ideal situation.
  8. Cool. My Vector is +Atk -Res and didn't survive... But even if he did, like you said he would be too slow moving his ass towards the enemy anyway. He soloed Ursula really well though, because on that map you start much closer to enemy range. In the end I just figured for Lloyd I'm better off using my F!Corrin in a "semi-auto" mode. By that I mean instead of fully auto or fully manual, I start with auto, and right after my Corrin kills off all the enemy besides the LnD axe pegasus, I cancel the auto mode, take control away from the AI (who will just foolishly lead my Corrin into attacking the axe pegasus and killing herself), and then just manually end the turn to let the enemy attack, trigger Aether when retaliating and finish it off. This way I probably only lose a second or two at most. My F!Corrin has Lightning Breath+, Aether, Steady Breath, QR 2, and CD3 seal. Any comparable Nowi should work too I suppose.
  9. It's surprising that it is Lloyd of all things that poses a problem for me in the typical auto-battled 1 + 3 HM farming. The general openness of the map and the mixture of Def/Res rainbow enemies make it difficult for my usual candidates of the "1" (refined steady/warding Aether dragons, Like, Noontime Vector) to solo the map under the AI. My F!Corrin + 6 is the closest in soloing as she cleared all the enemies except the freaking axe pegasus with 32 Res. Now granted, I can still do guided solo (where I script my manual movements instead of auto-battling), but that takes longer per clear (hence resulting in drops in farming efficiency) and is less reliable because there are more button presses (sometimes the emulator just fails to register a click or two). So, has anyone found a good candidate for Lloyd auto-battle solo yet? I didn't even try Berkut because of the scatter starting positions, but if anyone does find a generally applicable 1+ 3 auto solution it will of course be welcome too:) Thanks in advance.
  10. Interesting. In that case, maybe many builds around that time (2.5.x.x or 2.6.x.x) will all work just fine then. Good to know.
  11. Not a problem at all; I'm also partly to blame for the confusion. Glad to hear it seems to be working for you too.
  12. No problem bro. I hope it does work out for you and stays that way. Do update us if it gets you 803-3001 later. As for multi-instances, I believe it is at the bottom right corner. "多开管理" means multi-instances management. I have not used it so I can't confirmed if it works or not. Best luck with it.
  13. I am using 186; the guy who originally came up with the idea to use compatibility mode used 280 but he also stated what matters here is the "engine version" which is Anyway, sorry if this is not working too well for you guys. I still haven't got any 3001 though. It has been almost a day and I had just finished a few Tempest Trial runs, so I must be really lucky? I don't know. One last thing I want to try to make sure though, is did you guys disable the Google Play Game/Service/Store in Settings->Apps? This really is the only possible thing I can think of that you guys might have missed. As I mentioned, this is one of the steps in my original method.
  14. That sucks; sorry to hear it. In that case, maybe consider Marbels' method, or AMIDuOS. I haven't got hit by 3001 yet though; I guess I just lucked out, but if it happens to one, it can happen to any, sooner or later.
  15. Hmm, now I think of it, since the CN Bluestacks does not come with GApps, maybe mental_offence's treatment isn't necessary in the first place? I'm not an expert on the subject though.
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