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  1. Have to ask now before I continue posting on the walkthrough. Can people see ALL pictures from the chapters on the main post?
  2. Ahh alrighty then sorry bout that. Strange that they dont work. Used direct link to imgur and they all appear to me? Is there anything I can do to make sure they stay there?
  3. We get to chapter 4. We will not trigger any dragon veins this map since it only hampers our potential xp gain mostly. We start out with making our avatar go to the house to get the goddess icon. Meanwhile we pair Rinkah and Kaze up and then seperate them at maximum distance to get close enough to our enemy on the next turn. We pair Avatar up with RInkah for def boost and attack. Kaze will follow up with a shurriken finish. Moving Rinkah and avatar forth and seperate them so the enemy is just in the line of sight while still gaining def from mountains. Be carefull with this strategy if your avatar has been unlucky in his/hers def growths. Pair Rinkah up with avatar and smash them while Kaze is supporting with ranged attacks. Using the seperate and move method we catch up on some more xp. This guy has however seal defense so he will hit quite hard. Kaze has lvled up and gained 1 more speed. This speed is kinda crucial for the next map as it allows him to double swordsmen. We move over and talk to our homegirl Hinoka. Sakura is "dead" and will be mostly when not sprinting towards her since one faceless always walks over the mountain and smacks her to death. This is also why I dont include green units in my no death run. It is pretty important Hinoka survives since she gives a concoction. For the middle mountain with the boss. Simply walk over to a side and fuck them all up with Avatar/Rinkah pairup and Kaze ranged attacks. Use vulnerary as needed to keep avatar from dying since some of them has annoying passives or hit hard. If you stay at the mountain Ryoma will not run over and shit on them. Sometimes mobs try to get around the avatar for some reason so make sure to move Kaze accordingly. And that ends chapter 4. Unfortuantly I forgot to take a pic of the avatars stats since I usually do it in the beginning of next map and well... He is a dragon in chapter 5. Sorry about that.
  4. Starting with chapter 3 now: We start off by blocking Hans access to the bridge so we can grap the free xp for ourself hehe. Please have mercy Felicia. We give avatar Gunter support while making Felicia stand behind him. Felicia will survive one bowman. However, if she does not have Gunter support afterwards, she will not be able to survive a second arrow. Also she needs to have atleast gotten one defensive stat to do this, otherwise play a little more carefull and let avatar do the work in round 2 with them. Whore. Partner up Felicia with Gunter and bait one archer plus the rienforcements. If Felicia is always paired up with Gunter she will be in no danger. Avatar will suffer no danger and sometimes even dmg if he is standing next to Felicia due to her passives. Kill the remaining trash with Felicia so she can get to lvl 5 and get her self healing maid skill. (Cant remember its name atm lol) Using this passive you can make sure both Felicia and Avatar is fully healed doing the boss. If Felicia has taken dmg while the avatar has not. Just make the boss slap the avatar without Felicia's help and heal him afterwards. For the top guys here. Pair Avatar up with Gunter and have Felicia near for max defense. If you're carefull about Felicia's position regarding the archers she can move up and heal the Avatar while he moves in close. With good positioning, the Archers can't get to Felicia because of the gravel around her impairs movement for them. This should not be dangerous if you're a little carefull with our maid. Just clean up with avatar using this method and move Felicia down to capture the building after and that will end the chapter. Avatars stats at the end of the map.
  5. Unfortuantly I see no other option than making it a log(ish) thing where I explain whats going on since I can't record it. :/ Niles is great and I will be potentially using him if his first lvl ups are great. However, much of the roles he can do is already filled by a character like Felicia and Kaze. That being either a mage killer or a potential healer. If you play Mozu's paralogue right, you should only miss out on like a half a lvl on each of your current characters, while Mozu should be at lvl 9 - 10 at the end. It is such a little difference to me when I am getting a insane sniper or general tank. (Depends on her growths)
  6. Because I have become stubborn om using him even though his rng clearly hates me. You can call it another difficulty challenge... xD
  7. Okay lets start this shit. (Yes I use my own real life name because I just like that for immersivenes) Starting off with chapter 1. Brawling with Xander gains you a lvl. Not the luckiest I could get but atleast I got my main offensive and defensive gains. (Note, not gonna show every lvl up, but will show my avatars stats at the end or start of each map) Now starting chapter 2, we will gain as much xp as possible for both Felicia and the avatar. So we are gonna try to devide it as equally as possible regarding to current lvl. Both groups will stop in front of the door, so we get a hit on to the axe guy on Rinkah's side before we switch. Because of Gunter placement, we can utilize his personal passive to get 100% hit rate kill on the first swordsman. If you use felicia, you will either not have enough dmg or about 95% hit rate. If you should be unlucky and miss this, almost any avatar would die from the combo since the avatar is debuffed. The melee swordsmen will either kill themselves or try to take another route around. The one with Kodachi will together will Kaze try to kill Felicia and fail. She will gain ekstra xp and Kaze is now debuffed. Because of Gunter, Rinkah is now not in position to be able to hit Felicia from the right corner. Kaze will not be able to kill her and will try to hit avatar instead. Ofc the Avatar will survive even with the sneaky little swordsman at the bottom. Placing Felicia on a position for maximum xp gain from Kaze. If she is unlucky, we can always swap with Avatar on the position. Very lucky first lvl on Felicia. Almost regret calling her a whore on a daily basis now. Felicia will take 10 dmg from Rinkah when Rinkah is full hp. When she drops health it will increase to 14 dmg. Swap around with avatar and Felicia make this fight easy to win. Avatars stats at the end of the map. Gonna be it for now since I need sleep. Will continue tomorrow. :D
  8. I tried that once and I honestly still only had 1 res at lvl 11. It gets to like 20% which is kinda likely to fuck you too hard later unfortuantly.
  9. If this run fails, I will use unlucky bane in the next run. Usually get pretty good speed anyways with the speed bane with good hitrate because of awesome luck. :D I do see your point though if I get RNG screwed because of the bane.
  10. About the forge, I see both the forge and almost other castle stuff as a "luck of the draw". Meaning if you start with the right mineral you will get a lot out of it. I just dont like the feature because of that. :D
  11. I have decided to do it and I am working on the run atm. I will be using Azura since I am worried about later maps without her honestly. Also gonna use the Royals as pair up bots for kids. Now for the last question I have. Do you guys think it is okay to use Nosferatu, or do people still consider it cheesy to use? With all the nerfs, I am always in a debate if it is still too powerfull for maingame, even with the insane price.
  12. Haha I knew people would hate me for the speed bane. :D Here is the explanation. Since I am going to use units that going to use my goddess icons, it is sometimes a bit risky to pick an unlucky bane. The speed bane only gives -1 speed and - 10% speed growth, - 5% skill and luck while the unlucky bane gives - 25% in luck and 5% in strenght and magic, while also giving - 3 luck. Now I know that the speed stat is more important than luck, however it is so easy to recover from the speed bane that I barely notice that I have it honestly. You still have a 45% growth in speed while only 30% in luck if you take unlucky. It is just making sure I have an extreme balanced growth rate. I know I am not going to potentially double stuff, but I plan on making corrin an healer/tank. I forgot to add that I am going monk as a second class option. Which is also a bit of the reason why the boon and bane.
  13. Mozu usually ends up being one of my carries. Its very unusual for her to be a bane on the team. Never use the capture function for some reason, not really because of ekstra diffculty. Just dislike it for some reason lol. I am thinking about Beruka though, she usually becomes quite the beast.
  14. Hey guys, just wondered if you are interested in following my run in Conquest. The rules will be: - No death -> If a unit dies (side character or Avatar) the whole game will be reset. Green units and things I have no control over is of course not included here. - No royals -> I will not be using Xander, Elise, Camilia, Leo, (Azura will be used) the remaining royals will only be used as pair up bots for potential kids. - No grind / no dlc -> I am not gonna be using any form of grinding that can be abused (forexample spamming Azura dance to oblivion) and will not use any dlc to lvl up characters. Paralogues and the 2-3 invasions will be used as I count them as official maps in the game. As a ekstra note I will not be using the forge or anything that requires minerals or give small buffs in the keep. Only gonna use the Rod store and armory. Ekstra ekstra note lol -> Will not use capture units. Not because of difficulty, but because I have never used them in general lol. So far I have gotten to chapter 19 in my longest run with these rules. I will most likely not live through it all this time either but I thought it would be fun to show you my tactics and frustrations. Helpfull advice would always be appreciated. Now, my team comb during the game switches a bit since I honestly go mostly after who does not get RNG screwed. However, I will be using Arthur, Mozu and Felicia during my run. My Avatar will most likely have magic boon and speed bane.and will have monk as talent. Let me know if you guys are interested in seeing this. :D Note: The run will be in pictures and text since I don't have the gear to record Nintendo 3ds games. 1st run: Some of the imgur photos are not working. I have posted most of it in here. You will have to unfortuantly scroll down to the bottom... :/ https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/Playsta/diary I added them to an album on imgur site. The first 5 chapters is here! http://imgur.com/gallery/6paQe
  15. Basically started with Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, and without even completing anything I go like "You know what would be fun? No death run on Lunatic on first try!". About 20 tries later I have only managed to get to chapter 10 lol. I want to actually complete the game but I lose all will to continue when one of my characters die. Had the same problem with Awakening with only first actually completing it like a year after I got it because of these rules I set for myself lol. Just wanted to hear peoples thoughts on this.
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