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  1. Well... I was on Fates with the DLC of Minerva converted to USA... That make me a Hacker? I dont train her. On a Match Online
  2. I dont know if this the section i need to be but... Is it possible to get the accesorys of the game with something? I mean ... the Butterfly Mask of Lucina The Ike Shoulder Pad Marth Tiara and things like that.
  3. You need to download the oficial file : ntr.bin and put it on the SD CARD
  4. How did you can do the hex edit in the save? I dont know how to hex edit i have Hex Workshop but i dont find how to do it
  5. Okay... this time be more specific.... XD I was working on FE8 because I thought it was similar to FE7, everything OK, I programmed all the clases along with the map sprites on a FE8 rom, I used some patches and I was preparing all the custom animations, everything ok, but I wanted to test the events and then I couldn't... When I replace the prologue events the game crashes at the beggining of chapter 1, I solved this using MNC2 instead of MNCH in order to choose the following chapter and it worked correctly, but when I try to go to chapter 1 from chapter 2, the game crashes again at the beggining of the chapter (once the game shows the name of the chapter), I tried to solve the problem by turning off the World Map Cutscenes, replacing the events of chapter 2, etc but nothing worked. I saw that some users had the same problem, but I couldn't find any solution, somebody knows what do I have to do?
  6. Sorry, my english is terrible :c Thanks, alredy could fix the problem and it was related with te autopatching .w. PD: How Can Mark the post as solved?
  7. When I open the Spell editor, I can no longer start the other editors util close FEditor
  8. I've been working on a FE8 ROM , I changed the pointers from the class and map sprite tables and inserted map sprites the GBA Graphics Editor, I want now to work with feditor, but whenever I open the Spell Animation Inserter it crashes. :c
  9. Matonmx01

    FE 8 Help :c

    Hello, i need help with the Worldmap events :C, Someone have a tutorial or something :c ?
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