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  1. I'm having the same issue but on a digital copy. Did all the same things to try and fix it. So far no success and not sure if I can selectively download the game w/o the dlc now.
  2. I loved the direct. Excited about the game modes and rules. I think they really listened to what people wanted (squad mode) and put in fun ways to customize (charging final smashes) matches. The number of stages is ridiculous and awesome that you can do hazardless, battlefield, omega for each (and 8 player on each). The Belmont's aren't particularly interesting to me since I haven't played their games but I had low expectations for the number of true newcomers with this entry so any new move set is exciting. K. Rool is awesome, its definitely time he was included. It was awesome seeing the hero/villain match-ups before his reveal. I personally don't see any reason to be upset when it comes to echo fighters. I see them more as easy bonus characters so they could add literally any echo fighter and I would be pumped. If Chrom had been a full character I would get it more. I have also wanted a non-sword,/non-male,/non-blue haired FE rep in smash forever but echo fighters are meant to be easy add-in characters so I say put in as many as they want and have fun with it because why not. 5 main FE reps with 2 echoes is fine with me. It really just seems like in this one they want players to be as limitless as possible in what we have access too, and that is awesome.
  3. I tend to be fond of the Wishblade and Balberith as legendary weapons go. As regular weapons go, I always thought the design of hammers was fun!
  4. Xenoblade 2, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, FE Warriors, and Stardew Valley are the games that I still play the most and would recommend. Mario Odyssey is fun, but I didn't feel the need to continue after getting through the story.
  5. I put in votes for Lyn, Ike, Michaiah, and Corrin. If I had to chose one it would probably be Michaiah. There was a lot more they could have explored about the branded in the Tellius games and having a branded lord in that context could have been great. Laguz vs Beorc tensions are so high in both games, it would have been nice to have branded factor into that greater than either lumping them into the "leave society to start our own small, not depicted community" or the "part of the major conflict but only secretly branded" camps.
  6. Other people have said this, but no, probably not. I would be happy if he did since I personally love Knoll. SS was my first FE and I loved dark magic from the get-go, so being my very first true dark mage in an FE game I'm always here for the not-so-popular characters like him getting some attention.
  7. Lissa and Rowan are the ones I play as the most. Now Azura because she is really fun.
  8. I would be the most pumped if Ashnard made a GHB appearance. All of the remaining SS generals(Selena, Riev, Glenn, Duessel, Caellach), Linus (to round out the Fangs), Wahlhart, Oliver, Petrine, and Sephiran would be cool too.
  9. Gaius because M!Robin is for Maribelle and I like red hair Owain best.
  10. I know casual mode was controversial at the time, but I don't think it should be underestimated how that affected sales, marketing, and accessibility. It might be difficult to quantify, but it was rare that I spoke to any of my video game playing friends (who didn't already play FE) about Fire Emblem and they didn't mention being turned off by perma-death.
  11. I consider it lucky enough that I pulled an Axezura (granted +HP/-DEF isn't fantastic) in less than 30 orbs. If nothing interesting comes in October and the new month brings me many orbs, I might dip in again for Shigure or Inigo just because I like their designs and I need more 5* green and blue units anyway. Otherwise, I won't test my luck any further.
  12. Did Ephraim, Draug, and Ranulf. There are other armor knights I like better than Draug, but he seems the most likely. Other than the Black Night and Hector they tend not to be too iconic of characters to warrant representing an entire game.
  13. Seems fake. Not a fan of gothic horror personally so also hoping it is fake. I already did not like the clothing style of Nohr or the inclusion of maids/butlers in Fates, and this just sounds like more of that. Also not a Vampire fan.
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