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  1. Thanks. Also if someone has a Peri with Aptitude that'll be great.
  2. If anyone has a Hinata with Aptitude, I'd like one please.
  3. And with that, Set 2 is now up, been a while right? Here's the link to the page on Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/Ox15DIN
  4. Once again, here's the Discord link if anyone wants to join for the next set: https://discord.gg/8BtgKEe
  5. I just wanted a new f2p husbando. Ah well, maybe next year. Still excited for Book 5 though.
  6. Well...I guess. I think a lot of the concepts are unique, but the bosses themselves...idk I guess I’m neutral. However, I will say that Azure Moon’s final boss is truly amazing and has never been done before (unless you count FE13 and Robin being a main character but that’s another can of worms). Also for Verdant Wind, it’s funny how Claude’s journey started and ended with killing a bandit so that’s cool. As for Edelgard, meh. I mean, it’s a dragon gone off the deep end and we’ve fought them like several times before this game. To me, the boss fights weren’t anything special, but for me, story is the most important thing when it comes to video games which is why I like how each boss was portrayed in the story.
  7. Hello there! After several months of planning, the first set of the Cipher FanSeries Project is finally here! You can look at all the amazing artwork, skills, and craftsmanship on the first post of this topic and on our discord server! Enjoy the hardwork of so many talented people.
  8. This is an odd banner, but I’m still using my 40 summons on this one. Also, kinda weird about the whole Say’ri VA thing.
  9. I just added a link to the discord l created. If you're having problems, just let me know! Also, feel free to invite others who might be interested in this idea!
  10. Sure! We could always use people to help balance out cards!
  11. Sweet, thank you! I'll post a link to the discord tomorrow when hopefully a few more people have read this.
  12. So if you haven't already heard, Cipher will be ending in October, but it doesn't have to. As some of you may know, the fire emblem rom hack community does an e3 every year to showcase future rom hacks. So, I figure we do that with Cipher; gather a bunch of fellow artists to help make the fan art for a fan series of Fire emblem Cipher. Then, we get people who actually know how the game works to make sure the skills aren't too broken and they have synergy with other cards. For people who play on Lackey, we can add it to the Cipher plugin so people can play with them. We could also start a discord where we can create talk about the Cipher fanseries. As for who can participate, anyone can. Anyone with a passion to draw, no matter the skill level, can take part. So, what do you guys think? I'm gonna pitch this in other places as well....unless it's already being done, but I'd really like to give this a shot. I also ran it by Eclipse first before posting this. Cipher doesn't have to die, we can keep it alive as its loyal fans! Set 1 Gallery Set 2
  13. I'm still working on it, but with college and work, my life has become very hectic. I hope to get back into it once summer rolls around.
  14. Wait a minute....if Sothis was resurrected and is similar in appearance to Tiki, that could mean that she's either Naga incarnate or Naga had another child who was casted away. This is just a theory, I'm just shooting in the dark.
  15. Whew, it's been a while. We finally got around to playing Three Houses again. After going through the supports, my sister still hates Lorenz and Lysithea, but she likes Hilda because she's a "master manipulator". During Lysithea's supports, my sister swore at her because of her bossy attitude especially when we got around to her C support with Ignatz. When we got to Chapter 3, she instantly fell in love with Catherine (mostly thanks to the cutscene). During the battle, she nearly lost Marienne, Byleth missed an 85, Lysithea tanked several hits that should've killed her, and Ferdinand's hand axe broke. When it came to fighting Lonato, Ignatz dealt the finishing blow with a crit which was oh so satisfying. After the battle when Claude talked about his family, my sister got really curious at to where his mom was, but what really got her attention was the plot to assassinate Rhea. Lastly, when Rhea did her whole tangent on striking down civilians for the sake of the church, we both exchanged looks because we've seen similar behavior as Christians in the church. Next time, I hope we recruit some more people and we prepare to take on Chapter 4.
  16. We finally got around to playing Three Houses today. Thanks to me buying the DLC, my sister quickly changed her outfit, but is still bitter about the way her hair looks. She also got Anna and was excited to play with the cats and dogs around the monastery. We weren't able to recruit any students today, but she was able to get Bernadetta's B support (all she said was that it was sad) as well as few other students' supports. We still weren't able to get on to Chapter 3 because she decided to go grind up her units. During one of the fights, she nearly lost Lysithea and Raphael kept critting nonstop. Her Claude and Byleth are the strongest characters she currently has and Lorenz is doing surprisingly well as a brawler considering brawling is his weakness. She plans to raise everyone to level 20 pretty soon which is weird because she's already overpowered and she's on normal, but it's not my playthrough I guess. She's starting to learn how to play the game by herself, but she keeps forgetting how to switch weapons. Next time, we're going to take on Lonato's rebellion and hopefully recruit more students!
  17. We played Three Houses yesterday. My sister decided to recruit Ashe since she felt bad for killing his dad. I suggested we kill Lonato with Ashe and she called me a monster (I mean it's not like everyone didn't do that). She was able to complete her first battle by herself (with a little bit of my help) and has already reached level 10. She still doesn't like Lorenz, is really curious why Marienne is always such a downer, and is iffy on Sylvain. Oh and she thinks Flayn is Serios now so that's good.
  18. We played Three Houses for two hours yesterday. My sister likes Raphael a bit more now after watching his supports, but absolutely hates Lorenz. She also beat Chapter 2 and figured out that Sothis was the goddess (mostly because I'm a terrible liar). She also decided to recruit Linhardt and is upset that she has to kill Ashe's Dad (still not recruiting him). Oh and also she hates Leonie a bit because she keeps talking about Jeralt.
  19. Hilda, Marienne, Lysithea, Ignatz, Annette, and Mercedes. Also, she's on chapter 2.
  20. Okay so we played Three Houses yesterday. My sister is awfully curious about Marienne. She's also making half of her students into mages, two heroes, and everyone else as their default class. We already recruited Ferdinand and Caspar and we're trying to recruit Bernadetta next because I really want to see her reaction to it.
  21. Thanks for the replies guys! We decided to play again today as she doesn't have school tomorrow. It took us 14 turns to beat the mock battle and nearly 20 minutes to finish exploring. She's calling Rhea the "Pope", she chose to eat with Bernadetta and she's not recruiting Petra, Linhardt, Felix and Ashe (she doesn't know she's gonna end up killing them). It's obvious she's just doing this for the money, but she seemed interested in the Flame Emperor so there's hope yet!
  22. I'm paying my sister five dollars an hour to play Three Houses so she can experience this game. So far, she chose the Golden Deer House because she likes Claude, hates F!Byleth's outfit as well as her hairstyle, hates Sothis, already guessed that Rhea is Seiros, is thinking of recruiting Bernadetta (thank god), and thinks Edlegard is too much. She's going to play next Saturday so I'll be sure to update this thread at that time.
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