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  1. I totally forgot I made this lol. Anyway, I've been working on my drawing for the past few years and now I think I've gone past the point of mediocracy. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I kinda hope some parts of the leaks are true, but I'll be okay if they're not. I mean, I got burned pretty bad when I found out that Castlevania Emblem wasn't true, so now that I'm taking this with a grain of salt, I won't be burned too bad.
  3. Yep. It could be that green haired dude standing next to Rhea or someone else.
  4. Maybe they'll pull a Celica in which Byleth was being hunted which resulted in their mother getting killed and their father leaving the Knights to protect their child.
  5. Oh. Well, I hope there is a remake in the works.
  6. I want this to be true too. I love FE4 with all my heart which is partially why I love FE9 and FE10 as well! If this is true, then it is possible (about a 5% chance) that the next game after Three Houses could be a FE4 remake.
  7. Don't worry, it's not canceled, I was just really busy with life. Since, I'm on summer break, I will be working on it full time.
  8. If this is true, then that means that we might get a FE4 remake sometime soon since Awakening and Fates used Gaiden mechanics and we got a remake later on.
  9. https://twitter.com/famitsu/status/1128132858667618304?s=20 I'm just gonna put this here.
  10. I got two Karlas on the Fallen Heroes banner; both -Atk.
  11. They also released a new video under Byleth's section and voices for both male and female avatars. By the way, pay attention to the bell in the new video. Edit: Oh Setsuna beat me to it.
  12. Hey guys, Nintendo just released the official site for Three Houses: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/anvya/index.html
  13. So I have 7 % on the CLY 2 banner so I decided to pull on the legendary hero banner and got Alm...nice.
  14. Ya know, they usually upload information every other day. Could they be uploading info everyday now?
  15. Hopefully we do. On May 10th, FE Heroes will add some new characters and if they are from Three Houses, they'll want to tell us more about them beforehand.
  16. Me too. It'll be funny if he turns out to be a Lucius archetype.
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