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  1. So I took some time and updated some of my older sprites a bit. I'm curious what y'all think.
  2. I never intended him to be, but I can see how you'd think that haha.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'll be fine for now then, and will post any updates or new splices I make here for people to asses as they wish.
  4. Honestly, I can't thank you enough. Not only did you teach me about mistakes I commonly fall into and how to fix them, but you also went so far as to actually fix said mistakes, giving me a good example to go off of. I'll be sure to credit you if I ever end up actually making this hack. I took some of your advice and used it to touch up another of my sprites. I'm curious of what you think.
  5. So taking these specific points into account, I redesigned the sprite a bit. Mainly I focused on choosing colors that look better together as well as fixing a few small errors in the sprite's structure. I was a bit confused by what you meant when you said "Collar isn't aliased with the neck", so if you could clarify what you meant, that'd be great.
  6. Ok, let's just focus on the first two for now.
  7. Alright fair enough. Let's not fight anymore, it's just making us both look bad. Here are the splices I personally feel are the most well made among the bunch. What would you suggest could be improved about them?
  8. See this kind of stuff is the reason I almost never want to post on these forums. I didn't come here to be personally attacked because I'm proud of what I'm done. And I'll say it again, how do you know who I have and haven't shown these to? Don't just make assumptions like that. I'm really sorry if any of this is coming off as rude to you but despite you having valid criticisms I'll take into account, you worded it almost insultingly. Nearly everyone I've interacted with on these forums is just so harsh and unfeeling, and it kinda makes me never want to come here again. Either way, I see your points, and I'll look over the proportions in more detail with a couple artist friends of mine.
  9. To be honest, I feel like you're assuming a tad too much about who I am and everyone knows what they say about assuming. I write stories as a hobby, and have been called a fairly strong writer many times before, so the plot is no problem, and I've even got a skeleton of the story structure planned out. And while they may be obvious splices, I'm proud of them, and most of the people I've shown them to already have been amazed by them. The only thing stopping me from actually making the hack faster is not knowing how to event and insert maps, but besides that, I'm pretty strong with everything else. tl;dr, I feel like you're a tad to worried about me haha.
  10. Hey everybody, here's just a dump of the completed portraits for my (currently unmade) hack, Fire Emblem: Conquest of the Five Kingdoms. If you have any questions or comments on a specific sprite, just let me know!
  11. I wasn't really planning on just using the sprites, so much as just dumping them to sort of either grab parts from them or to just look how they're put together so I can make my own original ones. I was also gonna put said hack in the credits of my own, so it wouldn't just be like I'm claiming them as my own, or at least I would hope it doesn't come off in that way. Either way I should be fine with just the classic gba fe sprites as I have been for a few months now.
  12. Hey y'all. I was curious if there was any tool that could be used to rip portraits from a JP rom of FE8. I was hoping to get some of the portraits from the FE Midori hack to use in my portrait splicing ventures for my own hack, but to my knowledge FEditor adv doesn't support JP roms. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. The Starpiercer Bow has a range of 2-4, but the game doesn't display it correctly.
  14. Ok, so basically the way most rom hack are given out, are through what are called "patches". It's just a generally safer way of distributing them because as you know, giving out ROMs is actually illegal. So what the patch file does is it basically replaces the files from the game with the ones from the hack. To do this, one would need to download a program called a patcher. The patcher allows one to apply the patch to the specific rom it goes to. I recommend the Tsukuyomi UPS patcher in this case. So to use the patcher, one would download the patch from the original post, and have the rom file, in this case, a regular sacred stones rom. Unzip the sacred stones rom from the zip file it came in and unzip the patch as well. Open Tsukoyomi and click apply patch to rom. Then you will be prompted to sellect a patch followed by which rom you wish to apply it to. Should you do everything correctly, a message saying the rom was patched successfully should pop up. After this the rom can be run normally from the emulator. As for running it on a gba emulator, it should work if you place the rom file where ever you would normally store roms for it.
  15. I'll have to keep that in mind if i even do a rebalance based on people's suggestions. Also, which route were you playing that Rutger appeared as a shaman, because from experience, he always spawned as an assassin for me.
  16. To answer your questions, EvilElectro, 1. That's a bug with the custom weapon he wields, a 1-2 range spear that drains life. I still have yet to figure out why that occurs. 2. Alondite has 5 MT to balance out the fact that it negates the defense and resistance of the enemy.
  17. Yeah shadowofchaos, it's me, the (in?)famous Cschmitty. This is my older username that I still use for some things. Either way I hope you enjoy the hack!
  18. Hey all! I made a rom hack/reskin thing for The Sacred Stones, entitled "Lute Emblem: The Sacred Lutes", and decided to post it here to see what you guys think. The patch can be downloaded below, and should be applied to a regular Sacred Stones rom (Which you'll need to find yourself). The hack replaces all the playable characters, as well as some major villains, with custom portraits, and changes their classes and growths. Some of the in game text is also changed as well. Enjoy! Lute Emblem Official Release.zip
  19. Thank you, that seemed to have worked. I've been making sure that anytime I swap editors that I'm saving and completely exiting them out to (hopefully) ensure that nothing goes wrong.
  20. Hello, I was having an issue with the Custom Battle Animation Nightmare Module for FE8. I inserted custom animations over the default Ephraim and Eirika animations (they were for magic classes if that matters), and when I tested them in game, the default map animation played for the attack instead of the custom one. I assumed this was because the animation was still set to play for their actual weapon type rather than magic so I checked out my nightmare modules and found the Custom Battle Animations module. Everything was perfectly fine at first when I was using the drop down menus to select the weapon types and the animation used, however the issue arose when I went to go put the hex for the custom animations in the class editor. Rather than a box I could enter the hex into, there was a drop down menu where I could select all the default animations. I tried adding the hex values into the associated text document, and increasing the number at the top of the doc to account for that, yet the hexs didn't appear in the list. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Thanks it worked like you said! Small related question, is there a nightmare module for FE8 that can be used to assign the animation used for certain weapon types? Like when i inserted the animation over Eirika's normal one, it only used the map animation, as if there was no animation for the class.
  22. Out of curiosity, what would the process be for doing so?
  23. Hello all. I'm currently working on a somewhat basic reskin of FE 8 for me and my friends, and ran into trouble when it came to editing the battle palettes for Ephraim and Eirika's replacements. As you probably know, because Ephraim and Eirika don't actually have a palette and use the default palette of the battle animation, I've run into toruble. I've attempted to edit the individual colors of the sprite sheet in Usenti, and made sure to requantize to ensure that I only had 16 colors, but when I try to insert the sprite via FEditor, it still says that the sprite exceeds 16 colors. Strangely after attempting this and re opening the sprite sheets in Usenti, I found that somehow a small gradient of colors was added to the list of colors on the right that are currently in the image. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Hey, this is just a basic hack of FE7 that I made for a friend that simply replaces Erk with Lute from FE8. Enjoy! Lute Mode.zip
  25. So I just tried using the space at offset 00D00000, and it seemed to work until I loaded a save and checked some peoples items. I was able to check the units weapons, but everything had the icon for an iron sword and was either named Div, avoid or was simply blank. Like CT075 said, I was pretty sure i was using space from when I expanded the rom. As for the thing with "max index" in FEditor for the animations, wouldn't increasing the max index for storing animations overflow into other data in the rom? Granted I'm not really too knowledgeable on this kind of stuff. EDIT: So I decided to redo the process of moving the pointer, and while it didn't work for the couple of files i had saved from prior tests, everything seemed to work fine when I started a new file. Huh. Thanks for the help guys!
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