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  1. Hi! I beat this (with the secret ending. My proof is that I know the secret boss has 126hp). I literally registered this account to say this. What a wonderful game! Sure there were some flaws, but overall it was a fantastic experience, as I've been playing it on and off whenever I've had time. I had to reset quite a bit in the middle chapters so I could keep eveyrone alive or when I fell prey to an unwary crit. My biggest complaint was that enemy turns took a while, especially when the AI would move one enemy on one side of the screen before going to the other side of the screen to make a move then going back. That really takes up time, especially when later chapters have a lot of enemies, although I guess this is an unintended motivation to speeding up the game. As for balance, I felt like half my army couldn't keep up, and so they were relegated to sitting around and trying not to die while I used my king, archers, and horses to advance. I'm curious about the choice of making all sword users (king and soldier) both be armored units, as that makes them unable to cross swamp, and makes them at a disadvantage when dealing with butchers who can hide into the mountains. Butchers that hide in the mountains are also exceedingly hard to deal with without archers. Even with very teensy amounts of boss abuse, I felt that only half my army was on par with the levels of the enemy (and the fact that enemies can level up serves as a deterrent to boss abuse) The King and Cavaliers / Rangers / Raiders are great units because of their strength and their high hp, while archers provide exceptional backup and priests are invaluable. I didn't find much use from Butchers / Soldiers / Armors, although this did make some of the castle levels harder for me because of my dependence on mounted units. I feel like I'm blabbing on right now, but I just wanted to thank you for an amazing game.
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