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  1. Hah more like he hates Mccarthy. That dude has been riding his coattails for years. Also I didn't wish injury on him, he already is. Just that the pain he has is worse than he's letting on. I was partial to the Vikings as a kid (because relatives) and became a Lions fan in '10 so FTP always standing in the damn way of the NFC north. I'd be ok with literally any other team winning the division. I'm sure AFC east fans feel the same way about the Pats. I also had to grow up with several obnoxious asshole packer fans so fuck them. Anyway, now that the Lions actually have a competent run game, teams can't plan to sell out against our trio of dangerous receivers. Getting snacks Harrison for a 5th was a steal and he could really help our porous run defense. The two north divisions are gonna be blood baths this season
  2. There were some very questionable/missed calls by the refs. Packers/Rodgers are goodell's fuckboys though so gotta give em an edge always. I hope Rodgers knee is really hurting him. FTP!! Looking forward to pats/packers match on Nov 4th. I'm guaranteed satisfaction no matter who wins because I despise both.
  3. Been a while since I checked in. I see it's still active and ana likes to argue with everyone and bemoan the Steelers whenever they lose lol. NFC north is a mystery this season. My Lions currently undefeated against qbs with #12. Mason Crosby you da real mvp (1-5 fg, 1-2 PAT) I can live with the vikes or even bears taking it because FTP! LORD MAHOMES is the next GOAT
  4. Interesting idea. It would certainly increase the viability of several units early. I'm thinking Lyn and the healbots specifically but having Oswin with 5 move is nice. Are you planning to give Marcus a major boost to keep him as jeigan or allow him to become obsolete?
  5. Yeah well he's about to get embarrassed by my Lions defense today. Patriots been making people look good all year and Cam is coming back to earth in detroit.
  6. Have you guys considered setting up a patreon account for This? I suppose it would be extra work but incentivizing people to donate with the promise of exclusive/early looks at the development could be a good way to increase income.for this project. I know you're mostly doing this out of the joy of making something but having more money to grease the wheels never hurt. Plus az popular as pareon is nowadays, people are familiar and confident in the transaction security as opposed to directing them to a button on an (semi) obscure site. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the great work. This stuff can't be as easy as the finished product looks
  7. Does anyome know the signs of a dying FE7 cart? The one I have owned since 2006 just HARD reset itself today. I'm pretty ticked off because it contained my only S-rank HHM record and was at 96% support convo. ??? This happened once before but I pulled the cartridge out, blew on it, and the previous data all came back. No such luck this time around. Btw I paid $25 for it in the box over ten years ago on eBay so I can't imagine how much it costs now
  8. This must be the case, because how else do you explain Murdoch's 20 con? Or the fact that Hector gained 5 con between fe7 and 6
  9. My cart that I've had for 10+ years recently HARD reset itself. I'm using it in a ds lite and for several years now the cart wouldn't register in the ds from time to time. Is this a sign that my cartridge is done for? I'm pretty upset because I had an S rank HHM run and support conversation was at 95% ?? I figured I'd make a comment about this but if I'm necroposting I can just start a new thread
  10. Currently entertained by flip flappers and the new digimon anime
  11. That feeling when you finally succeed in ORKO kishuna in HHM to advance to gaidenception 19xx. Slippery sonuvabitch
  12. My man Jim Bob Cooter better keep diversifying his playbook or else this Bears' D is going to continue owning us as long as john fox is their coach.
  13. Use some lube next time yeesh. I was going off the top of my head last night lol.
  14. Fair point, HOWEVER you guys play low scoring games relying on an excellent defense (when healthy) and ball control. Another thing is that while the games may be one score or less, you don't need your offense to bail you out EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME. We have way too many skill players to be doing this, honestly it's a bit pathetic. Tl;dr the ravens play up to their talent level while the lions love to just scrape by even though they should be blowing teams out. PS we don't have a monster contract sandbagging the team like Flacco is in baltimore
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