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  1. I'd like to point out that the Raiders have been relatively healthy, even with a 39 year old Charles Woodsen playing like he's 34 and several injury prone players like Justin Tuck.

    Also as a Lions fan I'm concerned with what I'm seeing in the Vikings. As if the Packers weren't bad enough running the NFC north now we gotta contend with an up-and-coming Minnesota. That defense isn't afraid to get nasty

  2. Finally got around to downloading this to a friend's mac and I gotta say it's fantastic. I'm only on chapter 6 (the border chapter) and I have no complaints. The stats shader is really convenient in allowing me to see who is getting screwed and drop them. The text is very well written and I have found myself laughing several times. Eiry is hands down my favorite character. Can't wait to see supports

  3. On the topic of Kobe (lakers fan here), I get the feeling he's trying to outlast Duncan for some reason. I know he's extremely prideful/competitive but it's just so much more difficult to remain at a high level as a guard than a bigman. As they say, you never lose you're height. Pau Gasol is a great example of this with his resurgence on a relevant team

  4. I'm gonna bandwagon Seattle or Baltimore. I hate both NE and GB and outside of them i think the hawks have the best shot at the championship but the ravens are always a deepball longshot to get in

    Sorry for snapping at you ana, I'm still pissed about the loss but please think about what you're typing before spouting more homerisms.

    Also I was joking about the refs getting paid but you have to agree that Cowboys vs Packers is a much bigger money maker for the league than the dirty and reviled Lions...

  5. Just shut up while you're ahead ana, trying to equate lance moore to suh is laughable at best. You do realize suh is easily the second best DT in the nfl right? (I think dareus of the bills is better personally) Moore is maybe the 40th best WR and thats at best smh. You're completely insane if you think Pittsburgh has the money to sign suh rofl

    And raven, I'm not sure if you were arguing against my statement or what but i was insinuating that the call to pick up the flag an entire minute after it was thrown was incredibly poor officiating, not to mention shady as hell. Meybe the nfl should check those refs bank accounts and see if they got any large deposits recently

  6. I know the chances of the Lions going into Lambeau and winning are insanely slim, but if we DID manage to steal a win I would hope this would prove to the doubters that Detroit is a legit playoff team. Our offense has been maddeningly inconsistent but a strong defense is more important IMO and can keep a game close/force turnovers to change game momentum.

  7. Man I just don't know what to think about the Lions offense anymore. Lombardi's offense IS NOT THIS DIFFICULT! It only took NO 9 games to figure it out. Of course stafford isnt brees and caldwell 'stonewall jackson' isnt payton so there is that. I blame our O-line and te's for the most part. Raiola and Sims can gtfo as they've been the two worst guys by far (also raiola seems intent on replacing suh's dirty plays wtf). The constant injuries to the right side also haven't helped at all. Waddle is now done but before that he and warford combined to miss ten games i believe not to mention we lost our backup Rt in week 1. The only silver lining is that all the play time forour young guys swanson and lucas has helped their development tremendously. A good offense starts by winning in the trenches, just ask the patriots. They went through 7 different combos in the first 5 weeks and were terrible. Once they figured their starting line up out the offense really took off. Matt stafford has decidedly far too many sacks and qb hits this season. Hes easily in the top 5. The run game has also sucked because bush and bell have a hard time finding lanes to run through. Bell has developed a knack for being patient and squeezing through whatever the o-line can give him, as well as break shitloads of tackles and improving on checkdown passes. Bush has been injured most of the season and a quick runner like him needs his health to be able to produce. Our tight ends have also been underwhelming and injury plauged with the exception of blocking. Fauria was a dumbass and hurt his ankle chasing his fucking dog which ranks up there with burleson breaking his arm last year to save his freaking pizza lol. Ebron has been slow to learn the scheme but he gets a pass because lombardi's offense is very complex for his position plus being a rookie. And i have no idea what happened to pettigrew. He just fell off a cliff and none of the coaching staff seem to want him involved int the passing game anymore.

  8. Stellers have the best shot at knocking off either the broncos or pats. They're the only afc team with the playoff/championship experience to n9t crap their pants. They also have an extremely dangerous offense that would allow them to go toe-to-toe with either of the aforementioned teams.i really hate NE and am neutral to denver so guess im rooting for Pittsburgh in the afc

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