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  1. So I finally figured out what was going on wrong with this by accident, so this will be fixed in the next release.

    (The control changing code wanted the user to press one and only one key before it would try to set the control to that, but some laptops have keys 'pressed' all the time because laptops are weird (keys such as the well known Attn, Zoom, and OemAuto))


    Woohoo! Now I'll be able to play this when I finally get a new laptop!

  2. Except no one on the team is a rapist or ever was one to anyone's knowledge. Besides, that line was struck through for a reason. If Rice decides to turn over a new leaf and be a loving husband rather than an abusive one, he's certainly welcome to join us. The past doesn't define a person. It's what they do with it that counts. Ray Rice could either learn from his mistakes and move forward or continue abusing his wife. Hopefully, he'll go with that first choice.

    Will you ever stop being rude to me? Yes, we can.

    You know what your problem is? You like to make blanket statements about things you obviously don't know anything about. You've obvuoisly been drinking the tv media's kool-aid if you think rice us an abusive. Do some fucking research before you make yourself look a bigger ass than we already know you to be. His wife has come out and said multiple times that he has never abused her. It was a one-time incident with alcohol involved. Goodell is a fucking idiot just trying to cover his ass and ray rice deserves a chance to keep playing, especially with the support of his wife.

    The only thing you know your stuff about is the Steelers and you're constantly talking about them. Dont you ever get tired of having conversations 2ith yourself about your team? You're like a highschool freshman fltrying to get into a conversation about metal bands with upper classmen, but the only band you are knowledgeable about is Metallica. Yes they're one of the best metal bands ever, but everyone knows that and constantly talking about them is ablnnoying. I'm sure you've noticed how 9ther members will have conversations and you try to jump in with some steeler comment and nobody acts like you posted lol. How dense do you have to be to take a fucking hint?

  3. I honestly have no idea what to expect from the Pats-Lions game. On the one hand, NE is almost unbeatable at home, but on the other, our offense is due to explode any game now. Apparently Joe Lombardi is cutting out aobut 20% of the playbook to simplify his ridiculous offense. This should accelerate the learning curve for the entire offense, especially the tight ends. Also, I have no idea what happened to our O-line, which was tops in the league last season

  4. Lions fan checking in. I know there are several on here.we're looking like a legitimate playoff team this season with the new coaching staff stabilizing one of the most volatile teams in the league last year. If we can beat arizona this weekend and win out at home we should be able to take the nfc north (gasp)

    This was by far my favorite play of the game last weekendhttp://thebiglead.com/2014/11/09/joique-bell-trucked-cortland-finnegan/

  5. That Lions game was so damn frustrating to watch. And the officiating was pretty bad on both sides in general. They called Joique Bell out when he stepped on the green next to the boundary but didn't call DeSean out when he did the same on the back of the endzone for his TD catch. I'm pretty confident we can bounce back next week against the Ravens though. They're elite at home, but are merely above average away.

    I also absolutely loathe Rashean Mathis. What a dumb fuck he doesn't even know how to play defense smh. I'm surprised he didn't get called for PI a whole bunch of times.

  6. Hey at least we see what he's doing for his project, so his progress is worth something. He can also take as long as he wants before his project is released.


    For the Strength/Magic split, how will the Weapon EXP work?

    For example, Roy uses both swords and dark magic. If he uses dark magic, and he levels up, wouldn't that glitch up? Or would the weapon rank just not show on the weapon rank screens?

    I wasn't criticizing him for the record, just looking for a ballpark guess. And spring breakish would the the rough time when spring break occurs, so sometime around the end of march/early april. I should also clarify I meant the release of 1.0, not the final lol

  7. Fucking awesome Lions win. Suck it Packers fans, we're taking the division this year *dances*

    Also did anyone see Rashad Jennings get knocked out cold in the Cowboys-Raiders game? That was pretty funny to see because I'm playing DMC in a few leagues and fucktard Jennings was getting all the yardage

    Here it is lol


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