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  1. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle! I hope it's an enjoyable one for you!
  2. On the DLC content page for Fates, the paragraph for Vanguard Dawn uses the term "Steel Sword" instead of "Heavy Blade" when mentioning the possible skill scrolls that can be obtained.
  3. Looking for Nobility on Laslow. Can anyone help me out?
  4. Hey There! I was wondering if anyone has male units (1st Gen in particular) with the Nobility skill? Getting it for Laslow is the priority for a particular playthrough coming up, but getting it for as many others as possible would be great. I want to use that skill to help make Ballistician a bit more appealing (especially if I can combine it with Paragon). I probably won't be able to access castles until after 8 pm EST so if you think you can help please leave the character up for 24 hours or so. Thanks!
  5. As you weigh the pros and cons of a -LCK or -SPD bane and whether you need enemy crit reducing skills, don't forget that both dragonstones have +10 Crit Evade in addition to the other stat modifiers.
  6. I also believe in your Beruka/Arthur example Beruka would still get Fighter as her choice when she uses the Partner Seal with Arthur. Marrying/A+ ranking doesn't "Add" classes to a character's class pool, it just affects how the particular seal associated with it works.
  7. Adding you! My castle address is in my signature. I run a few different saves which I listed earlier in the thread. If you can just put a non-Nohr Princess skill in the last slot. Thanks!
  8. Finally started getting some Bond Units thanks to some of the folks in this thread! Here's what I've come up with so far: Glenn (+Str, -Def) Classes: Samurai (initial), Mercenary Personal Skill: In Extremis Inherited Skills: Life or Death, Movement+1 George (+Spe, -Mag) Classes: Wyvern Rider (initial), Samurai Personal Skill: Seal Resistance Inherited skills: Hoshido Unity, Savage Blow Damien (+Skl, -Def) Classes: Samurai (initial), Wyvern Rider Personal Skill: Movement+1 Inherited skills: Luna, Renewal Flint (+Mag?, -Mag?) Classes: Cavalier (initial), Diviner Personal Skill: Bowbreaker Inherited Skills: Rend Heaven, Dragon Fang Catherine (+Spe, -Mag) Classes: Cavalier (initial), Oni Savage Personal Skill: Future sight Inherited Skills: Rend Heaven, Draconic Hex Is it actually possible for a Bond Unit to have the same stat for Boon/Bane like Flint seems to? His starting stats as a Nohr prince would be: 19 HP, 7 Str, 5 Mag, 7 Skl, 6 Spe, 5 Lck, 6 Def, 2 Res Thanks to those who have helped me so far!
  9. I will add you. Let's see if we can get some Bond Units going! My Castle address is in my signature. Info on my current saves are a few posts back.EDIT: When I put in your castle address it said it couldn't find the data. Are you using a NA copy of the game?
  10. I would like to use the dark mage one if possible! My address is in my signature. Avatars are listed a few posts back. Thanks!
  11. I've recently started having issues where the previously mentioned solutions wouldn't work... but I read somewhere else (GameFAQs maybe?) that putting your 3DS into sleep mode for 8 hours or so while in My Castle until a new "day" begins in the save file (probably while connected to the internet?) gets an update to pop up. This worked for me yesterday/today when nothing else would. I left it in sleep mode overnight and updated it in the morning and got feedback and accessory from a person I exchanged codes with in the Bond Unit thread the previous afternoon so it at least picked up that. It's not a quick way to get updates... but at least it's something!
  12. I'm adding you today, the combination of your avatar's bane and talent are exactly what I am looking for so I'm hoping the bond unit(s) turn out ok too :-) I'll try and remember to give you the types of accessories mentioned when I visit. If there is a specific one you are wanting sooner rather than later let me know. My castle address is 01015-18481-07827-22995 and the details of my files are a few posts up. Thanks!
  13. I'm adding your address. Out of curiosity, what is the bane on the Shrine Maiden Avatar? If you want to put Renewal up to start with I'd be ok with that. My address is 01015-18481-07827-22995 and any other relevant info is in my post right above yours.
  14. I want to try my hand at finally making a few bond units, and am adding the 3 recent posters quoted here to start with. I won't get access to them to get started until later today, but will visit and gift accessories daily until a unit gets created. My castle address is: 01015-18481-07827-22995 (US Region) I have a couple files that could be used: Rev +Spe, -Def, Samurai BR +Str, -Mag, Cavalier Rev +Mag, -Lck, Cavalier CQ +Str, -Res, Ninja The bolded file will probably be up the most often. If anyone is feeling particularly strong towards any file let me know and I'll see if I can put it up instead. I also have all skills for the Avatar (that can be obtained legitimitely anyway), so with some additional coordination I could put up a specific skill for inheritance. Otherwise I'll just put on a good promoted class skill. If anyone else is still active in this thread and wants to swap codes let me know and I'll add your address to the list. Thanks!
  15. Hello All! Looking to get help getting skills on children: Kana(M): Shurikenbreaker, Lancebreaker, Vantage, Quixotic, Rend Heaven Shigure: Lancefaire, Life or Death, Quick Draw, Certain Blow, Movement+1 Dwyer: Dragon Fang, Luna, Aegis, Pavise, Astra Sophie: Dragon Fang, Luna, Aegis, Pavise, Astra Midori: Quixotic, Hoshidan Unity, Nohrian Trust, Dragon Fang, Nobility Shiro: Bowbreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Rend Heaven, Trample, Nobility Kiragi: Lancefaire, Movement+1, Life and Death, Nobility, Dragon Fang Asugi: Rend Heaven, Luna, Bowbreaker, Pavise, Nobility Selkie: Trample, Rend Heaven, Lucky 7, Nobility, Dragon Fang Hisame: Movement+1, Axefaire, Swordbreaker, Rend Heaven, Nobility Any and all help would be appreciated! I unfortunately won't be able to get access to internet until 10pm (EST) or so, so if it would be possible to leave them up for the next 24 hours or so I would appreciate it! If I get it sooner I will try and reply to let you know I got them. Thanks!
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