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  1. Then simply don't make it cannon. Make it the Gold ending that some want an option for. I don't think having a route where you manage to get all the characters would be a bad option for those that want it, and if you have to play all the routes to make sense of the story then, having one that sort of merges them wouldn't be a bad thing. It's done in various visual novels that have a ton of routes, and having a final ending doesn't invalidate the others nor does it tend to cheapen it, at least from my experince playing them. How would having a route where you can get all the characters really cheapen the other routes exactly? I think it's the same thing that happened with Mass Effect. Honestly, outside of the house that wins and who ends up with whom and so forth, you're not really making that many choices, you're basically being the tactician.
  2. I would say keep the support system but allow more talking on the feild as well. I guess a mix of Three houses and the older style works best for me in regard to play style I would like best.
  3. I'm on the opposite end of things here I think, I like the Avatar Ideas as to me it makes it easier to get invested in the story for some players. I'm fine with the idea of the character being Alm or Marth or who ever as the main character, but at least give me the option to interact with them in a way that's interesting and not like "Cool if I move this character here I get a rank with them." and then that's it. I actually liked the three routes options, but I do perfer the idea of a cannon ending happening in some way. New FE, maybe suprise us with a character that comes from a different country entirely and gets embroiled with the confict. Maybe bring back the Laguz or something like them, Panne was an interesting character but I would like to know more about races like that.
  4. Have to wonder if I'm alone in tending to like Erika's route more than Ephraim's in Sacred Stones. Don't get me wrong I really like his story, it's just that I feel her's tends to be more interesting to me.
  5. Agreed with Eryon, at the momenent El has a compelling reason to do what she's doing and yet we know that there's still sense of reason to her actions. Making her just the big bad will make her into a character that has to be unrepentent. The issue with making a villian that's not some big evil being is that you have to consider how sympathetic you need to make them. Too little and you have to wonder why not make them full on evil and one dimensional, which isn't bad in my opinion, we need more of those in games honestly. Too much and players will be left wondering why they weren't on the good guy side. El would fall way to much in the latter catagory, more so than she does now. By having her where she is, it let's you sympathize with her and yet still want to beat the baddies.
  6. I have to wonder though, even if they killed him would that have fixed the issue? The Crest would be a pain to remove, and if they killed him they may have destroyed the crest in the process. Not sure on Jeralt's death. Why would they let him live if he's the thing that is the most connected person to Byleth? Wouldn't you want that person out of the way to make Byleth act more rashly and make it easier for Edelgard to kill him, or vice versa. Even if they hate Sothis, they want that sword, and if you could corupt Sothis, why wouldn't you try for that and use the powers to benifit your plans?
  7. I'm seeing a lot of nos, but I'm going to go on the Yes path here. It's not as hard as people are making it out to be to create an ending that could be seen as a "Good" or "Cannon" ending. It doesn't have to be happy all around either. I've been thinking about how to do that for a while and in creating a fifth (I consider the branching option of the Church to be ther fourth option) ending that can tie up things and leave people satisfied. And honestly I don't think you would have to do too much to get that. I'm going to use Blue Lions for this example, since it's the route that I'm the most aquainted with. Firstly during the Pre Time skip, what could be done is (given you can talk to and get points with and return lost items to characters) is bring up say Claud, Edelguard and Hubert by talking and getting the right answers. I don't know if you can give them gifts, can't remember at the moment, but I know that in answering right their trust in you goes up. You gain their trust. Second is post time skip, You'd have to wait till the battle of the Egale and the Lion, and talk to them. I don't think you could recruite the Lords then and there, but you can get their bodyguards. Here you could have Dimitri and Blyth talk to Claude, or if you're doing Golden Deer, have it be Claude and Blyth talk to Dimitri, then you have the three of you talk to Edalguard. You can't get the lords then, you'd have to wait till later chapters, but you use that to gain their trust. Also the main villains would then be Those who Slither and you'd get more lore out of it. I would also say in regard to the issue of the multiple units, I don't have an issue with having a whole bunch of them. However if that's really an issue for players, then units that you didn't recurit previously could be used as Allies in the other rounds and you just have to keep them alive. As for how you end it in regard to the three lords? Have the church reformed, Rhea giving her post to Blyth, and the trio, rather then rule as different kingdoms, have them act as a council where Blyth acts as the final vote. You don't need to have them romance one another unless you want to, and you can set it up where each works with the others. Edel can get her church reform, Claude can get what he wants, and Dimitri's madness goes away for the most part. I would think you would only need to add maybe a few chapters after Chapter 22 or something. I like the idea of having an option where you can find a peaceful solution and at the very least clean up the cliff hangers and other aspects. Hell, one part could be where Edel and Dimitri have to confront Lady Pratricia about her connections to TWSITD.
  8. And that's part of the whole thing with this story, and probably one of the factors that Jerlt helped create with his role as a leader to him. Blyth grew because of the love that his father gave him, he wasn't someone that could be easily manipulated because of the foundation that was laid with his father. Not only is he a threat because of Sothis powers, unlike the other three lords he doesn't have issues that would cause him to fall prey to their whims. He has his father, and then he has the students that he teaches. Even during the attack before with the theives, they were already planning something when Blyth and Jerlt walked in. I get the strong impression that they probably were looking for him long before Edelgard was chosen to act as puppet ruler, and then he landed in their laps so to speak. Also given that they went after Dimitri, and cause issues in the Allience, it's clear that they're not just thinking of one goal in mind when they want the war. I have to wonder if part of their hopes is turning Blyth dark to lead them as a reborn form of Nemisis with Sothis's powers. And even in Fates, with all the issues, that's some pretty heavy story telling in regards to being taken away from your family, then foreced to fight the people that raised you or the people that you're supposed to be blood related to. Then there's Eilwoods story and Roy's. As you said Awaking has this dark undercurrent to it of, if you don't get this right everything goes to hell and there's nothing you can do to stop it. FE Games are all dark in their own way.
  9. Interesting theory, I'd like to add more to it. I've assumed from the start that the only reason they're using Edelgard is because they didn't have Blyth, or know of his/her existence. Honestly, it seems that they're interested in more than simply blocking Edelgard from talking to the Professor, I think they want him/her to eventually replace Edelgard and use him/her for whatever reason they have. They're trying to pit the two against one another so that Blyth has reason to kill her and probably eventually become a dark version of Sothis. In regard to getting a good ending. You don't make them all lords. Or rather once they join your team, two of them lose that position for another unique one that's lesser than lord but high enough that it could be seen as something special. It's not undoable, and I would say you would have to have it more towards the end of the game rather than at the start. You have to get the other two after the time jump. That's at least how I see it. I don't know...FE9/10 was pretty dark too. Genocide and the whole world is at war. Yeah, Jungrel has a lot of dark aspects to it, but so do the other titles. I mean Sacred Stones fore example, even when you win, the empire of Gradeo gets wrecked by a natural destructive force. So there is that.
  10. Well that depends on the issue of who created what, and how many people were involved when the mechanics were altered and fixed. Game programing, when it comes to certain design elements can be seen as a group effort over an indiviuals. Someone can come up with how a character jumps, but another might alter that so that the jump works better, or the math equasion for the points gathered, or what's expected of having a character move across a chess board. In honesty, most strategy games can date their mechanics back to Risk and Chess, so I guess they're all stealing from those two now. If it is trademarked as IS's intellecual design, then yeah I think it counts towards the idea of stealing as the company owns the rights to the set up. You can make a home brew D&D game but you better not sell or market that item becuase Wizards of the Coast own the mechanics of the game and how it works. Yeah that's part of the hard thing to figure out. He's playing on the cusp of close to lawsuit territory as he's not directly useing the actual set up for megaman, nor the direct mechanics, but it's damn close. See to me the first few FE games always felt more like a VNSG rather then a straight on RPSG because most of the time you wern't playing as marth, you were watching his story rather then, you know, being involved in most of the choices in the same way you chose for a RPG. You mean Igarashi? Again that depends on how much his work is using the mechanics from Castle and how much is new. I mean there are always going to be some aspects of gameplay that are the same across the board when developing a game, but other aspects are specific to a series and could get called into question if the game is playing too similar to another game. It could be seen as such if BSRoTN is too close to Castle and thus Konomi may get ticked and go after him. Yeah Mighty No.9 has a lot of similarties to Mega, we have to see how it plays out and if Capcom will get annoyed or not.
  11. I think they did this on purpose so players do have to think about their units and figure out the best supports rather then running around willy nihilly and just basing it on who's hair color will look better on what kid. Sadly that's how one of my friends played the game of Awakening.
  12. Yeah I really like the way it looks, the design is great, and the jacket they had her in kind of reminds me of the Heartless, except cuter.
  13. Being an ass can still be a detriment to the character. Severa is a tsundare character and her supports always get on my nerves because we never see her show any other side. Too much of being an ass will make players see the person as unlikeable. As for the avatar. I think giving the character a personality, and more towards the idea of letting them be their own character rather then just an avatar would help players a lot more then a blank slate. One thing to do would be to have the player have the option to name the character and maybe traits as well as maybe positive/negative/neutral responses based on how the player is playing the game. Like for example if the Avatar is with a character and they constantly do the fighting or use the other character as a meat shield then the other character will have a negative response to them, but if they do well, share the fighting with the other character then a more positive/neutral response will occur.
  14. In regard to Valm having worship of both Naga and Mila, it could be that, like most religions, worship spread as commerce and trade were done. Given that Validar and Aversa mention that Gangrel was told of Valm's invasion, it could be that both Ylisse and Plegia have trade ties or did at one point, to Valm. Missionaries from the Church of Naga could have gone over and spread the word around creating the worship of both Mila and Naga to happen. Word of Naga could have happened prior to that as well. I'm guessing given that the Nada Kayu (or however you spell that character's name) from Magval's history could have been a relation to Marth (the whole fang being possible the falchion) it could have lead to some nod to Naga being a minor god there as well. The Demon King (Fomortiis) could easily be just a demon brought about after the Tellius stories via magic mixed with dragon and other creatures given birth and that thing spawned other things. Grima's design reminded me a lot of Fomortiis as a whole, except in Dragon Form. I'm assuming whatever host it takes, it will take on some of the creature's form so in the case of Grima, who probably was a dragon, it made itself look like that. Anyway off topic, as for the Valentia Gods, I'm wondering if Duma's (Doma) appearance comes from the fact that he's been corrupted? I think back to Shino religion and how in some cases when a spirit gets corrupted it mutates to look horrible. So maybe that's the case here and we only see the corrupted version of him and not the true appearance?
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