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  1. Well Valm canonically was the same continent 1000 years into the future, so definitely possible.
  2. I'm personally pumped for this since FE2 is one of 3 games I haven't had contact with in any capacity, so it'll be nice to compare.
  3. Damn, there's me getting impressed and there's me getting my mind blown. This falls into the latter, keep it up :). I do have a quick question: is it possible to remove the red lipstick off of Winter's modified sprite? IMO, it doesn't really suit her.
  4. With regards to 3a: the awkwardness might be attributed to "culture/fan shock" because if you think about it, fusing folk tale demons to make deities does not make the most sense and since they're mirages some lore mumbo jumbo might be introduced that it's just a form they take which can change when mirages combine or something. With regards to 3b, I was thinking something like the are surrounding a dungeon that has a magic shield that can only be entered by mirages and then the mirages get to play on maps that are a bit more FE based than Persona based (like the area liberation maps from MegaMan Battle Network 5 if you're familiar with that), to shut the shield down, providing leeway to open the dungeon for the main characters.
  5. Self explanatory, I kinda wanted to start a thread where we could discuss what we'd like to see in a sequel to this game, if they make one. Some things I wanna see 1: Have it take place chronologically a few years after the first game, preferably in a different city or country so it can make sense to newcomers and veterans. 2: Have Fire Emblem mirage characters from every game in the series instead of 1 and 13. 3: Try and merge the two series better, I feel like combining Devil Survivor elements with Persona would work the most. a: Have a system where mirages are grouped such as the Race or Arcana system and have fusion elements where you can take two mirages and make a more powerful one (might be awkward to see Florina and Wil fusing to make Colm for example, but it seems interesting to me). In addition, have personal mirages that can't be fused away so it works kinda like the Persona Q sub/persona thing. b: Use these mirages in Fire Emblem/ Devil Survivor levels that unlocks the dungeons (this might be awkward since it's kinda haphazardly slapping two types of gameplay together, but it could work with the right story mechanism). 4: Offer an English mode where the songs and voice cast are in English, Fates showed it could work really well with Lost in Thoughts All Alone.
  6. If Revelations #FE (why does the title feel so much like something you'd put on twitter?) is like Persona (3 and 4), here's what it will be like. There will be type effectiveness which will paralyze/stun certain enemies, paralyze them all and all your teammates get to join in on an attack that deals damage that is normal effective against everything. Then there are enemies which are resistant, immune, reflect and even absorb (think skills like Water Absorb from Pokemon) damage, so you are definitely encouraged to vary up your move set and try out as many different characters as you can. In addition, like Avk mentioned, there are almighty elements attacks which are also unblockable, but are akin to something like Meteor and Bahamut summons from Final Fantasy 4, costs a lot and is usually not worth it when you can end the battle faster and cheaper other ways. And then there are status moves which are hit and miss on a preference basis. So yes, in a nutshell, the game system inherently has encouragements for tactical play.
  7. Because I really liked how Fates' story is essentially a three way timeline split and I wanna keep that in to the best of my ability. And I like the timeline split because it's a classic multiple universe theory and I kinda wanna do a self challenge on top of that.
  8. OK, I just figured out how to quote two posts at once :P. Thanks for the heads up though.
  9. That's true, also I imagine Iago/Macbeth to be kind of a RoTK Cao Cao type of schemer that would backstab you the minute you aren't useful to him anymore, assuming we mean the fictionalized account of the Three Kingdoms period when we mean RoTK.
  10. Well, I've been stalking the Fates forums for a while and I find the debates are pretty polarizing and civil at the same time, so....
  11. Thanks! Personally it's a toss up between Ike and Lyn for the main characters and Nephenee and Garrick for minor characters. I really enjoy Shin Megami Tensei, though my experience is more with spinoffs like Persona and Devil Survivor (Fingers crossed for SMTXFE being great) and I really like the Pokemon games aside from the first Black and White games which I found to be just a tad bland.
  12. So between people dying in your fan fiction and toying around with that, is it bad I am imagining Game of Thrones: Fire Emblem Edition?
  13. Well, drawing parallels between Nohr and Hoshido would be easier in that regard due to both East and West having a form of Divine Right of Kings and the Great Chain of Being, which is why I liked the original name of Macbeth more because the play Macbeth was all about that while Iago is just known for messing up his king's marriage, not owning up to it, and having more lines than the main character in Othello.
  14. Also, to clarify, by feudal system of the Han dynasty, I meant the whole warlord with personal army and territory thing. I was thinking Zhou dynasty, but then I thought: can't imagine Hoshido splitting into THAT many tiny countries. Right now, the only thing I'm iffy with is the whole mirror part of ascension to show Garon is dead and controlled by Hydra and the visions Aqua get of the Birthright and Conquest routes cause that might be a weak link to all three stories. As a side note, can I just complain real quick on how North America is seriously straight screwed with name localization? I blame McCarthy and the Red Scare for making Marx Xander and Leon Leo (Trotsky). I'm also kinda tempted to rename Macbeth to Claudius or keep it and change Ophelia to either be a guy called Macduff or keep her as Ophelia just so I can make some Shakespearean jokes.
  15. Well for starters I think if Hoshido had a societal structure akin to the Song dynasty with a feudal system of, say the Han dynasty, combined with the military of the Tang dynasty and a ruler more akin to the Sui or Qin dynasty, that would be a seriously grayed out country.
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