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  1. Wow, it's been a while since I posted on this forum. Hello there! So, I've been fiddling with FE4 lately, which basically means that I scavenged into Lamia's Stuff with the help of the humble google translate. Speaking of Lamia, if you read this: the patch that shows crit chance in battle instead of level still disables wrath. Not too hard to fix, the code that needs changing is in the readme, but you said you updated the link with a fixed patch and that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyway, through the various binary stuff I found a folder called "handaxe", which has a patch that changes the battle animation 30 (an unused one for the soldier) to a throwing axe animation usable by swordfighters/mercenaries and forrests/heroes. I applied it and it seems to work. Problem is: the animation is in, but the actual sprites are not, so whenever a forrest attacks with a throwing axe it basically shows Missingno making the attack. In the "handaxe" folder I also found the handaxe sprites for the swordfighter/mercenary, forrest/hero and a third one which looks like a bowfighter or sniper but whatever. For each sprite there's three files: a .png showing the final product, a .png all cut up in 8px by 8px chunks and a .bin file. I tried to search around but I really found nothing, so I ask you: how do I put those sprites into the ROM so that I can assign them with the "battle sprite editor" nightmare module?
  2. I was wondering if there is a way to randomize this game. Seems like there's so much more love for Fates than for Shadows of Valentia. So far, I only found a way to do it manually through action replay/powersaves codes, but you also need to buy the hardware for it.
  3. They stated they will never release the growth rates.
  4. Dude you literally finished the game, there's nothing else. There was simply no reason to fix that stuff since whoever plays this hack surely played the base game already and thus probably doesn't care about anything other than the gameplay.
  5. If your concern is hit rate, give every weapon a 5% hit boost and lower enemy skill. This way you didn't change the hit rate of playable nor enemy units but the critical rate is lowered. Unless of course, you do want to keep a high crit rate for playable units, in which case you do you.
  6. How would enemies with some luck cause any sort of issue?
  7. Since you took the time to get them all to level 20, you'll find the rest of the game trivial. Still, access to 1-2 range or +1 movement (compared to other promoted classes) is better than +15% crit or silencer. You may promote Marisa to Assassin if you need someone to use lockpicks though.
  8. The stats from the games assume that the weapons have might. If you want your weapons to have 0 might you'll have to add more power to everyone. Maybe make it so that myrmidons and thieves can deal no damage to knights but mercenaries can deal scratch damage?
  9. Look harder, the option exists. In fact, I'm pretty sure it shows every animation by default so you must have changed it without realizing it.
  10. I believe he was a placeholder for MU. Speaking of MU, how much customizable will they be? I suppose there's no way to change hairstyles, hair color, eyes and accessories, but are you planning any kind of cosmetic choice? Also, what about the stats?
  11. I know there's patchers for android, but I don't know about iOS
  12. I have a suggestion: add an option to make it so that physical classes always have higher STR growth than MAG growth and vice-versa. Basically after randomizing, check if that's already the case and if not swap them.
  13. Same thing happened to me. It breaks nothing, but Seliph won't get any inheritance from her, so he'll only have Sigurd's skills, bloods and growths.
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