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  1. The hack I'm working on is mostly a reskin and the only issue I'm having with it is the above. I want to use almost all of the bits already present in the chapter with the exception of the specific characters involved, so that kind of advice is flat out unhelpful. There must be something that can be done to fix this one singular concrete issue, can't there?
  2. So in a small hack I'm making for a bunch of my friends I wanted to change around the order of recruitment for some of the characters, but after 5x the game removes Ephraim from the party and adds in the character I replaced him with in 5x to the party. I've been using FEBuilderGBA for the bulk of the editing and I can't find any specific function in either the 5x Post Chapter event or the Chapter 6 Pre Chapter event that removes Kyle Forde and Ephraim so I'm at a bit of a loss. While it's easy enough to add the removed Ephraim back to the party I don't know how to remove the character who replaced him. So if anyone has any idea how to remove a character from the party or change which characters get removed at the end of 5x that would solve the problem I'm having.
  3. that was exactly the problem, thank you
  4. So for a small project between friends I'm working on, I've replaced Moulder with Ephraim for reasons and now the Chapter 2 cutscene softlocks the game just before the last line of dialogue where Vanessa speaks then flies off to the right. The game has no issues proceeding as normal if the cutscene is skipped, but I would really prefer to fix it so it doesn't softlock. Is there anyway to solve this problem?
  5. "...Eh?" Douglas snaps out of his spacey mood. "What was I...? Where did...? Francis?! Oh he's only over there...whew. I really should keep my head on straight, especially in the middle of a fight like this!" Douglas moves 4 spaces down to W13 and heals up Francis (who I assume is going to move to the proper location)
  6. "More bandits..." Douglas plods along to U7
  7. "You're not getting away from me!" Douglas moves to S9 and hurls a javelin.
  8. "I'd chastise you for vanishing on me before, but we've work to do. We're defending the town. Let's take them out!" Douglas moves to S4 and does the Iron Lance Stab.
  9. "Alright let's get going!" Douglas moves to V4 and hurls a javelin at the Thief.
  10. "Protecting a village...Maybe he's around. It's possible. Best do my best as always though!" Douglas starts at S7.
  11. "Don't worry I got you." Douglas moves to E16 and heals Rivas
  12. "Rivas! Stay safe." Douglas moves to F16 and heals Rivas.
  13. "Hey, stay with us." Douglas moves to H14 and heals sweetgrape.
  14. "This armor keeps me from keeping up with everyone...tch." Douglas plods along to I9.
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