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    when i see niles my heart goes どきどき
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    Yearning for things I cannot have, such as a Japanese 3DS
    Fire Emblem
    Mathematics (no joke)
    Photoshopping hair accessories (from parents) onto Kanna
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  1. tbh i need a pc for a desktop husbando (niles,,,,) because im trash

  2. im crying it says im offline

  3. ohhhh it's just the school's wifi. i'll try again at home, the iso file was messed up when i tried to dl it from the school wifi

  4. i wonder if i can just put the .exe files on a usb and then transfer those to the pc, hacking doesn't require internet anyway

  5. I do have a PC but it is old and crummy and takes 5 years to even log in

  6. lmao win10 didnt even work gotta,,,,, figure out another way,,,,,

  7. slowly learning how to hack the ROM for awakening. might add some supports that I wanted to see. Win10 is downloading on my macbook and is taking forever,,,,

  8. yikes, apparently the SE of Fates is unavailable on Amazon. Thank god I went to GameStop back on November

  9. through a difficult series of events, i got my wii u back. goodbye hoverboard (she didn't like it as much as she thought she would)

  10. reading the odyssey. odysseus is whiny and egotistical. his son is better

  11. irl hector was the prince of troy and king priam was his father

  12. if i make chrom an archer will he shove his bow into the ground

  13. A topic for asking and answering questions about Skinship in Fire Emblem: Fates. If this topic has already been done and is still active, I can't find it. I'll ask the first question: What do the different background colors mean in the Skinships? Ex: Xander's background is dark blue, Lazward's is green, etc?
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