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  1. Tried hardest one for a while but i kept getting my butt kicked and netting 300~ish or less points per run. Switched to second most difficult and actually have been almost soloing everything with mook team (Bless Nino), with around 480 ish every time. Mook team: Ike 40 5*: Vanilla Nino 40+4 4*: +Draconic Aura Bunnycina 40 5*: Vanilla (Need to see if i have a spare Luna to sacrifice for her) Olivia 31 4*: Vanilla Bonus/Veronica team: Xander 40 5*: +Ignis, +Vantage3, +speed1 seal M!Robin 40+1 5*: +Draw Back, +Bowbreaker, +Hp3 seal Minerva 40 5*: +Reciprocal Aid, +Moonbow, +Dragback, Spur def2 instead of fliers, +atk1 seal Felicia 40 5*: +Drawback, +GTomebreaker, +Fortifyres1 seal
  2. Took me some fiddling and a lot of SI but finally beat him. 40 5* Nowi Lightning Breath+ Def+3 Threaten Res 3 Speed+1 Draconic Aura Rally Defense 40 5* Felicia Silver Dagger+ Resistance+3 Desesperation 3 Breath of Life 3 Draw Back Glacies 40 5* M!Robin Blárraven+ Rally Resistance Bonfire Defiant Spd 3 Escape Route 2 Spur Def 3 Hp +3 31 3* Olivia Silver Sword Dance Hone atk 2 The only things i added were the Hp+3 and rally resistance for M!Robin, all else was already in my team as this is basically my usual strat. Positioning so Nowi is in range of Xander, Blue lance and Green tome, m!Robin to the right and rallies, Olivia below Nowi and Felicia blow m!Robin. Next turn Nowi tanks everything, DA is charged so she finishes off the healed lancer and Olivia dances so she chips away the green tome. Felicia finishes the green tome and hangs in at 2 hp. M!Robin moves up and hits the staff. Nowi tanks Xander and the staff, Nowi and Felicia finish them off, M!Robin finishes off swordsman with the aid of Olivia.
  3. I don't know order but Summoned: M!Robin M!Corrin Minerva 2 Sheena (One fed her KAxe+ to Michalis) Nowi Spring Lucina Eldigan Roy Hector Promoted: Felicia Nowi, extra Sheena and Hector i pulled from bought orbs trying to pull Spring Xander. Alas, it could not be, and i got Spring Lucina from free orbs. I'm saving up my feathers to promote Xander the moment i get his 4* shiny self here. Pulling out Hector did soothe my burned wallet however.
  4. By miriel's pallete you mean the color of her sage robes only or also include the hair and eyecolor?
  5. I haven't used Alphonse (Because of afromented laughable spd) but his atk is somewhat decent combined with full death blow. If you plan on upgrading him to 5*, Folkvangr is very good to use with it's innate skill and mt tho. Considering a base ATK of 35 adding: +6 of Death blow +5 of Folkvangr at 50% hp +16 of base atk Folkvangr That gives a 62 of base ATK at 50% or less HP. 32 max Def is decent too, so i'd suggest swapping out Sol for Moonbow or Dragon Aura or any skill that capitalizes on ATK skill, since if you want to hit him hard you need him at that HP lvl. Probably i'd use him with Escape route and or with units that can rescue him such as with swap/drawback/wings of mercy. You'd probably want to use him mostly as a player phase unit and avoid lances at all cost or speedy reds. I'd advise against brave sword because of it's low mt and imo his greatest asset is his atk pottential. I'm not really good at strategizing or optimizing units though, so someone may be able to come up with something better than this! EDIT: I read the previous responses and as a green killer or a cheerleader who sometimes kills things seems less costly and much more viable as a 4* unit than the strat i just posted lol, but wanted to clarify mine is assuming you really love him and want to use him as your best chara and not just pigeon hole him in a single role (Like Narcian's vanilla skills do to him *sob* )
  6. Took some 4 tries to gauge everyone's stats and ended up with this Team: 40 4* Vanilla Cordelia (W/triangle adept) 33 4* Vanilla Kagero (w/Dagger breaker 2, didn't think to upgrade her to 3 b4 attempting map) 27* 3 Vanilla Olivia (W/hone atk 1) 40 5* M!Corrin (W Quick Riposte 1) I positioned Kagero to get the right thief, gets 22 dmg and ends up with 11 hp. Corrin and Cordelia stay in starting position just out of range of Navarre and the other thief. Thief and navarre start to move so i position them just out of range again, get Kagero back w/olivia while keeping her out of range of Axe. Gets hit by healer, doesn't kill him and remains at 3 hp. Thief and Navarre finally get out of forest, delete thief with Cordelia, put Corrin to tank Navarre, he gets killed next turn. Pick off Axe and healer with Corrin and Kagero. This is definitely the easiest GHB, which makes sense because i really have no reason to use Navarre over Corrin, 4* Eliwood/Roy. If i'd grinded more sp and gotten full Shurikenbreaker, quick riposte and another hone atk it'd have gone even easier. Hell, i might even be able to use my 4* Alphonse if i leveled him up to 40 even with his shitty 18 spd (At current lvl) 30 instead of 5* Corrin. And here i was completely prepared to level up Abel from 1-40 if this kept kicking my butt like Ursula and Michalis lol
  7. Oh duh, that seems fairly obvious now that i think about it. She's +HP/-ATK and i'm not sure it's the best combo now that I think about it. Regardless, i'll keep training her since she's so close to 40 and has been putting out consistent results anyways. The other Sheena i have is +DEF/-ATK, but the one i have trained is at lvl 20 welp. Time to grind the tower to decide, thank you!
  8. This is the moment i mourn the 5 Odin's i merged before skill inheritance was announced... I have 4* Nowi at 30 rn, but so far i've only found her bare starting stats. She's 37/28/18/24/20 after taking out Def +2. I'll keep digging for the stats page in the meanwhile. There's this calculator i found but it's only for lvl 40. I'll probably finish her leveling up if i don't find it tonight and compare. Felicia almost one-rounds Linde which usually is enough as she never does anything but take care of the mages sans Henry and M!Robin. Usually I counter them with my own M!Robin or M!Corrin/Narcian, but if the two are in a team i'm screwed and one of them has to die for me to win the match. It's not ideal but it's my favorite team so far and i'm on a bit of a budget. at least until the easter focus goes live because i really really need that adorably flowery wyvern that camilla has I'll wait a bit until the Easter focus and see if I get more Odin's or Palla's to sacrifice, otherwise i'll feed it to Sharena first, but thank you! I'll go level Sheena a bit and compare between them.
  9. Hi i am running currently Felicia 5* with G TBreaker and was wondering if I should switch to B TBreaker since she handles most of my greens just fine while if I run into someone with both Linde and M!Robin on the same team i'm usually screwed. Also, Poison over Silver+ y/n? Likewise i have a spare Sheena and want Killer Axe+ tp make use of 4* Michalis since i probably will never promote him and i'd rather diminish the cooldown on Blazing thunder, but i'm unsure if a spare normal Brave axe wouldn't work better. This is mostly to use him for the next two weeks at the arena and then i'll probably drop him since neither i have, have impressive stats. Also what special skill would be best for Sharena and Nowi? Not too sure about their natures since i'm still figuring out how to know that, but i'll mostly use them for campaign and one or two dips in the arena when i get bored of my current team, Sharena as offensive support and Nowi as a tank and counter to Tikis (Not too sure how that one will turn out since i've yet to encounter a Tiki in the tower and test it out)
  10. I didn't think to try and use an axe flier since i've only got some 3 more units at 35+ besides my general team, but leveling Narcian made it work wonderously on my first try. Some 4-5 turns i think? I wasn't really taking note of it since i thought i was going to get killed on that first try. Team 40 5* M!Robin, M!Corrin, Felicia and 37 4* Narcian. Narcian baited the blue peg who dies, Robin hits red cav and tanks his hits. Narcian and felicia are out of the way while Corrin tanks Michalis and red peg and Robin hits red peg while still tanking red cav. Michalis dies by Corrin, Felicia finishes off the other one, Robin kills cav and narcian switches with Corrin, lancer dies immediately next turn after a superfluous Felicia/Narcian combo. Gotta love that emerald axe. This is my first time i've won a lunatic GHB so im pretty excited! It's also made mostly with my usual team, just switched Lissa for Narcian. Pic of stats here because mobile only lets me upload one pic:
  11. I'd love to see new art but if this is an HD remake instead of a VC port then that's kinda of a given. Manic is definitely one of the things i'd like to see most, and also if they remake the cutscnes, will they adapt them to be in the newer CG style that Fates and Awakening have or take a new art direction? Voice acting though, i'd really like to see improved voice acting for the ones that had it and curious to see who would get who from the ones that didn't. Also, skipping enemy phases or at the very least faster please.
  12. Setsuna's 'Victory~Victory~' always makes me do a little dance because it's so goshdarned adorable. Also most of the ones ppl have said before, everything Odin says and Arthur. Arthur's 'Fooooooor Juusticeeee' always puts me in a good mood. Charlotte and Rinkah's crits are also some of my favorites, especially Charlotte's because it is never not amusing hearing her go berserk and then do her fake dainty voice of 'Did I do that?'
  13. I played Birthright and Conquest first Normal/Casual when I got the game and a few weeks later, Hard/Classic side by side (As in, one ch one route, switch to the other route when finished) and definitely CQ is the hardest of those two. Probably the only chapter I had trouble in Birthright Hard enough to reset was Camilla while I would've had to reset at least once a chapter in CQ Normal onwards ch 14 if i hadn't been playing in casual then. The difficulty does spike incredibly in CQ when you change the mode, I'm in the Ninja death cave in Lunatic and the only chapter that gave me such a headache in Hard was Ryouma's before i decided to give up on the chests and kill him.
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