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  1. Character Selection Came back as Felix, Lorenz, Bernadetta, Zeke, and Boey. An odd combination, but an excellent one I think!
  2. I think at the end of the day what we really need more than anything is to keep ourselves from letting personal objections take away from judging fiction honestly. I myself know that if I played the vast majority of M-games I'd find something upon which I'd vehemently discourage others from playing the game for moral reasons, but I also know that technically has no bearing on the quality of the game itself. You make a good point about how we get hung up on contrivances too. If we tried to just write stories where everyone acts rationally proportionate to their ability to do so and natural forces never interceded on the events, I feel like we'd get dull stories where nothing exciting happens.
  3. Swap Puzzle took me 5.5 minutes. I had to figure out exactly where the copyright text went and it began to line up from there.
  4. All of the songs are "trap," because they are all used in a Fire Emblem ROM hack you aren't telling us about.
  5. Cairpre and I would probably get along! I don't know if we could travel safely through Jugdral without a mount though.
  6. Wasn't a perfect performance from me but I'm overall really satisfied with having sung this today. Someone even came up to me and said they recognized the song so that was impressive. Looks like I'm the living incarnation of this meme now. I will never let this song die.
  7. Pure chocolate bars are awesome to me. I know, I'm basic. Carmel filled chocolates is probably my more interesting answer, especially if they've got sea salt on them.
  8. I keep seeing Conquest Hard and Lunatic being mentioned so I have to ask, are Birthright and Revelations similar in the ways they change the difficulty or do they use other difficulty modifiers?
  9. I admire your integrity. This is not something I think most people would do, especially for a game that was so frustrating. At least this version has SOME new convenience options built in, even if it doesn't fix the many issues you found with the original.
  10. I'm not flaking on that card game I promised to a certain Homs. (ง'̀-'́)ง I do agree the limited time thing is pretty awful. Maybe I'll ask mom for an eshop card or something.
  11. Personally I've got enough spending to do in December for Christmas so I probably won't be picking this one up for a while, but it is exciting that Nintendo and IS are making this piece of gaming history more accessible to the west. This shall forever be the day remembered as "that one time I was first to a Fire Emblem announcement."
  12. Hoo boy I'm late... Thank you so much for thinking of us!
  13. Crimson Flower, because personally killing six of the Blue Lions causes me emotional trauma.
  14. I come very close to the "Classic" order, but Silver Snow and Crimson Flower were switched so that I didn't have to play the former and Verdant Wind back to back.
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