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  1. I would never let the length of one's hair get in the way of finding actually meaningful reasons to like a person. ...Long, well kept hair is really nice though. And you can style it in so many equally appealing ways.
  2. Cool insights, I certainly never thought of those things. I think the main problem here is that having the entire game take place in Gareg Mach Monastery when the characters aren't on a mission seriously inhibits the game's ability to properly develop a plot thread about globalization. Even if there are characters who represent other nationalities in the home base, many of those characters have worldviews colored to some extent by the amount of time they've spent in the Fodland. The only real exceptions to this is Claude and Petra, but even Petra is difficult to pin down due to her attitude changing completely based on whether she's supporting the professor or Edelgard. I absolutely feel the solution to this problem would be to include some scenarios that let you talk to the lay people of foreign countries to see how they truly feel, but I also have difficulty imagining what sort of scenarios of that ilk could realistically fit in a story centered around conflicts within Fodland, on top of the established hostilities other countries feel towards the continent which inhibit diplomacy anyways.
  3. Because it had ageusia. Poor thing really didn't know any better. Why does time have to move so slowly anyways?
  4. I must say the insight on the blue door red door chapter is really impressive in particular. I myself found it easy enough to pick blue only because of the whole eldritch spirit thing but I like how overall it tells the story through the game-play and let's the player inhabit Corrin's mind for a minute. Overall I think these analyses do a great job in exploring what the authors were getting at with this story, and it really is a shame how the final execution makes these themes and ideas less accessible to those not willing to put in the extra effort to study it. Fates will always be something of a guilty pleasure of mine because for all it's flaws and decisions which felt tailored to fan popularity alone, there lies in it a spark of passion for its wonderful premise I can't help but admire. Thanks again for the write ups!
  5. Soulcalibur developers + Fire Emblem. I'd like to see a Fire Emblem action RPG with fighting game elements!
  6. At least all of your suggestions have engaging gameplay loops attached to them. The Linhardt game is 2 minutes of finding a quiet spot and 120 minutes of sleeping.
  7. I can actually afford to buy my immediate family members gifts for once so that will hopefully make this Christmas extra special. A shame we have to go visit relatives on the 25th though, I was really looking forward to putting all my choir practice to use at the Mass. Not that I dislike my relatives or anythings like that.
  8. I vote everyone being mages (and mercenary for Kliff). Because it's better than it sounds.
  9. Eclipse is the mom figure of Serenes Forest and I want to show her all the love I can.
  10. I could have SWORN I heard something about it in Silver Snow or maybe Crimson Flower... maybe the fact I was writing up past 9 changed my memory a little?
  11. I pieced together most of it once I learned that the Nabateans were slain for the sake of acquiring weaponry . I thought it made sense of the odd, sinewy designs of the Heroes Relics.
  12. Great point! If this was a theme they aimed to pull off from the start, I'd say the story is pretty much tailor made to maximize the effectiveness of the masks falling away. Strong build up in school phase to get you curious about what the characters are hiding, and big payoffs in war phase, and the transition to the war as well. This certainly puts The Edge of Dawn's lyrics more into perspective for me, and as a singer any deeper understanding of a song's text always helps me fall in love with it all over again.
  13. Thank you for your support! Question I: To me personally, the presence of the professor and/or the black eagles doesn't particularly lighten the severity of Edelgard's actions. She knows she shouldn't be working with TWSITD but she's too convinced she needs their power to achieve her goals regardless of the route, and if anything her selling her soul to them (even with the intent of taking it back later) is perhaps the greatest sin she commits. Question II: I elected to play male on every run, mostly out of pure preference. Question III: I did in fact do no recruitment on every path! A big part of the game's fun for me was seeing which characters would be played by default and seeing who the recruitment only characters are. My final finding s that only Manuela, Hanneman, and Alois are exclusive to people who pursue them, and all the other characters join the party automatically in a least one route. I also killed as few Blue Lions as possible in each subsequent play-through, which made CF particularly devastating for me emotionally because a whopping six of them are mandatory targets. Question IV: The best way to play Three Houses is to pick the route you are interested in first, then to just make sure you do not play Silver Snow and Verdant Wind back to back. Ok in a less cop-out answer, I'd say go Blue Lions first for maximum impact during your first run of White Clouds, then play the other paths based on which mysteries you want elaborated on. SS for Byleth in particular, or VW for Fodlan's background as a whole. Sandwich CF between the two to keep the gameplay varied. Question V: The Big One: Picking an S support in Azure Moon was like trying to pick a favorite kid, and on subsequent playthroughs I'll likely mix it up a little, but on the first run I eventually chose Mercedes for being such a nice young lady I enjoyed spending time with. Black Eagles I probably had the least affinity for, but I found Dorothea to be really compelling as a love interest during SS, and I picked Bernadetta during CF for fun and Erica Mendez. Verdant Wind was a close race between Leonie and Marianne, but eventually I went with Marianne becuase while I found school phase Marianne to be frustratingly shy, her development in war phase really REALLY improved my perception of her.
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