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  1. My result: Mercedes You are the unanimous ‘mum friend’ of the group, not because you’re overbearing or well-adjusted, but because you always seem to be there when people need you most. You often put others before yourself and serving others gives you gratification, too. You love to get together with friends, but not in large numbers — preferably in groups of ones or twos, where conversations are more quiet and intimate. Nobody ever says anything bad about you — it’s always about how sweet, or how adorable you are. You’re not particularly ambitious — you’d rather spend your days with your closest friends than on a nine to five job. Kinda funny that I got my S-Support as my result, but then I suppose one could say I look for partners of similar qualities. I can definitely relate to the gratification of giving others service, and meeting friends in small groups.
  2. 1. While I'd personally enjoy more orchestral music in my fire emblem games, the new style helped to mix things up from the recent entries having similar styles (except Birthright which is also enjoyable for what it does differently). It's a really good sound track on the whole. 2. Hnnnnnnnnnnggggg... Apex of the World is probably my very favorite but if that's cheating then Blue Skies and a Battle is probably the answer here. I also found that basically all of the melancholy music is super well executed, probably due to the constraint on the volume they showed compared to past Fire Emblem games. 3. I haven't listened heavily to the final boss tracks other than Apex of the World. I am also convinced by bias towards that track will keep it squarely on top (that opera ain't messing around though). 4. Shambhala takes the new direction maybe a bit too far...? Hides. 5. I'd say it's my new favorite, at least until they start overplaying all the music in the spin-offs (that kinda lessened my opinion of Awakening and Fates, which is a shame because on their own they have awesome OSTs).
  3. While I'm not particularly attracted to tsunderes, I believe their major appeal is basically what you're saying. Perhaps there's also something comforting about the fantasy of getting to play the courting game with a girl while also being basically guaranteed to get her if one just keeps at it that some people gravitate towards. I'm not saying that the fantasy is one way or the other in terms of morality, just that's what I theorize is the core idea behind their design choices. Personally I engage in waifu culture mostly for giggles as opposed to actually falling for fictional characters, but when I do 9 time out of 10 I advocate for the girl who feels the most sensible pick for a lifelong partner. Which means I usually end up rooting for the childhood friend character. Which means I get the pleasure of being heartbroken alongside her as mysterious newcomer girl No. 789 gets the guy EVERY TIME. Ok I haven't actually watched a lot of anime structured around courting and this is just a joke structured around my limited experience and I may be totally wrong about this. But also seriously Japan let the childhood friends be happy.
  4. At the end of the day, I think it's most important to pick the house that interests you first since that's the fun of the first-time-player experience and the only really absolute rule is to not play Silver Snow and Verdant Wind back to back. Also wow, I'm pleasantly surprised to see all the Azure Moon love in here! I had originally intuited that the Blue Lions route would be a sleeper hit but not overall super popular, due to having less surface-level appeal than the other two houses (unless you're me because I love knights and honor and justice), but I'm glad to be wrong here!
  5. Sunset orange is a real favorite of mine. Calming, yet infectiously positive.
  6. 1. Faith and Brawling because unarmed striking is a subject I have experience in and I would straight up help run choir practice as a side responsibility. 2. Virtue is probably the thing I'd value most in my students so unsurprisingly my class would be pretty heavy on the existing Blue Lions. I'm thinking Dimitri, Dedue, Mercedes, Ashe, Annette, Ingrid, Ignatz, and Marianne.
  7. This isn't really an error per se but I figured this would be the best place to put this: I just discovered that in regards to Three Houses recruitment, I'd recommend adding an annotation similar to the ones on characters such as Seteth and Catherine.
  8. Tokyo Mirage Session Defense Squad, arise from your sleep, for our hidden gem is finally going to sit at the cool kids table that is the switch!!! In all seriousness though, while I don't see myself double-dipping on this one since I still find the base version fine (at least, until a sale happens), I'm super glad this game is getting another change to shine, if for no other reason than to get new people exposed to the weird and wonderful world the game presents. Though if it gets a highly unlikely dub, I will buy the game again at full price with no questions asked, especially if they dubbed the music.
  9. That is the message that appears whenever you choose a topic a guest is interested in. It is a joke because XRay showed interest in discussing cats.
  10. "Thank you for coming! Please, have a seat." Offers you Mint Tea
  11. Why did I hope for a serious response? *sigh* I guess I can't hope to change the mind of an incubi, for demons are incapable of true change, but know that the pure maidens of these lands are not so weak as you think. Their self-control in the face of the lower pleasures is a testament to their resolve, a recognition of their own sanctity, and a sign that when they do find a man to share their life with, they wish to forge a bond unburdened by the weight of having previous partners, and all this is true in regards to virgin men too. Make a mockery of the truth all you like, but you mock and twist the truth only because you cannot face it! Walks over to the barmaid, and offers her the miracle of Protection from Evil and Good.
  12. Probably a human cleric due to my inclination towards healing abilities and my faith-based ethics, plus the fact the idea of not being human sounds kind of terrifying. I think more realistically speaking in a d&d setting, I'd just be some city dweller working in an inn or something. Has anyone ever expressed concerns about your fantasies before?
  13. You forgot about the tier that actually goes at the top. It's called the "Blue Lions" tier.
  14. Glad you enjoyed it! I definitely respect your hesitance on calling the game the best in the series due to mechanical departure, and you'll get no complaints from me. Breath of the Wild is certainly one of those games, though personally the weapon breaking mechanic really held me back from fully making it in the running for best in series because... I get it's effective game design but I just wanna keep swinging a big claymore ok!? Also regarding the last gesture, keep in mind the attacks are not actually shown on screen so therefore it's possible that A) Dimitri may have (and probably) landed his blow first, causing Edelgard to misfire from the pain, and B) Dimitri would have had to move his torso to at least some degree in order for his attack to land so it's not as though his heart was a stationary target. If you still think otherwise though that's alright, I'm not trying to be the end all interpreter over here.
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