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  1. I didn't know what the monster slaying quest dialogue was going into your Bloodstained review and when I realized you were creating an original quest backstory I was genuinely heartbroken for a moment! Granted the use of religious imagery I related to (as made evident by my cheeky comment on page one) might have had something to do with it, but it was a really powerful tale for just a critical example. I really felt the villager's love for her neighbors and her grief over their fate. Just... wow put a big ol' "Emotional" warning next time! After looking at a few elements of the game I actually became a little more cautiously optimistic rather than hyped regarding Bloodstained and I see now there may be a little more to my concern than just my weird tastes. Although considering your mark of relative quality compared to the other Igavanias, (it is in the upper half of your list after all) I'd say it still looks pretty fun. Even though Three Houses is about to make me all kinds of broke anyways so who knows when I'll get around to it. πŸ˜›
  2. ... Kickstart it. Retro reimaginings have a 100% quality rate if you do that, so hype will skyrocket. The proper way to teach someone how to sing is...
  3. Perhaps hook them on the conversation by relating it to something they like. For example, if a friend of yours is really into a character similar to a Fire Emblem unit, try starting a discussion about their similarities and differences. "Oh yeah, [insert character]! Their revenge arc reminds me a little bit of Lyn's similar arc from Fire Emblem." If it's really the anime artstyle that bothers them, that might be difficult to overcome, but you could make a point of highlighting characters who don't reflect waifu culture all that much (like *gasp* many of the male characters), and give them a gentle reminder that some pervy artist on the internet isn't a reflection of everyone who likes the series, nor necessarily reflects the series' own treatment of its characters.
  4. Another Ottservia story analysis? It really IS Christmas in July! Really fascinating take on Birthright, I can't wait to see what's to come in parts 2 and 3!
  5. Of the three Blue lions girls Ingrid is the one actually talented at swordplay so I think there's some merit to that myself, if we're assuming you want a dancer who can punish on enemy phase effectively when the going gets tough. Otherwise... yeah I don't know. I'm personally not super invested in the idea of having a dancer for my first playthrough, but time will tell.
  6. I'm just happy to see more voice acting previews, regardless of who it is. And yes Dimitri, I am very ready to choose the side of justice!
  7. Roll a percentage die you filthy casual. πŸ˜› 01-33 Black Eagles 34-66 Blue Lions 67-99 Golden Deer 100 Play all three simultaneously.
  8. I definitely feel Fire Emblem difficulty is based around the individual's play-style. One topic I like to point to in particular with this topic is any game with encounter battles and grinding. On one hand, a player with incredible patience with grinding will snap the game's difficulty in half. On the other, a player who vows to never grind might find that later chapters are balanced with skirmish exp in mind (this is an opinion I have on Awakening because wow the difficulty spikes between story arcs are real), unless you're specifically using a small team which naturally helps the party keep pace. Ultimately what makes Fire Emblem one of the most repayable RPG series of all time is the simple fact that it can be played in so many different ways, even if those variations make the games harder. I personally find myself playing often with a "no paralouge characters" rule, which at minimum forces me utilize a more specialized army in terms of class spread, and at maximum takes away the absolutely dominating power of child units from running away with the game (minus Lucina of course), or removes certain character classes from the game entirely (Canas anyone?).
  9. Blue Lions remain my favorite of the houses, so of course I want to see them first. As for student stealing, I'm making a beeline for Faith!Byleth so I'll probably just pick up anyone who joins off that (basically, the only one I know for sure is Lysithea).
  10. What is your favorite word now, and what do you think it will be ten years into your career?
  11. I won't pretend I haven't gotten pretty invested in other communities to the point where I post a lot less on here, but I check back regularly for a reason, and boy do I love just reading what my fellow fans are up to. I consider almost everyone on this forum as a distant friend, and I can't wait to see who else joins in the fun as the series popularity continues to rise.
  12. Hi there! Hope the community fits your needs!
  13. I want to aim for hidden talents and see what sort of crazy skills bloom out of it, but otherwise I'll mostly have the students learn their defaults to stay in character so to speak. The most important part of class manipulation will be White Mage Byleth anyways. Oh you know I'm gonna make it happen!
  14. After reading these reviews, I might just consider picking up Order of Ecclesia and experience a little bit of this history for myself. Will probably have to buy cartridge only off eBay but them's the brakes for not putting the game on the Wii U's eshop I guess. Buuuut my budget's tight and I still gotta save up for Bloodstained, Three Houses, Luminous Avenger iX, a month's subscription to SWTOR in September... I might just have to wait until the Igavania collection is released in 20XX. πŸ˜›
  15. This is a video game which will allow me to attend liturgical choir practice every week with my friends, just like in real life. This is so surreal and I want Nintendo to take my money.
  16. As far as trailers go, I found this one to be pretty interesting. The idea of watching the relationships between the three houses deteriorate over an actual period to time in which circumstances change rather than some spur of the moment plot drama is genius, and while I'm keeping my expectations in check (we do live in a post-Fates world after all) I'm eager to see it unfold.
  17. I think it'd be pretty cool if @TheGoodHoms and I were a boss duo in the vein of characters like Linus and Lloyd. I think the actual execution of the idea should be dictated by whatever's most comfortable for the creator, but some ideas include: Back to back chapters where the latter boss laments the death (or just defeat if we're not going there) of the former. A chapter with two bosses. One of us is the boss and the other is a mid-map obstacle or guard for said boss. Whatever you're crazy enough to dream up. In the event I become a boss, I could see myself being a Bishop for class, and I'd be equipped with a Physic staff and the challenge of the fight is I heal the troops guarding me within range to slow the player's advance, with the balance being I carry only low-level light magic, or have lower survival stats. (you could also make a plain old monk boss if you need early chapter fights) TheGoodHoms would probably like to see himself as a cavalier type class, with Paladin being the option for a later level boss (Especially if it's a Blazing Blade paladin with axe proficiency). I'd rather the encounter fit into the story y'all are trying to write, but some ideas could be we're tricked into attacking the party by the main villain, the party trespasses into the territory we're guarding, or maybe a comedic misunderstanding, among other things. Our defeat could spell our deaths, or we could do the party some kind of favor for our lives like guarding an important location in the party's absence. Homs should be characterized by extroversion, zeal, and recklessness, whereas I would be introverted, devoted, and high-strung.
  18. I think I'll wait until I've played the game (and read the support conversations) before throwing my hat into this ring , but boy this is a neat idea!
  19. Picking between swords and lances is like picking one of your kids. I guess I find the sword just a liiiiitle more romantic overall.
  20. You actually wouldn't need to check with the Vatican for sainthood, because that just refers to a person residing heaven. If you are checking for Sainthood though.... I'll see myself out.
  21. A decidedly unique and fun piece from one of, if not my #1, favorite video game soundtracks of all time. 9/10 Blazblue Chronophantasma - Under Heaven Destruction II
  22. Here's an idea: the movie is a prequel or sequel that focuses on a smaller conflict featuring only the most important characters. Sure that movie wouldn't have grand, sweeping scale of the average Fire Emblem game, but done well we could see some of the tightest character writing and cast chemistry. Most adaptations that don't do anything new or special with their source wind up terrible anyways (unless you're anime I suppose, but really anime and manga feel so intertwined in the first place).
  23. I mean, sure the game could still surprise me. I'd say there even a part of me that really wants to be delightfully awed by the game's story. I'm just mostly say at this point, I'm not holding my breath. I was already being pretty generously optimistic with the game's story when we learned it was going to take place in a fantasy high school setting, but then the protagonist gets superpowers way early in the game, then they confirmed they're doing the whole "lol your religion is bad, better rebel" thing... I really don't want to keep lying to myself and saying I'm completly okay with all of it just because it's Fire Emblem (in fact maybe concern for the writing stems from a place of care for the series, in its own way).
  24. Welp, the story of Three Houses officially has all the nuance of a C-list anime. Hopefully there's gonna be enough good in other departments to make the game worth the buy, but geez, it's kinda scary how far the series writing has dived into shameless cliches.
  25. Silly Nintendo, trying to sucker me into their online service... I do think it would be totally worth it for people who don't mind not having a nice, tangible game case, unlike me.
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