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  1. Ah, I didn't think to look in calculations. "You can make a character support any number of characters in the same chapter. For example I can make Eliwood activate a C support with Hector, Ninian, Harken, Marcus and Lowen in the same chapter." And sure enough, the info I was looking for was here. Thank you.
  2. So I tried to find some info on this, but haven't found it yet. Is there a max support chance that units can have? More specifically, is it three as the unit screen implies? For an example: Eliwood has enough support points for Lyn, Hector and Ninian to rank up their support. If I got enough points for Fiora in the same map (or even a different map), could I raise the support rank with that unit?
  3. Most of these are Three Houses based, but some should work in other games as well. Crusader (Master Class) (Armored Unit): Requirements: Faith A, Armor C+ Abilities: Ward (Res% chance to take a magical attack for an adjacent ally if their Res is lower than yours), Faith use 1.5x, Weight -5; Mastered: White Tomefaire (Honestly can't think of anything here, but optional aggression with spells like Aura and Abraxas might be useful, plus more healing from Nosferatu.) Skill Bonus: Faith +3, Armor +3, Axe +2; Stat Bonus: HP +4, Str +2, Mag +2, Spd -3, Def +3, Res +3, Move +1 (5 total) Growth Boost: HP +20%, Str +5%, Mag +5%, Spd -10%, Def +10%, Res +10% New, but the name isn't: Valkyrie (Master Class, Female Only) (Swaps between Flying, Mounted and Infantry): Requirements: Sword or Lance B, Flying B, Riding B Abilities: Remount (Can choose to take a flying mount, a grounded mount or no mount, each with it's own abilties and stat scores); Mastered: Valkyrie's Strike (Combat Art): Mt +4, Hit +10, Avoid +10, Crit +10, Use 4, Drags back when mounted, swaps when flying, moves past when infantry. Grounded: Stat Bonus: Str +1, Dex +1, Spd -1, Def +2, Res +1, Mov +4 (8 Move); Canto, Sturdy Blow (Str/Def +3 when initiating combat) Flying: Stat Bonus Dex +2, Spd +2, Res +2, Move +4 (8 Move); Canto, Mirror Strike (Str/Res +3 when initiating combat) Infantry: Str +2, Dex +2, Spd +2, Def +1, Res +1, Move +2 (6 Move); Vanguard Aura (Allies within 3 Spaces take -2 damage), Steady Posture (Def/Spd +3 when foe initiates combat) Skill Bonus: Sword +3, Lance +3, Flying +3, Riding +3; Stat Bonus (Flat Boost to every version): HP +2, Dex + 1, Def +1, Res +1 Growth Boost: HP 10%, Str 10%, Spd 10%, Def 5%, Res 5%, Cha 10%
  4. I beg to differ. Soaring Axe Kick, while not amazing, has decent vertical recovery, as you don't have to do the downward portion of it. Also, hilariously easy to hit off-stage for a double KO. I stand by this move being the greatest move in Miime Brawler's Moveset for hilarious kills. For Sword Boi, Hero's Spin is just Spin Attack, which is a good recovery on it's own, with nice reach, and some protection, even if it's not directly up. Also good for vertical combos. Skyward Dash Slash is Wolf's Up-B, okay, nothing special. For Mii Gunner, Arm Rocket is...okay.
  5. Didn't Mists ending say that she had many suitors, but denied them all? It's been awhile since I've played RD and I don't think I've ever gotten Mist to A support with Rolf or Boyd in PoR, so I don't know if there are alt. endings. In any case, I like Rolf and Mist a little more, mainly because I got to see them act from the start from the beginning of PoR.
  6. While this is more East Asian from what I've read, the Hwacha as a siege weapon would be cool. It could launch rockets at random into a set zone, maybe a 5 by 5 square. For a class, a firearms, or technician based class would be nice. They could wield swords, but have possibly unique access to firearms, which would be super heavy, but have ridiculous range and power. Accuracy is a maybe.
  7. A neat idea could be great-wolves. High speed and decent strength, but low defenses. Maybe a mounted thief?
  8. A close friend of mine once said: "I only need to hit you once Dex nerd!" I guess if we're looking at raw power versus raw technique, I'd go mostly for skill-based combatants, but an axe to the face is an axe to face regardless, so either or.
  9. I would have liked the "Three Houses Trainer" idea the most. Dimitri for high power and good range, Edelgard for immensely good defense and magic pressure, and Claude for speedy, ranged annoyance. However, I kinda like Byleth being in themselves, but I don't feel like any of his moves make me feel "Fire Emblem" or "Three Houses." My idea was for a Class system, starts with a basic class with no boosts or negatives. They can then promote into Thief, which uses swords and bows, and is the fastest, but most easily killed; Warrior/Fighter which uses Brawling and Axes with high power, but eh abilities elsewhere; Soldier/Knight wields the Lance and has good defense and power, but not the greatest speed; And lastly, the Mage which has meh stats but high utility. This emphasizes the class system from Three Houses, and the focus on classes in the FE series in general.
  10. Which makes it extremely weird that her route, which was likely going to be the most popular from the start, seems like it was added on at the end/rushed, which is saddening to me because playing as the "lesser evil" trope sounds really cool in a FE game. As for shipping, I don't find most of it canon in Fire Emblem games since the point is for romance to be open ended for multiple possibilities. But Edelgard does seem most interested in the avatar, so that one makes more sense.
  11. One thing I'd love is when you beat the game, you unlock a unit editor or randomizer. Say you want to torture yourself and make all your units Armor Knights, well now you can. Another unlock I think would be nice is to start the second generation immediately and use the substitute characters only or choose which ones you want.
  12. Purple Hawks A house comprised of some who have either fallen from grace through others lying about them, or others who have a burning desire to uncover a truth. (Think Investigation Squad from P4 mixed with Phantom Thieves from P5). Their goal is to unveil the injustices they've seen to the world, whether or not the world wants to see it. There would only really be one Crest owner in this house, the rest have no crests, but have personal weapons, equipment, and/or arts instead. Their abilities would mainly be "trope-breakers." An Armor unit with high Speed or Res, a Mage with high Strength, etc. Units (No names thought up yet):
  13. This is why I wish months just had the cutscene with the neat lore and pictures, but in-game events happen daily, on their own rules, rather than just the month's end. Basically, more Persona. I've only played 3FES and 5, but either a "Full Moon" that happens at a predetermined time, but changes each month, or a "deadline" would both work equally as well.
  14. He gets the personal skill Aptitude, which boosts his growths by 20%, making them as follows: HP: 55%; Str: 40%; Mag: 35%; Dex: 60%; Spd: 60%; Lck: 50%; Def: 30%; Res: 30%; Chm: 35% Still not quite that amazing to me, but good HP and offensive stats is always nice. He also is weak in Reason and Faith, so that Magic growth doesn't do anything besides make him better with magic weapons.
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