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  1. I didn't even know that that was a thing.
  2. I'm currently replaying PoR, and I wasn't planning on it at first, because I completely forgot that RD even had a transfer feature, but now I'm considering how I could even transfer my file to the game, since I only have a WiiU, and can't exactly just plug in a GameCube memory card. Anybody have any idea how to do this, if possible? Another thing of note is that I'm playing PoR through Dolphin (I have the game, somewhere, but my GameCube barely works anymore and I wasn't gonna pay $200 for another copy of the game since I can't find it; seriously why is this game so expensive?), so I was wondering if I could drag and drop my memory card file onto an SD card and put that in the WiiU, if that would affect anything. Any help you guys can give would be appreciated!
  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

    1. Ewan101


      Haha, you're fine. I didn't even sign in on my birthday anyway. Haha.

  4. I like the idea of Lyon reverting back to normal. He could be the main protagonist this time or something, and at first nobody trusts him because of what he did.
  5. Okay, so I'm tying to start a Fire Emblem fanfic based solely on the premise that it is done in the style of a sitcom: a plot, b plot, humorous situations. I've been trying to think, though... Which game has the best cast to pull for a sitcom? Should I mesh a bunch of different games to optimize interesting characters? Should it be a modern au or stick to the time-frame of the game (leaning towards the former atm)? What are some funny situations to get them into, etc. etc. etc. So here's where I'm asking for your help: What cast of 5-6 (or more if there's really a good potential for them) characters should be in the sitcom? What should the basic premise be? What are some silly situations I could write about? Right now I kind of want to do a Fire Emblem: Awakening cast, but I also see a lot of potential with the Greil Mercenaries. What are your ideas?
  6. I think I'd prefer an alternate timeline so you can play as Ike. I feel he would be the best as a main protagonist because of him being new to the business. I think it should take place as an alternate timeline where Greil dies via the Black Knight, but it has nothing to do with the war, in fact, maybe a timeline where the war never happened, or that they never got involved in the war or with the princess.
  7. I actually really enjoy FE12, even though I've never finished it. It's much improved from FE11 and the story is far more interesting (although the subplot with Katarina is far more interesting than the main plot imo). FE6 is really good, but, as aforementioned, the hit rate is wonky, and I've heard it's one of the most difficult FE games. (However, I did download the "Binding Blade Super Hack" which knocks the difficulty down a keg, so you might want to try that).
  8. Ohh, I thought that the gem was dependent on how much G you actually had, like when you go to status or in preparations. I feel stupid now lol
  9. I had decided to sell my entire party's items at the end of Lyn's story, so I had like 100,000 or so at the very least.
  10. I just got to Chapter 15 in Hector Mode and Lyn was carrying nothing but the Manni Katti and a Vulnerary. I was upset. lol
  11. I recently started another playthrough of Path of Radiance. I know Soren starts out pretty weak so I trained him. First chapter he shows up in, I trained him to Lv2 fairly quickly. Not a single stat increased. Enemies with -30% chance of hitting ALWAYS seem to land hits, and I'm missing with 75/80% chances. I must have angered Naga or something.
  12. I've always forgotten to check this, and I can't seem to find it anywhere on the wiki, but in Chapter 15E/16H when Lyn joins back up with your party, does all of the G you've earned from Lyn's story get transferred over, or does it do it at the beginning of Chapter 11, or not at all? I seem to remember saving all of my money during my first playthrough only to find that I lost it once Lyn's saga ended, but I don't know if I just wasn't paying attention or not. Can anybody confirm this for me, as it'll affect the way I play through Lyn's story.
  13. I'm also only running a laptop, so I really shouldn't. But I prefer playing the game on the console anyway. It just seems more authentic.
  14. It was literally like 3 minutes of me going "OH MY GOD!"
  15. We can TOTALLY be FE10 bros. lol And my computer isn't fit to run games that size. Heck, even FE9 slowed my game way down, and I couldn't use sound at all.
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