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  1. The village was the one closest to the top right. Good to hear the EXP and growths are supposed to be like that. I'll admit, the Cyrus issue may or may not have been my own poor playing.
  2. Just tried the first chapter, and it was an interesting experience. I understand this is still a very early demo, but I'll try listing my thoughts. First of all, this hack's presentation is pretty good. I've never seen a hack that used FE4-style graphics in the context of an FE7 or FE8 hack, and it looks pretty neat. It does have a few hiccups, though, like Russ's color palette looking somewhat strange when attacking, and in the opening cutscene where one of the swordfighters coming out of the castle incredibly slowly. The story is also somewhat interesting, and has a lot of potential. The gameplay, however. I have a feeling you put the MU right by the boss for testing purposes, and you're just showing off the map for the demo, and if that's the case my complaints on that front are less severe because I know it will be fixed. My other complaints are as such: First of all, I found an interesting bug. Either the Day/Night cycle doesn't reset when restarting the chapter or whether or not you visit a village doesn't reset. These issues may be due to the autosave feature. I found this because after visiting the village on one attempt, the village was closed on the next attempt. Second of all, Hitting an enemy always gives out one EXP (2 with Paragon) and killing an enemy always gives 20 EXP (40 with Paragon). I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not. As a side note, growth rates in this hack are rather low, but that's rather minor by comparison. Also, it's pretty much impossible to make a safe spot for Cyrus to do bard things on the turn he joins. Overall this hack contains a lot of potential, but in its current state requires some fixing. It should also be noted that I haven't tries the 3.1 patch you released on your Twitter yet, so maybe one of these things was fixed there.
  3. You've done a great deed, young man, for you have awakened my eyes to see the world the way it really is: In the words of a once great man, screw gravity.
  4. I actually really like it. 8.5/10 Laughter - Phantasy Star IV
  5. Personally, I think Micaiah was a decent character, but would have been a better character if some of her character traits weren't completely forgotten after the first part. Gameplay-wise, I think Micaiah is semi-usable in the early game depending on the difficulty setting, but drops off heavily later on due to the game heavily favoring physical units and a low speed growth.
  6. I personally disagree with Vanessa and Tethys's placements being so high. Reasonings: Vanessa has a bit of trouble in the early game because she joins right before a chapter where literally every enemy is either an archer or an axe user. Once you get to Chapter 4, though, she isn't held back anymore due to the amount of axe users per chapter taking a drop. Tethys, meanwhile, doesn't bring anything interesting to the table unlike most dancers. Don't get me wrong, though, she's still a perfectly viable unit.
  7. The Spanish version of RD's river battle cutscene, because Zelgius and Skrimir sound pretty much exactly the same. If that doesn't count, then I choose "DOOOOON'T LET A SINGLE ONE ESCEEEEEHP!"
  8. On one of my playthroughs, I had a Heath with capped defense.
  9. Dorcas. Also Roger, but mostly Dorcas.
  10. Even the anchor fluctuation trend
  11. Not sure if this idea's brilliant or terrible. Guess only time will tell.
  12. Change Dozla to Draco Zombie with Ike's PoR growths.
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