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  1. Just wanna say thanks to the new group of fans who picked up this project after it got neglected. I was waiting for a while and was curious as to why the project hadn't really made much progress. Good work to all those currently and previously or always have been involved. How much progress has been made in the xenologue translations, and is there an estimate as to when they might be released? No rush though, just curious.
  2. Does the team have an estimate about when this restoration patch will be released? After the next main translation patch I assume? A lot of my friends have been showing me the localized version and sometimes I really can't help but cringe. I did notice something peculiar though in the NA version. In Hinoka's and Aqua's A support conversation, they added Hinoka's blushing sprite when Hinoka is giving a present to Aqua.
  3. Heya, was wondering if it's all right with the team if I (eventually) post a video tutorial on how to patch FE:IF with Gateway? I know some people who were having trouble doing it with all the different terms and softwares and whatnot. And I won't be promoting piracy or anything in the video, so don't worry about that since I know that's no doubt an issue. I'll also be sure to give proper credit as well. If there's any other specifications you'd like to make before I do anything, please do! Again, thanks for all your effort you put into this! Us Fire Emblem fans all appreciate it very much <3
  4. Hey! Just wanna say thanks for all the hard work and effort so far. I'm pumped for the next patch. Once midterms are over I'll be spending my life on this game...
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