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  1. Um, is chapter 15 supposed to be the "Thanks for Playing" chapter or am I on an outdated patch? EDIT: It was totally outdated and I fixed it.
  2. Vaporox


    So, how long until a release?
  3. The class is intended to be called Nomad was what I thought Kob last said on that, but it's totally intentional. Wait till she promotes.
  4. Forde worked just fine for me. He didn't cap defense, but he came close. Also, your problems with Garcia are pure RNG. Try a couple runs without your own modifications, and see how it goes. Also, the thing with Joshua and not having swords before promotion is a small issue. He can grind up swords easy as a Paladin because nothing can kill him due to his speed, skill, luck, and surprisingly above-average-but-not-amazing defense. Moulder is OP, so I don't know why you didn't mention him. Also, am I the only one who had an AMAZING Tana? Give her any Killer weapon as a Great Knight and everything dies.
  5. I agree with you. It's annoying, and arena abuse is not a very effective solution. But I never used Lute, so I never had to deal with it.
  6. Loved playing this hack. Just finished Chapter 14, and I was very impressed. I like that it allows for varying strategies, and Warren being a boss and a playable unit just made him even more fun, though like Silas, he forgot a couple things about weapons, as he couldn't weild Silver weapons when he joined. I used almost all of the mounted and flying units (Dita and that Wyvern girl in chapter 14 are the exceptions), and it made a HUGE difference in chapter 13. Saving those villages would have been impossible without Lani and Sven. Speaking of him, Sven was a boon during my playthrough. Though he never leveled resistance, he was still useful because he hit like a truck, and giving him a hammer just trivialized most armored units. On to the rest of my final roster. Algimas was great. No two ways about that, he gave Ephraim a run for his money in terms of sheer killing power. Wayland was good. Hit real hard, but couldn't quite one-shot. Tactician was ok. Had difficulty doubling, but no difficulty making the enemy suffer. Aceline was a godsend. I loved having an Armor Knight that could use bows, and she ended with B ranks in lances (barely) and bows (easily), and got a couple axe swings in while she was at it. Negu was an exemplar of what Paladin's should be: fast, moderately strong, and rather difficult to hit. Doubled everything, and rarely got hit back. Gerwulf was awesome. I'm a Great Knight fanboy, and seeing one with 8 movement by default was a joyous experience. Elaine was essential because she was better than Haylyn in every respect. Lani was used because she was there. I kept Celia around after recruiting Brendan, and she killed a few flyers and was a very good chip damage unit. Brendan did much the same thing as Celia, except he could actually kill things, being a magic-user and all. Meila was awesome. She actually managed to get a lot of kills in when she was in a combat area, and I promoted her in chapter 14, and being a Rogue fanboy, I was once again delighted. As I hate dancers in most circumstances, I was surprised by how much I actually used Katarina, and she has definitely secured a spot on my endgame roster. Warren was not quite as good as Aceline, but those two held the left side of the map on chapter 14 all by themselves, and Aceline wasn't even hogging the kills. Franck was great to have on the field, and excelled at keeping the right side of the map in chapter 14 down with the rest of the mounted units. And that was my team, and my opinions, having finally beaten chapter 14, after 3 days of frustrating restarts. Keep up the good work! I would have left most hacks if I had failed as many times as I did, but this one kept me just close enough to victory to want to see it through. Also, the story is very well done. Actually having politics in anything related to Fire Emblem was really nice, and kept me interested in the dialog, instead of just hitting enter to skip and get to the fighting. One of my last points: I checked out Al, Wayland and Tactician's promotions, and I can not wait to see how they work on the field, Wayland in particular. That particular type of mobility is a favorite of mine. I love this hack, and I want to see where this goes. Raider, you and your team are very talented and it shows.
  7. She promotes into a Paladin that uses Bows and Lances (Silver Knights from FE10, and there is a working animation for the bows too) or Normal Ranger (Bows and Swords). And also, the ! that you have everywhere like Bow!Jagen!Seth is quite unnecessary. Simply "Bow Seth" is sufficient to get your point across. And also, expect L'Arachel to be hilariously broken. Capped Str, Skill, Speed, and Luck easily.
  8. Accidental double-posts while on shitty wifi are life.
  9. Just a couple things to note when you get back on this: Tana still does not have a Paladin promotion (latest patch still says Wyvern Lord and Great Knight in the promo screen). Dragoons are still vulnerable to bows (doesn't affect Gerik that much, but makes for some hella easy pickings for L'Arachel and Moulder). Other than those two things, this is a great hack, and I love the new twists put on old characters. The endgame is awesome, and I'm looking forward to Axe Paladin Tana!
  10. So he promotes to Halberdier or Dragoon? Awesome!!!!
  11. Love this hack, especially because some of the characters I would normally bench are amazing (Neimi I'm looking at you.), and some that are usually amazing are sitting on the bench (Franz, I'm looking at you bud.) Although I must ask, since I'm only on Chapter 9, what class is Gerik? I'm really hyped to find out because nobody beats OG-Based God Gerik. Ever.
  12. Got a character for you, just in case there aren't enough lol. Name: Balthazar Is an older and rather experienced soldier who just wants to spend his days doing what's right. Is very gruff, but cares deeply for his comrades and throws himself at the enemy relentlessly Class: Mage Fighter (pre-promote, swords and all anima magic) Join time: mid-to-late game Stats: Level: 10 HP:48 (50%) Str:22 (40%) Mag: 16 (25%) Skill: 20 (35%) Speed: 20 (45%) Luck: 16 (10%) Def: 18 (35%) Res: 20 (20%) Weapon ranks: Sword: A Anima: B (If using PoR/RD Anima: Fire: B, Thunder: D, Wind: D) Inventory: Silver Sword Meteor Elfire Vulnerary Not providing a mug because I am NOT an artist. Sorry if this causes problems.
  13. Vaporox


    Is Dieck still OG-Based-God?
  14. Honestly, if it's at all possible, both magic triangles should be in the game. Also, a piece of advice for the project as a whole: focus on what is in line with "regular" Fire Emblem first, then iron out what makes this project unique. Special weapons, maps, skills, and the sort should come later, at least in my opinion. It'll make the "special snowflake" parts of your project easier to focus on.
  15. Vaporox


    So it is just me. It's still Choc's project, and I'm still gonna play it, but it was worth asking. And since I can't figure how to multi-quote an edit, you have a fair point there Choc.
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