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  1. Yeah, I did recruit her, took many tries. It was a total bitch because of her suicidal tendencies and having to deal with the hoard of dark mages plus a siege tome overlapping her squadron. IIRC it was also the map where Cyas appeared there doing his Cyas things like boosting everyone's hit rates and sleeping you. She wasn't even that much better than Karin, either rather she feels like "here you go, in case you accidentally your Karin". Pretty hellish map, tons of fun.
  2. Do you even get Misha in the Lunar path? I only went straight to Leonster in the split, so I don't know path share some units. I know you get Sara on both route. Still, I wonder if there's a meme along with Misha or something.
  3. I really like the Evyvel's art, but the R+ looks a bit stiff in my opinion.
  4. I am saddened, but also unsurprised based Othin and the pugi got only an HN.
  5. Can I get some help for chapter 10 Chain Assault on Lunatic? I'm having some real issues surviving the first map. I'm not sure whether it's better to turtle or to go aggro. How did you guys went about that one?
  6. FE11: Athena, and the 15 gravestones involved in getting her FE12/3: Cecil, though she's a lot easier to use in the original FE3 FE4: Johan. I still argue to this day that him an Johalva are exactly the same in stats. FE5: Makua, even if Mareeta outclasses her. FE6: Fir. Getting her promotion item is a hassle. (was gonna say Echidna, but she's not bad) FE7: Rebecca. I even used her in HHM FE8: Artur. Early promoting him for a second C in staves is very good for chapter 14 if you are going the Ephraim route. FE9: Mia. Everyone and their mothers was telling me to use Zihark, but I refused. FE10: I don't think I used a "bad" unit here. FE13: Vaike and Cherche on no-grind runs. FE14-B: Orochi and her low Spd ass. FE14-C: Arthur. He's pretty good and ironically reliable. Great option against ninjas too. FE14-R: Playing this game on it's own more than once. Lunatic, no less. What was I thinking... Can you even not use someone in Gaiden/Echoes?
  7. The missing Laguz gotta include Tibarn and Naesala. Perhaps Nasir too. I hope 99 is Haar.
  8. Does anyone know where exactly can you get them, particulary during Celica's side of Act 3. I finished the whole half of Alm's map and by the end he had 4 golden marks (1 from a treasure and 3 from trading in Exotic Spices) and I could trade the free DLC boots for further 3. Had I known how the DLC boots work I would have gotten them on Celica's side instead and gotten the 3 marks. I checked that one of the rewards for one of the quests on Celica's side is an Exotic Spices (Dagon Fillet), but I need something called "Gossamer Hair" but I don't know how to get it. Anyways, does anyone recall where to get Golden Marks during the main story line? I know they're few in number, but Celica really wants a cool sword.
  9. no, seriously, why is it advertised as the "Laguz edition" if 10 out of 25 are going to be Beorc? That's only 15 laguz. Like did they halfway through forgot about more Laguz to add? Anyways. We know Ike (R), 2 Mist, Zihark (R), Ilyana, Grommel (why is he a meme?) and an obligatory Cipher exclusive. Only 4 Beorc left, cross your fingers for another card of your waifu, everyone. I personally hope Ashnard snipes one of the green SRs.
  10. What about Echidna and Elphin? To see if they're any indicator of how strict they'll be to characters involved in the manga. Also I've just noticed, out of 4 Rs relegated to the green cards, Beorc are already half of them. Goes to show how even during Laguz's special moment, Beorc are just better than subhumans.
  11. Do you guys think Miledy will make it to the purples? Did she had a role in the manga?
  12. I am about to finish chapter 1, so my impressions are like the immediate results. I went Mercenary Grey, Mage Tobin, Mercenary Kliff and Cleric Faye. Currently Grey is pretty damn rad he's fast, Mage Tobin is also pretty great since Excalibur is very broken and you get it very early, Kliff is surprisingly doing very well although he does have the Thunder Sword on him plus his black color scheme is very good and finally Faye is odd she has like a ton of Atk compared to Silque and physic to boot. While I feel Faye might perform better as a more offensive class, she's very slow and her early Physic helps a lot.
  13. It isn't even confusing, just downright crippling. So you have these units that can be very good potentially better than beorc at glance, but only for a few turns and then they are turned to deadweight for full 5 turns, and their empty gauge carried over between chapters. To top it off they don't promote so no bonus stats, they don't get new weapons so enjoy range 1 weapons with no variation the whole game. The worst part is that eventually become so common it feels like normal Laguz only exist so the player understand how powerful the royals are. And we complained about Fates having preference for royals, didn't we? It'd had been better if the gauge got filled the more they fought, but depleted very quickly if they didn't fought during a turn. That way the player would have to opt for more aggressive strategies when using Laguz to keep them transformed.
  14. I wonder how many people actually, out of their own volition and not forced by the game, actively and consciously deployed and used Skrimir given he lacked Formshift.
  15. The only thing you might have to worry about is that the game moves kinda slow so have a shortcut for for fast forward (though if you played FE4 and 5 already you probably already have one) and for Book 1 I'd say Shadow Dragon on the DS offers a better experience, but Book 2 is still very unique when compared to the DS remake since FE12 ended up differing wildly. For instance in FE12 the star shards only boost stats whereas in Book 2 of FE3 the shards boost your growths like the scrolls in FE5 and stats cap at 20 like in FE5 so you can easily get your waifu favorites to become viable even if guides say they're garbage. The sprites are very cool, too so battles are far more graphically pleasing than FE12. If you've already played FE4 and 5 you'll be right at home here.
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