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  1. I have not been here in a long while....

  2. Erk! So much food.... Dying.... orz

  3. Just letting you know they your comment killed me. Pfffft! XD How else would Robin be able to tip the scales?Much delicious. So magic. All the weight gain. Sorry my friends and I are still making of the almighty Betty Crocker spell tome, hahaha. We might use it for luls cosplay pictures when we cosplay as FE characters. Edit: ARSGSGHSHSHAH! Replying to things on my phone is annoying. D<
  4. Busy celebrating CNY

  5. This is absolutely amazing! I would have never been able to create something that intimidating in polymer clay. I especially love the fine details on the head as well as the flow of the sculpture makes Grima very animate. d(o wo)b
  6. So many pretty stuff in the contest gallery! *0*

  7. Thanks! Sadly I do not think I have the will to knit another one for a while. I'm a bit burnt out spending about 3 - 4 weeks drafting and knitting this thing. DX There is a caption for the photos it was: "Studying the art of spell casting..... Not really....". Tbh the spell book was a last minute book cover fitted over a Betty Crocker cook book just for the shoot! A lot of random behind of the bloopers and laughs really. Thank you! It is very cozy and plush (double layered) <3 Sadly no, I have drafted the pattern by hand and I have free handed some edits to the pattern (in particular the hood) as I was knitting. So some of the edits have not been transferred onto my draft. It was secretly a Betty Crocker cook book. Hopefully what ever Robin makes will not end up like the carrot soup.... Thanks! I was so nervous how the pattern would have turned out when I drafted it! DX It called a schoodie (scarf + hoodie). Thanks! that was the main focus of the design that I was really paranoid about getting it right. I really wanted the hood to replicate the hood on the cloak. :3
  8. Finally submitted my entry! It was really chilly getting the photos taken. >m<
  9. I've just finished my entry a few days ago, I just need to hunt down one of my friends and enslave them to help me take a decent photo of it. OTL
  10. A friend suggested that I join this website ( ' w ' )

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