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  1. Finally got around to updating my spreadsheet 🙂 Theres a variety of SR/SR+/R/R+/ST+/PR cards from sets 1-13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FlauwtCCvRzsbeDcAY4tLxbS9GLykxJHhegoQDMU34k/edit?usp=sharing Mainly looking to sell but will consider trades for any marker cards that I don't have (indicated either by red/pink highlighting or not being listed at all on the "Markers" tab). Additionally, I will discount (or potentially throw in for free) items in my "Other" tab for larger orders! Also if anyone is interested in bulk I have probably around 500 (could be more or less, I need to count) N/HN/PR/ST cards from sets 1-13 for $25 + shipping. No dupes (except for a sprinkle of PRs and ST cards).
  2. Super late but: batsu +1 interlude37 +1 breademic + 1 yaymen + 1 manit14 + 1 Ves + 1 zero + 1 YourAverageJackass +1 Thank you~
  3. sangyuplee + 1 Akaru + 1 jiayejoe + 1 SELECT + 1 interlude37 + 1 kirie + 1 Thank you everyone~
  4. Selling essentially my entire collection :c (except for markers and some nohr/hoshidan royals). I collected up until B13 and I should have at least 1 copy of nearly every SR and R as well as a lot of + cards. (and ofc the N/HN cards which aren't listed but hmu if you're looking for any) Looking primarily to sell but I might consider trades for the items in my "wants" tab (which is mainly marker cards and B14/15 nohr/hoshidan royals). Everything is priced using amenitydream/bigweb (rounded up/down $0.25) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FlauwtCCvRzsbeDcAY4tLxbS9GLykxJHhegoQDMU34k/edit?usp=sharing&fbclid=IwAR05qF8q4A9GA0Yg3afANDZKi5aIYuKS8423nZ0sRWzg31CItr9FvEErIX0
  5. Finally got my boxes last week. Updated list (from memory) with B11. I'll edit again once I have the full list of what I have. Updated! Haves: Wants list:
  6. Updated with set 10! By some twist of fate all the boxes I had all had the Heroes sleeves and EphraimxFlora promos. Wants list: For Trade/Sell
  7. +1 Aquantis +1 Ching +1 Mallow +1 oh.glory Thanks everyone :)
  8. +1 Roflolxp54 +1 Marcuz +1 Zero Also updated my list! I got my c91 boxes and I don't need the deck boxes or the sleeve packs so these are also up for trade/sale
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