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  1. Lorenz, Raphael, Ignatz, and Marianne are recruitable on Azure Gleam. I've added them.
  2. Looking into Combat Art tutelage and noticed something odd. Shez has the speech bubble indicating valid teachable Combat Art on Windsweep and Mortal Struggle, but Dimitri (who has level 3 in those as well) does not. I can't think of any reason that would be unless CA tutelage is on a character-by-character basis instead of anybody being able to teach anybody else...
  3. So aside from new classes and characters, I think the thing I'd most want to see as an update (preferably free) would be a proper Free-Play Mode. The way I envision it working is: Unlocks once you've cleared your first route (or maybe all three routes?), and can be accessed when starting a new game on that file. Choosing that takes you to a special version of the base camp where every character you've ever recruited is available and can be interacted with (even if it doesn't make sense, like having Edelgard and Rhea in the same camp). Every character can be trained, given gifts, taken on expeditions, assigned chores, or fed food. The mode plays as Casual Mode by default, or at least offers you a way to resurrect dead characters so you aren't stuck unable to use your full roster. The regular shop's stock of items is now infinite. Anna's secret shop is still finite, but can be replenished. In addition to replaying story battles at the Records Keeper, the War Map has been replaced with a mode that offers you randomly-generated missions. Any character can show up as an enemy or ally on these maps, even characters in your playable roster or minor NPCs like Ladislava, Acheron, or Count Varley. Some missions are similar to the giant monster missions that sometimes appeared on the War Map. In addition to standard rewards such as weapons and minerals, many battles also offer replenished Training Points, Activity Points, or Anna's shop supply as rewards, allowing those features to be used indefinitely. You may exit the mode at any time and start a new story playthrough.
  4. Last night I added some more columns to the tables for Combat Arts and Spells, but didn't have the time or resources to actually fill 'em out. I can do some later tonight.
  5. Sadly, no. He's a green unit, and so cannot be given orders or made an Adjutant. He does whatever he wants and the player cannot stop him from eventually killing the Demonic Beast, short of somehow getting him to retreat in battle.
  6. Poison-breathing Demonic Beast is a good idea. Do chapter strategies still apply during record battles, though? That's the real question. Edit: The strategy still seems to apply, and Restore can be farmed on the Demonic Beast... for a while. The problem is Jeritza getting too aggro and depleting the Demonic Beast's health. Once it's on death's door, it gets put in a permanent state of stun and can no longer poison you. Do you recall any missions with a poisonous Demonic Beast and no green unit allies?
  7. Does anybody know any good ways to grind out Restore uses? My current chapter has the increased Combat Art exp effect in place so I'd like to grind a little bit, but I don't know any situations in which you can reliably expose your units to status conditions.
  8. Well, the chart doesn't specify which is a Heroes' Relic and which is a Sacred Weapon, haha. But I think matching the same format as the normal weapon chart would be fine. It's okay if the descriptions go to a second line, they don't need to be shortened.
  9. Their models are used at the Training Grounds, but I don't think they're an obtainable item in the game. Thanks for filling in the pages. I think we should include materials in the relic/sacred weapon sections so the user knows whether they take Mythril, Umbral Steel, or whatever else.
  10. After playing through Three Houses four separate times and seeing the same introductory stuff every time, I'd be pretty miffed if they made us sit through the same story beats three more times.
  11. Haha, I didn't even know you were the one running the datamine spreadsheet, or at least a contributor to it. Yeah, I've fetched some info off there, but a lot of it is gonna have to be tested in-game like weapon ranks and forgeability it seems.
  12. Speaking of weapons, I've started making a (very preliminary) page for swords, which can be used as the format for the other weapon types once it's finished. My access to the game itself is limited at this time so I can't do too much with it yet, but I figure if anybody else wants to take a crack at it I'd get it started.
  13. Listing the skills is good. Since this is an action game instead of an RPG we might want to talk about how the classes actually play (and note which ones share movesets or dismount into other movesets).
  14. I've seen some people suggest he unlocks once you've unlocked every other character in the game at some point, which would usually be early into your third and final route.
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