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  1. With regard to modes, what I'd like to see is a new mode that makes losing units an actual thing that happens. FEW1 gives you the option to play Classic or Casual mode, but it's a pretty pointless mechanic since all Classic does is make it so you have to pay a money fee if a unit falls. It's just monetary grinding rather than any real consequences, and so I'm of the opinion that it should be removed from the main game modes and simply function like Casual mode. To make up for that, the new mode would have a sort of chain-challenge element to it, in that you'd be given a sequence of several missions to play (five sound good, with the caveat you don't have to do it all at once?) and only a small number of units to use across all the missions (perhaps eight units?). If any of your playable characters gets defeated in battle, not only are they gone from that mission, they're also gone from all the remaining missions in the same chain challenge. Enemies also have much higher Strength and Magic stats than usual, such that losing characters due to misplay is actually a realistic consequence, and healing is limited; staves and vulneraries don't recharge between battles, and other sources of healing (fortresses, Sol) are limited or just don't work. The rewards, of course, would be scaled proportionately; you'd get a large trove of rare materials and gold, and perhaps some one-time unlocks such as new weapons and characters could even be hidden behind it. Maybe these chain challenges could be connected to the Anna's Mementos this time around.
  2. Somebody had to vouch for Acheron's splendor. He is the true hero of Three Houses after all. Brave Reinhardt is necessary because we only have red, blue, and green Reinhardt right now. We're missing colorless Reinhardt to complete the set. I wasn't sure if Warriors Anna was allowed because of your rules, but I needed 7 Warriors characters so I could have one full banner plus Fallen Darios on the later banner.
  3. Shadow Dragon Lena (Colorless Staff Infantry) Jake (Colorless Bow Armor) Matthis (Blue Lance Cavalry) Julian (Red Dagger Infantry) TT Nyna (Colorless Staff Infantry) GHB Medeus (Green Dragon Infantry) Shadows of Valentia Luthier (Blue Tome Infantry) Tatiana (Colorless Staff Infantry) Jesse (Red Sword Infantry) Atlas (Colorless Bow Cavalry) TT Nomah (Colorless Staff Infantry) GHB Jedah (Red Tome Infantry) New Mystery Female Kris (Red Sword Infantry) Malice (Red Sword Infantry) Dice (Green Axe Infantry) Rickard (Colorless Dagger Infantry) TT Male Kris (Red Sword Infantry) GHB Eremiya (Blue Tome Infantry) Geneaology of the Holy War (First Generation) Lex (Green Axe Cavalry) Erinys (Blue Lance Flying) Brigid (Colorless Bow Infantry) Beowolf (Red Sword Cavalry) TT Claud (Colorless Staff Infantry) GHB Manfroy (Red Tome Infantry) Thracia 776 Linoan (Colorless Staff Infantry) Eda (Blue Lance Flying) Dalsin (Green Axe Armor) Homer (Red Tome Infantry) TT Xavier (Green Axe Armor) GHB Raydrik (Red Sword Armor) Binding Blade Juno (Blue Lance Flying) Dorothy (Colorless Axe Infantry) Gonzalez (Green Axe Infantry) Astolfo (Colorless Dagger Infantry) TT Niime (Red Tome Infantry) GHB Murdock (Green Axe Armor) Blazing Sword Athos (Red Tome Infantry) Isadora (Red Sword Cavalry) Vaida (Blue Lance Flying) Dart (Green Axe Infantry) TT Denning (Colorless Bow Infantry) GHB Nergal (Blue Tome Infantry) Sacred Stones Knoll (Red Tome Infantry) Dozla (Green Axe Infantry) Vanessa (Blue Lance Flying) Natasha (Colorless Staff Infantry) TT Hayden (Colorless Bow Cavalry) GHB Selena (Blue Tome Cavalry) Path of Radiance Gatrie (Blue Lance Armor) Jill (Blue Lance Flying) Rolf (Colorless Bow Infantry) Calill (Green Tome Infantry) TT Greil (Green Axe Infantry) GHB Petrine (Blue Lance Cavalry) Radiant Dawn Edward (Red Sword Infantry) Gareth (Red Dragon Infantry) Heather (Colorless Dagger Infantry) Aran (Blue Lance Infantry) TT Skimir (Colorless Beast Armor) GHB Sephiran (Colorless Staff Infantry) Awakening Kellam (Blue Lance Armor) Miriel (Red Tome Infantry) Vaike (Green Axe Infantry) Ricken (Green Tome Infantry) TT Emmeryn (Colorless Staff Infantry) GHB Gangrel (Red Dagger Infantry) Fates - Birthright Mozu (Blue Lance Infantry) Orochi (Blue Tome Infantry) Kiragi (Colorless Bow Infantry) Fuga (Green Axe Infantry) TT Scarlet (Green Axe Flying) GHB Yukimura (Colorless Dagger Cavalry) Three Houses 1 Caspar (Colorless Gauntlet Infantry) Dedue (Colorless Gauntlet Armor) Ingrid (Blue Lance Flying) Lorenz (Green Tome Cavalry) TT Leonie (Colorless Bow Cavalry) GHB Acheron (Green Tome Infantry) Three Houses 2 Flayn (Colorless Staff Infantry) Seteth (Blue Lance Flying) Catherine (Red Sword Infantry) Shamir (Colorless Bow Infantry) TT Hanneman (Red Tome Infantry) GHB Rhea (Blue Dragon Infantry) Thracia 776 Part 2 - The Reckoning Conomor (Blue Lance Cavalry) Amalda (Colorless Staff Cavalry) Selfina (Green Bow Cavalry) Sara (Red Tome Infantry) TT Shannam (Red Sword Infantry) GHB Veld (Colorless Tome Infantry) Heroes Veronica (Green Tome Infantry) Bruno (Blue Tome Cavalry) Plumeria (Red Tome Flying) Mirabilis (Colorless Staff Flying) TT Gustav (Green Axe Cavalry) GHB Triandra (Green Tome Flying) Warriors Rowan (Red Sword Infantry) Lianna (Red Sword Infantry) Anna (Blue Bow Infantry) Yelena (Colorless Staff Infantry) TT Oskar (Green Tome Infantry) GHB Darios (Red Sword Infantry) Choose Your Legends 4 Edelgard (Blue Tome Infantry) Dimitri (Green Axe Cavalry) Claude (Red Sword Flying) Lysithea (Colorless Dagger Infantry) TT Nino (Red Dagger Infantry) GHB Reinhardt (Colorless Staff Cavalry) Fates - Conquest Charlotte (Green Axe Infantry) Nyx (Red Tome Infantry) Sophie (Blue Lance Cavalry) Dwyer (Colorless Staff Cavalry) TT Benny (Blue Lance Armor) GHB Shura (Colorless Bow Infantry) Three Houses 3 Yuri (Red Sword Infantry) Balthus (Colorless Gauntlet Infantry) Constance (Blue Tome Flying) Hapi (Green Tome Cavalry) TT Jeralt (Blue Lance Cavalry) GHB Aelfric (Red Tome Infantry) Awakening 2 Basilio (Green Axe Infantry) Flavia (Green Axe Infantry) Say'ri (Red Sword Infantry) Laurent (Blue Tome Infantry) TT Priam (Red Sword Infantry) GHB Yen'fay (Red Sword Infantry) Blazing Sword 2 Louise (Colorless Bow Infantry) Guy (Red Sword Infantry) Farina (Blue Lance Flying) Geitz (Green Axe Infantry) TT Wallace (Blue Lance Armor) GHB Fargus (Green Axe Infantry) Fallen Heroes Gunter (Blue Lance Cavalry) Darios (Colorless Dragon Armor) Garon (Green Axe Infantry) Edelgard (Red Tome Armor) TT Aelfric (Red Dragon Infantry) GHB Dedue (Colorless Beast Armor) Geneaology of the Holy War (Second Generation) Patty (Colorless Dagger Infantry) Iuchar (Green Axe Cavalry) Lana (Colorless Staff Cavalry) Tine (Blue Tome Infantry) TT Hannibal (Red Sword Armor) GHB Bloom (Blue Tome Armor) Legendary Heroes Dimitri (Blue Lance Infantry) Claude (Colorless Bow Flying) Female Corrin (Green Dragon Cavalry) Sharena (Blue Lance Flying) Xander (Green Axe Cavalry) Alfonse (Red Sword Cavalry) Mythic Heroes Hel (Green Axe Flying) Nemesis (Red Sword Infantry) Mila (Green Dragon Infantry) Ashera (Colorless Tome Flying) Anankos (Blue Dragon Armor) TMS Medeus (Colorless Dragon Infantry)
  4. Apropos of nothing, somebody actually made a Trails In The Sky version of a certain Last Of Us 2 meme that's been going around lately. Anybody who's been frustrated by Sun Door 2 may get a kick out of it. I know I do.
  5. Having just finished Verdant Wind yesterday, I'm sorta in agreement, sorta not. I like Claude, and I like the Golden Deer. As characters, they're great. But Verdant Wind's plot doesn't really fit Claude's character arc and motives. "I want to tear down walls and open Fodlan up to the outer world!" But rather than doing any plot about Almyra or anything like that, we get... the war with Edelgard even though we barely met her beforehand, battling the Dubsteppers when they're a totally out-of-context problem that just coincidentally exists at the same time as Claude, and a final battle against Nemesis, because...? Verdant Wind should have had a different plot that plays more to Claude's strengths; decrease the amount of time spent warring with Edelgard by trimming out a few of the excess battles and have a few battles with Dimitri's berserk forces as well, under the pretense that Claude is just trying to stabilize Fodlan rather than crusade against one enemy alone. Have Claude's ambitions of opening Fodlan to the outside world be underlying the entire time by actually including that outside world, perhaps with even visiting Almyra. Minimize Thales' involvement and steamroll over him without even knowing like in Azure Moon. And finally, have a thematically-appropriate final boss that's been built up to during the entire route like Rhea and Edelgard get in CF and AM. That may necessitate introducing a new character as early as during White Clouds, maybe a force that specifically wants to keep Fodlan closed-off but has ties to other villain groups. Now, as others have mentioned, Silver Snow is pretty weak too, arguably weaker since it's basically just Verdant Wind without funny upside-down man to make things exciting. If Verdant Wind were changed as I suggested, Silver Snow would automatically become better by virtue of being the route to focus specifically on Fodlan's past and the Dubsteppers. It could also cannibalize Nemesis as a better final boss more fitting the route's focus. You could also potentially make Seteth and Flayn more prominent as the route's de facto lords, or even rescue Rhea early and have her become playable.
  6. I was thinking reduced KO count (3000 or 5000), and the crest itself would cost fewer materials to craft. Maybe just the Weapon Scroll itself, even. Also only Weapon Scrolls, no Weapon Opi, assuming the weapon might cap either stays at 240 even after updates, or is just 720 from the start.
  7. In my original draft, the base game would include prf weapons for everybody's primary class, while secondary class prfs would be in the DLC maps as rewards. Until then they'd have to rely on the generic Brave weapons, much like how Robin, Lissa, Frederick, Cordelia, Anna, and Tiki didn't get their prfs until the first game's DLC. I feel like this would help sell the primary class as the "main" one, while also giving incentive to play the DLC maps.
  8. I already posted something on the previous page, but I've refined my movesets and roster a little. As with my last list, all characters (except villains) have two classes-- one primary class they start out as, and a secondary that you can unlock. Bold stuff means new stuff. Classes: Sword Sword Lord [Sword, Infantry] (My name for Rowan/Lianna's moveset) Lodestar [Sword, Infantry] (My name for Marth/Celica's moveset) Mercenary [Sword, Infantry] (My name for Chrom/Lucina's moveset) Samurai [Sword, Infantry] (My name for Ryoma/Owain's moveset) Myrmidon [Sword, Infantry] (My name for Lyn/Navarre's moveset) Conqueror [Sword, Infantry] (A new swordplay style for Alm since he's left-handed) Vanguard [Sword, Infantry] (Ike's personal class) Enlightened One [Sword, Infantry] (Byleth's personal class) Nohr Prince(ss) [Sword, Infantry, Draconic] (My name for Corrin's moveset) Dancer [Sword, Infantry, Dance] (My name for Olivia's moveset) Sword Cavalier [Sword, Cavalry] (My name for Xander's moveset) Lance Lance Lord [Lance, Infantry] (A more regal alternative to the standard Soldier) Soldier [Lance, Infantry] (My name for Oboro's moveset) Lance Armor [Lance, Infantry, Armored] Songstress [Lance, Infantry, Dance] (My name for Azura's moveset) Lance Cavalier [Lance, Cavalry] Lance Pegasus [Lance, Flying] (My name for Caeda/Cordelia/Hinoka's moveset) Lance Wyvern [Lance, Flying, Draconic] Axe Fighter [Axe, Infantry] Axe Armor [Axe, Infantry, Armored] Axe Cleric [Axe, Infantry, Staff] (My name for Lissa's moveset; it's different from the generic Fighter enemies', and uses staves) Great Knight [Axe, Cavalry, Armored] (My name for Frederick's moveset) Axe Wyvern [Axe, Flying, Draconic] (My name for Camilla/Minerva's moveset) Bow Archer [Bow, Infantry] (My name for Takumi/Sakura/Anna/Niles's moveset) Outlaw [Bow, Infantry] (A quicker, more acrobatic alternative to Archer) Bow Cleric [Bow, Infantry, Staff] (A slower, more defensive alternative to Archer, with staff magic mixed in) Bow Knight [Bow, Cavalry] Bow Wyvern [Bow, Flying, Draconic] Tome Mage [Tome, Infantry] (My name for Robin/Tharja's moveset) Light Mage [Tome, Infantry] (My name for Linde's moveset; perhaps the basic energy balls can be made into light balls for visual flair) Dark Mage [Tome, Infantry] Dark Knight [Tome, Cavalry] (My name for Leo/Elise's moveset) Tome Troubador [Tome, Cavalry, Staff] (An alternate take on Dark Knight that uses different magic, including staves) Dark Falcon [Tome, Flying] Dagger Thief [Dagger, Infantry] Maid/Butler [Dagger, Infantry, Staff] Mechanist [Dagger, Cavalry] Gauntlets Brawler [Gauntlets, Infantry] Stone Manakete Youth [Stone, Infantry, Draconic] (My name for Tiki's moveset) Manakete Dancer [Stone, Infantry, Dance, Draconic] Characters: Fire Emblem Warriors Rowan [Sword Lord/Axe Wyvern] Lianna [Sword Lord/Dark Knight] Anna [Outlaw/Fighter] New OC Hero [Lodestar/Thief] New OC Hero [Lance Lord/Tome Troubador] New OC Hero [Fighter/Brawler] Darios [Sword Lord] New OC Villain [Dark Mage] Shadow Dragon Marth [Lodestar/Tome Troubador] Caeda [Lance Pegasus/Dark Falcon] Jagen [Lance Cavalier/Great Knight] Draug [Lance Armor/Fighter] Navarre [Myrmidon/Outlaw] Tiki [Manakete Youth/Mage] Minerva [Axe Wyvern/Lance Wyvern] Linde [Light Mage/Bow Cleric] Gharnef [Dark Mage] Shadows of Valentia Alm [Conqueror/Archer] Celica [Lodestar/Light Mage] Lukas [Soldier/Great Knight] Clair [Lance Pegasus/Tome Troubador] Mathilda [Lance Cavalier/Lance Armor] Mae [Light Mage/Axe Cleric] Boey [Mage/Thief] Saber [Myrmidon/Mage] Berkut [Lance Cavalier] Blazing Blade Lyn [Myrmidon/Bow Knight] Eliwood [Sword Cavalier/Lance Armor] Hector [Axe Armor/Mercenary] Dorcas [Fighter/Soldier] Nino [Mage/Lance Pegasus] Ninian [Manakete Dancer/Dark Falcon] Jaffar [Myrmidon/Thief] Ursula [Dark Knight] Awakening Chrom [Mercenary/Lance Cavalier] Robin [Mage/Samurai] Lissa [Axe Cleric/Light Mage] Frederick [Great Knight/Lance Armor] Cordelia [Lance Pegasus/Mercenary] Tharja [Dark Mage/Lance Armor] Olivia [Dancer/Lance Pegasus] Lucina [Mercenary/Archer] Owain [Samurai/Dark Mage] Severa [Bow Knight/Mercenary] Inigo [Mercenary/Thief] Validar [Dark Mage] Fates Corrin [Nohr Prince(ss)/Mechanist] Azura [Songstress/Dark Falcon] Kaze [Thief/Samurai] Felicia [Maid/Mercenary] Ryoma [Samurai/Fighter] Hinoka [Lance Pegasus/Archer] Takumi [Archer/Samurai] Sakura [Bow Cleric/Light Mage] Oboro [Soldier/Archer] Xander [Sword Cavalier/Lance Wyvern] Camilla [Axe Wyvern/Dark Mage] Leo [Dark Knight/Sword Cavalier] Elise [Tome Troubador/Maid] Niles [Outlaw/Dark Mage] Iago [Dark Mage] Three Houses Byleth [Enlightened One/Brawler] Edelgard [Axe Armor/Lodestar] Hubert [Dark Mage/Lance Cavalier] Bernadetta [Archer/Lance Cavalier] Dimitri [Lance Lord/Mercenary] Dedue [Brawler/Axe Armor] Annette [Axe Cleric/Mage] Claude [Bow Wyvern/Sword Lord] Hilda [Fighter/Lance Armor] Lysithea [Dark Mage/Samurai] Seteth [Lance Wyvern/Sword Lord] Flayn [Light Mage/Lance Pegasus] Death Knight [Lance Cavalier] Bonus Roy [Sword Lord/Bow Knight] Ike [Vanguard/Fighter] With this, you have the original 32 characters from FEW1, 36 new characters, and 8 villains. You also have the 18 movesets from FEW1 plus 23 new movesets. The 8 villains would not be playable at launch, but would be made playable in a free update like Cia, Volga, and Wizzro were back in the original Hyrule Warriors. They're more or less meant to be bonus characters, hence only having one moveset each. DLC could potentially add a handful of new characters and new movesets. Feedback is appreciated.
  9. Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki are getting PS4 remasters this month, but no word yet on an official localization. I'm happy for the fan translation but I'm gonna wait and see if we get Kai first.
  10. I'd guess that yes, there's already development on FEW2 (or at least there was until COVID-19 hit the pause button, and will resume later). As others have said, FEW1 was successful enough for them to want to do a sequel and most of their current projects have wrapped up, on top of Fire Emblem as a whole being even more popular now and Three Houses assets being quick to backport into the Warriors engine. If it were up to me I'd focus on Shadows of Valentia, Blazing Sword, and Three Houses, with Roy and Ike as standalone bonus characters similar to how Celica and Lyn were last time. I suppose you could "cheat" and lump the two Elibe games together into a single set, but spreading yourself thin between four games, especially when one of them is an utter behemoth like 3H that'll eat up a disproportionate amount of roster slots, is dangerous. I'd prefer they just save a full exploration of Binding Blade (and Path of Radiance and whatever FE17 winds up being) for FEW3.
  11. Awakening already had its time in the sun, but a map based on Grima's back (with those dark spikes serving as the fort "walls" would be pretty sick.
  12. Ignoring Heroes alts for the sake of originality... Dread Fighter Owain, to go with Bride Lucina. Hoshidan-garbed versions of the Nohrian royalty and vice-versa. King Marth. Awakening and Fates Anna. Hot Springs Scramble Lucina and Owain. I'd say Summer Scramble Chrom, Cordelia, and Tharja, but... that'd probably be a little awkward.
  13. Yes, they're definitely low-polygon/low-res models. You can see the triangles in Ingrid's skirt in particular. I'm gonna assume it's just the unfinished product, though; the footage is from November, after all. I remember when Chrom was revealed back in April he looked like a janky Gamecube-era model, but looks fine in the actual game. Sothis is probably gonna stay a PNG, though.
  14. So, first things first, I've actually been a little bit frustrated with how the Fighter Pass had been entirely third-party characters up until this point. Smash is a celebration of Nintendo and while a few guest fighters are fine, it really starts to dilute the appeal to me once you just keep pulling 'em in-- especially ones with zero connection to Nintendo like PAC-MAN, Cloud, Joker, Terry, and (loathe as I am to admit it) Snake. So Byleth immediately won points with me just for breaking that trend and actually reminding everyone that Nintendo and its subsidiaries do in fact have characters of their own. Beyond that, Three Houses is a wonderful game that I personally wanted to see get into Ultimate. I don't really have much attachment to Byleth specifically, but they made the most sense as the character to represent it and with them comes a cool stage, cool music, and other assorted goodies. Byleth's moveset incorporating the other Lords' Hero Relics is strange, but makes sense (in a way it's like playing as all four characters at once) and looks like a pretty solid and fun moveset to use; not too gimmicky like Hero or the Quarter-Circle Boys, whom I find somewhat awkward to just casually pick up and play. The trailer itself is pretty funny, between Solon's confused exasperation and the cheeky nod at their own overabundance of swordsmen ("solved" by Byleth becoming a swordswoman). However, the most important detail is that the Gatekeeper made it into Smash. That's all I could ever want. The second most important detail, while irrelevant to Byleth, is that we can put the Cuphead head on Sans' body or the Sans head on Cuphead's body and create the most cursed Mii Fighters yet.
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