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  1. The Steam versions are very good, yes. I have the Sky trilogy on Steam, at least.
  2. Yes, they're definitely low-polygon/low-res models. You can see the triangles in Ingrid's skirt in particular. I'm gonna assume it's just the unfinished product, though; the footage is from November, after all. I remember when Chrom was revealed back in April he looked like a janky Gamecube-era model, but looks fine in the actual game. Sothis is probably gonna stay a PNG, though.
  3. So, first things first, I've actually been a little bit frustrated with how the Fighter Pass had been entirely third-party characters up until this point. Smash is a celebration of Nintendo and while a few guest fighters are fine, it really starts to dilute the appeal to me once you just keep pulling 'em in-- especially ones with zero connection to Nintendo like PAC-MAN, Cloud, Joker, Terry, and (loathe as I am to admit it) Snake. So Byleth immediately won points with me just for breaking that trend and actually reminding everyone that Nintendo and its subsidiaries do in fact have characters of their own. Beyond that, Three Houses is a wonderful game that I personally wanted to see get into Ultimate. I don't really have much attachment to Byleth specifically, but they made the most sense as the character to represent it and with them comes a cool stage, cool music, and other assorted goodies. Byleth's moveset incorporating the other Lords' Hero Relics is strange, but makes sense (in a way it's like playing as all four characters at once) and looks like a pretty solid and fun moveset to use; not too gimmicky like Hero or the Quarter-Circle Boys, whom I find somewhat awkward to just casually pick up and play. The trailer itself is pretty funny, between Solon's confused exasperation and the cheeky nod at their own overabundance of swordsmen ("solved" by Byleth becoming a swordswoman). However, the most important detail is that the Gatekeeper made it into Smash. That's all I could ever want. The second most important detail, while irrelevant to Byleth, is that we can put the Cuphead head on Sans' body or the Sans head on Cuphead's body and create the most cursed Mii Fighters yet.
  4. Me too, brother. Not just for Fire Emblem's sake either. I've been itchin' for a new Warriors game in general, but the recent ones don't appeal to me. At the very least I'm hoping for a reveal during the first half of this year, either in a February Direct or at E3 like the first one.
  5. It seems that Japanese Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are getting a free demo of the original Fire Emblem Warriors. Now, I'm sure everybody in this subforum already has a copy of Warriors and has no use for a Japanese trial version, but... do you think the reason for this promotion might be to bring the game back into the public eye and give people a chance to play it in time for Fire Emblem Warriors 2? We ARE due a Nintendo Direct soon... but perhaps I'm just being optimistic here.
  6. At the very least the four major players are guaranteed: Byleth (New sword infantry moveset) Edelgard (New axe armor moveset) Dimitri (Probably new lance infantry moveset that's more lordly than Oboro's Soldier-style, unless they're feeling lazy) Claude (New bow flying moveset) After that I expect at least one additional character from each class, maybe two if they're feeling saucy. If it were up to me we'd get Hubert (new Dark Mage moveset), Bernadetta (new Bow Knight moveset), Dedue (new Brawler moveset or just axe armor), Mercedes (Linde clone), Hilda (new Fighter moveset because Lissa's is too War Cleric-flavored to repurpose), and Leonie (Bow Knight again), but Lysithea is a probable candidate if they go through with making a proper Dark Mage moveset. Then, as the cherry on top (possibly as DLC), Flayn (Linde clone?) and Seteth (new Lance Wyvern moveset).
  7. Looking forward to this. I'm a big fan of the original's spritework but this watercolor artstyle is a nice alternative. I never actually completed Rescue Team's bonus dungeons so this'll be a good chance to redeem myself. Also, of course, hoping this eventually leads to an Explorers remake.
  8. Filled out the questionnaire even though I've only played the Sky trilogy thus far. I hope you don't mind me shitposting for the pairing questions, I have no earnest interest in pairings.
  9. Newly-playable characters who will be playable for the first time in Hajimari? Not many come to mind, since Sen's villains largely either died or were already playable at some point. Maybe could find some excuse for us to play as
  10. Secondary classes is my biggest hope for FEW2. Using purely the FEW1 cast and movesets (Defined here as Lord, Lodestar, Mercenary, Samurai, Myrmidon, Nohr Princess, Dancer, Cavalier, Soldier, Songstress, Pegasus Knight, War Cleric, Great Knight, Wyvern Rider, Archer, Mage, Light Mage, Dark Knight, and Manakete) Rowan: Lord -> Wyvern Rider Lianna: Lord - > Dark Knight Anna: Archer -> Myrmidon Marth: Lodestar -> Great Knight Caeda: Pegasus Knight -> Mercenary Tiki: Manakete -> Mage Navarre: Myrmidon -> Archer Minerva: Wyvern Rider -> Cavalier Linde: Light Mage -> Pegasus Knight Chrom: Mercenary -> Soldier Robin: Mage -> Samurai Lissa: War Cleric -> Mage Frederick: Great Knight -> Cavalier Cordelia: Pegasus Knight -> Mage Lucina: Mercenary -> Soldier Owain: Samurai -> Mage Tharja: Mage -> Soldier Olivia: Dancer -> Pegasus Knight Corrin: Nohr Princess -> Light Mage (As funny as it'd be to see Corrin using Tiki's Manakete moveset, it'd be too awkward) Ryoma: Samurai -> Pegasus Knight Hinoka: Pegasus Knight -> Archer Takumi: Archer -> Samurai Sakura: Archer -> Light Mage Xander: Cavalier -> Wyvern Rider Camilla: Wyvern Rider -> Mage Leo: Dark Knight -> Cavalier Elise: Dark Knight -> Wyvern Rider Azura: Songstress -> Dancer Oboro: Soldier -> Archer Niles: Archer -> Mage Celica: Lodestar -> Light Mage Lyn: Myrmidon -> Archer I've got a more robust list with more classes, but this'll do for here.
  11. I'd say it's more like a 3rd for both the Crossbell duology and the Cold Steel tetrology. Lookin' pretty neat either way. 50 characters?! If you were to consolidate every character who has ever been playable in Cold Steel, you'd already have 47, and at the very least there's the new "hermit" character and presumably Noel is playable again. That being said, it's unlikely they'd keep everybody from Cold Steel IV around, so... who knows?
  12. Cold Steel 2 save doesn't transfer to 3, so it's a moot point. As long as you have 1 and 2 on the same system, and 3 and 4 on the same system, you're good.
  13. I guess with this I'll be getting Cold Steel I and II on Steam, and III and (presumably) IV on Switch.
  14. Defensive stats and skills become kinda useless at high-level play. It's feasible to just dodge everything.
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