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  1. I hope you don't mind me changing some of the names to my preferred nicknames for the movesets. Lord (Rowan/Lianna) - Darios promoted to playable Lodestar (Marth/Celica) - Yuri Mercenary (Chrom/Lucina) - Ike Myrmidon (Lyn/Navarre) - Dread Fighter Nomah Saber Samurai (Ryoma/Owain) - Felix Nohr Prince(ss) - Kana by default Dancer - Phina Sword Cavalier - Jagen Soldier - Lukas Songstress - Hell if I know. Shigure...? Pegasus Knight - Clair War Cleric - Annette (w/ Crusher) Great Knight - Titania Wyvern Rider - Beruka Archer - Bernadetta Mage - Hubert Light Mage - Flayn Dark Knight - The Reinhardt Manakete - Uhhhhhhh I'll be boring and just say Fae. Can't think of many other Manaketes who would fit that childish moveset.
  2. I feel like bo staves would just fall under the purview of lances, as a variety of medium-range polearm. Like spears and naginata.
  3. These are valid points. I will note that the fourth voting option would address the choice issue; it'd allow Lissa to fight using an axe or offensive staff but still heal allies regardless of which she chooses, but it also creates an odd dissonance between the staves you equip like a weapon and the staves you equip as a secondary item both being called staves. That's somewhat of a dealbreaker for me, personally, but I included it as an option.
  4. Lately, in my endless theorycrafting for FEW 2, I've been conflicted on the humble staff. While I dislike Age of Calamity's gameplay, I do like how it handled the elemental rods, and I've been wondering how that would translate into FEW. A way to pull out a Freeze or Slow rod and debilitate a whole group of enemies at once would be a nice addition to gameplay. At the same time, however, I've also been wondering how full movesets based around staves would work; FEW is sorely missing weapons that run off the Magic stat by default, and staves could add a little more variety from tomes. Of course, making staves a new weapon type would have repercussions on Lissa, Elise, and Sakura's movesets, potentially taking away their axe, tome, and bow. Ideally this would be paired with a class-change system so they could retain their old playstyles as secondary movesets, so don't let attachment to those movesets sway your vote too much.
  5. Damn, it would appear my slaying of Marianne was controversial enough for her to come back stronger than before. Now I'll never be rid of her. Anyway, Ass-sugi gets the boot, the God-Shattering Star himself takes his place, and Nino gets her second stamp on her resurrection punchcard. I also declare my undying allegiance to Flayn. Rooster: Ded: Don't call it a comeback (because it's not yet): Unhealthy attachments:
  6. Remove Marianne, add Lukas. Also damn you, forcing me to choose between Bernie, Annette, and Flayn for revival. +1 revival for Bernadetta.
  7. I also say you should tell your mother and return it. If you're going to play it at all, you're better off getting the Switch version anyway.
  8. Aww yeah Solon time. Hopefully he's a staff unit instead of another red tome.
  9. I can certainly hope for FEW2. With how long Age of Calamity has been out without any updates or even word of DLC, I'm beginning to suspect it may not have any.
  10. If they really wanna squeeze more ladies out of Gaiden, they could give us Sonya's sisters or Nuibaba as banner units, but I don't think it'll come to that. They'd probably sooner give us a mixed banner of Gaiden and OCs.
  11. Yeah, probably. Pretty sure if they did another Nintendo collab, Nintendo would wanna show it off in their own presentation.
  12. I may as well throw in my two cents from the general describe-your-FEW2 thread. I tweaked a few existing skills, most notably making it so all Skills that aren't actually useful in battle have a secondary battle use, like Paragon and Payday. Characters would only have a maximum of five Skill slots, and personal skills cannot be unequipped, so you can only use four inherited Skills at a time. Since this is a Skill thread I'll sort them by utility, rather than character. Stat Boost Skills: HP +20% [Sakura] Strength +15% [Lissa] Magic +15% [Leo] Defense +15% [Hinoka] Resistance +15% [Elise] Speed +15% [Caeda] Skill +15% [Takumi] Luck +15% [Celica] Acrobat (+2 Movement) [Saber] KO Reward Skills: Sol (Unchanged) [Cordelia] Dancing Blade (Increased movement speed for 5 seconds after KOing an enemy captain) Strengthtaker (+1% Strength for every 100 KOs, max 25%) [Dorcas] Magictaker (+1% Magic for every 100 KOs, max 25%) [Mae] Defensetaker (+1% Defense for every 100 KOs, max 25%) [Draug] Resistancetaker (+1% Resistance for every 100 KOs, max 25%) [Clair] Skilltaker (+1% Skill for every 100 KOs, max 25%) [Severa] Speedtaker (+1% Speed for every 100 KOs, max 25%) [Jaffar] Lucktaker (+1% Luck for every 100 KOs, max 25%) [Annette] Offensive Skills: Luna (Unchanged) [Chrom] Aether (Combines the effects of Luna and Sol, at half-effectiveness. Can stack with both for 150% efficiency.) [Ike] Resonating Power (Unchanged) [Owain] Dragonskin (Increases Strength and Magic by 15% of Defense and Resistance, respectively) [Validar] Vengeance (Works the same as before, but self-damage is now enabled manually, via the potion/staff context menu) [Tharja] Trample (Unchanged) [Camilla] Heartseeker (Slightly increases damage dealt to enemies equipped with Swords, Lances, Axes, or Gauntlets) [Gharnef] Anti-Sniper (Slightly increases damage dealt to enemies equipped with Bows, Tomes, Daggers, or Stones) [Ursula] Murderous Intent (Increases damage dealt to named targets by +10%) [Death Knight] Conqueror (Increases damage dealt when in an enemy fortress) [Alm] Outdoor Fighter (Increases damage dealt when not in a fortress) [Eliwood] Persecution Complex (Deal +50% damage for 5 seconds after suffering damage yourself) [Bernadetta] Astra (Unchanged) [Ryoma] Defensive Skills: Pavise (Also decreases damage taken from Gauntlets now) [Frederick] Aegis (Also reduces damage taken from Daggers now) [Xander] Pass (Unchanged) [Lyn] Armored Blow (Unchanged) [Tiki] Staunch Shield (Decreases damage taken and increases HP regain rate when in an allied fortress) [Dedue] Wary Fighter (Guarding protects the unit from all sides, not just the front) [Lukas] Counter (Unchanged) [Oboro] Counterattack (When guarding, reflects some ranged damage back at attackers) [Berkut] Quick Riposte (Guarding against an enemy attack increases power by 20% for 5 seconds) [Hector] Iote's Shield (Unchanged) [Minerva] Recovery Skills: Quick Salve (Doubles the number of times Potions can be used per battle) [Boey] Staff Savant (Doubles the number of times Staves can be used per battle) [Flayn] Potent Potion (Unchanged) [Kaze] Live to Serve (Unchanged) [Felicia] Trickery (When using a Potion or Staff, significantly damages surrounding enemies) [Claude] Wrathful Staff (Weaponized Staves such as Freeze and Pain have their potency increased) [Genny] Meter Regain Skills: Quick Wit (Unchanged) [Linde] Special Spiral (Increases Warrior gauge gain for KOing enemy captains) [Gray] Galeforce (Nerfed to only increase Awakening gauge regain; split in half to make Special Spiral) [Olivia] Critical Hit Skills: Seal Strength: (Reduces enemy Strength by 30% after striking them with a Critical Hit) [Rowan] Seal Defense (Reduces enemy Defense by 30% after striking them with a Critical Hit) [Darios] Seal Magic (Reduces enemy Magic by 30% after striking them with a Critical Hit) [Lianna] Seal Resistance (Reduces enemy Resistance by 30% after striking them with a Critical Hit) [Lysithea] Lethality (Unchanged) [Niles] Stun Gauge Skills: Staggering Blow (When the unit forcefully exposes an enemy's Stun Gauge, slightly increases the duration of Stun Gauge exposure) [Edelgard] Fiendish Blow (Breaking an enemy's white stun gauge is treated the same as breaking a yellow stun gauge) [Hubert] Savage Blow (Non-targeted enemies caught in the crossfire of a Critical Hit suffer full damage as if they had been the primary target) [Dimitri] Awakening Skills: Awakening (Unchanged) [Lucina] Clock Up (Increases Movement by 5 during Awakening) [Ninian] Inevitable End (Increases the amount of Awakening meter regained from reaching KO milestones during Awakening) [Iago] Dark Burst (Greatly increases the power of a manual Awakening Finisher) [OC Villain] Pair Up Skills: Dual Strike+ (Increases the rate at which the Dual Strike meter recharges when in Pair Up) [Roy] Dual Guard+ (Increases the rate at which the Dual Guard meter recharges when in Pair Up) [Mathilda] Professor's Guidance (Increases Warrior and Awakening gain rates for the Vanguard when this unit is in the Support position) [Byleth] Solidarity (Unchanged) [Robin] Dracoshield (Unchanged) [Corrin] Amaterasu (Unchanged) [Azura] Advocate (Increases Pair Up stat bonuses when unit is in Pair Up with a male ally) [Hilda] Guardian (Increases Pair Up stat bonuses when unit is in Pair Up with a female ally) [Seteth] Charm (Increases Support point gain, increases stat bonuses gained from Pair Up) [Player Avatar] Veteran's Guidance (Increases experience gain rate and Weak Point Gauge depletion rate for the Vanguard when this unit is in the Support position) [Jagen] Lone Wolf (Unchanged) [Navarre] Bonus: Paragon (In addition to increased experience gain, now provides +3% to all stats, so it's not deadweight at max level) [Marth] Aptitude (KOs count double for unlocking weapon attributes, and also provides +3% to all stats) [Ninian] Payday (In addition to boosting dropped gold, now provides +1% damage increase for every 500 gold collected mid-battle, up to 10% max) [Anna]
  13. If you check my most recent post in the "Describe your FEW2" thread, I did some work with Skills there if you want some input. I didn't get too meticulous with the balancing, but I did make some adjustments to existing skills and come up with some new ones.
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