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  1. ...Goddamn, first the game makes it nearly impossible to equip Gauntlets and Magic together, then it forbids me from having Hanneman come out on the battlefield in an afro and vintage disco suit to style all over everyone to Shake Your Groove Thing. It's like the game is actively conspiring against every stupid thing I want to try.
  2. Oho ho...! So now the question is: Dancer Bernadetta, or Dancer Hanneman? Whichever one doesn't become Dancer will have to master Swords just to become a Mortal Savant if they want to be a Muscle Wizard. Hanneman would be funnier as a Dancer, but he's easier to make into a Mortal Savant than Bernie is (as he's already got sufficient Reason and can learn Swords faster than Bernadetta can).
  3. Byleth's own Crest of Flames, I assume. Not an object, but a Crest. Anyway, I've got a question of my own. For anyone who has a Dancer currently in their game, could you please please please test something for me? Can you see if Dancers can equip Gauntlets? Most pure-magic classes cannot equip Gauntlets, but Dancer is one of the few mixed classes. Like, I really need to know for my teambuilding purposes, and most of my previous questions about Gauntlet-Magic interaction got flat-out ignored.
  4. Can Dark Knights and Holy Knights equip Gauntlets when dismounted? I've heard conflicting answers, so somebody actually testing it in-game would be appreciated.
  5. Still hoping on an answer regarding Mortal Savant, but until then, I got another question: Once you've cleared the game and stuff, is it possible to just keep playing that save file infinitely, doing random battles and stuff to experiment with classes, support grind, and such? I know there's New Game Plus, but I'm wondering about continuing to play an endgame file.
  6. I was hoping someone could actually test it for me since we all thought Monks and Mages could use gauntlets until recently discovering they can't, but for now I'll cautiously accept it until proven otherwise.
  7. Since my question didn't get answered last page, I'll ask it again real quick. Can the Mortal Savant class use gauntlets? I know they're proficient in swords and magic, but I wanna know if they can at least equip gauntlets unlike the purely-magic classes.
  8. Nope, I can't equip my Monk Byleth with gauntlets. Every other weapon type is available, but all gauntlets are greyed out. And he was using them fine before he reclassed. Now I just want to know if the Mortal Savant can equip them, at least. It's a mixed-offense class so I'm hoping it can. Does anyone have a Mortal Savant unit around they can try equipping with a pair of Gauntlets for me?
  9. I'm in a bit of a quandry. I wanted to make some characters "Muscle Wizards" who use both Gauntlets and Magic, for a fun challenge. Since only certain classes can use magic at all, I figured I'd have to promote to magic-based classes. I promoted Byleth from Commoner to Monk, and all of a sudden he can no longer equip Gauntlets. Can anyone confirm if this is the case, or if I just did something wrong here? I'd really hate it if I can't use Gauntlets and Magic together past the Commoner/Noble class. Byleth, Bernadetta, and Hanneman were going to be my Muscle Wizard trio... Edit: Looks like it was actually asked up above. That really sucks if it's the case... can any later promotions use both together, at least? I want to know if I'm wasting my time or if it'll at least pay off eventually. Maybe the Mortal Savant class can use both, if somebody doesn't mind testing for me?
  10. ...How do we get it to recognize the Instagram and Facebook ones? I can't quite seem to get them to work.
  11. Apropos of nothing, I ran the Sky trilogy cast through a heavily-customized Hunger Games Simulator, and got some glorious results. Possibly the best I've seen from this sim. Pay special attention to Anelace and Nial, they have spectacular runs.
  12. I'd say there's probably more demand for AO given it's more important to the overarching story than Zero is.
  13. Nightmare (Metroid Fusion) and Artifice Ophion (Xenoblade Chronicles 2).
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