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  1. Hello. Are u interested in changing the stats growth system? or you plan to keep it as it original FE games.
  2. Hello. Stats growths work like in FE original games or u use different mechanics?
  3. Hello. could u please tell me what are the new mechanics?
  4. Hello developers of IS. Are u interested in a new type growths system? let me know.
  5. Im new to FESS. From the beginning i didnt even lvl her so that the exp can go to other characters, until i reached the first arena where i maxed them all. :D I just picked up her brother, i like him !!
  6. 1)Is it possible to max the stats for all classes the same way? I read that its possible to reach lvl 99. Do stats cap at 99 as well? and is it possible to max all stats with all classes? Also can this be done in all FE games? 2)Arent there any skills for each character?
  7. To explain myself a little better. In original FE games getting stats is basically a matter of luck. Ofc the chance of the growths for each character differs, but they are still based on luck. And what i ask is basically a system that gives standard amount of stats points on lvl up. For example: Character X gains 0.3 STR on lvl up while character Z gains 0.75 STR on lvl up. So if both of them lvl up 3 times, character X will get a total of 0.9 STR and character Z will get 2.25 STR. A system like this is very simply and keeps every unit unique plus it gets rid of the game breaking (at least to me) randomized growths.
  8. Hmmm i dont know if there is misunderstanding or what. Ok, lets start from the begining. In original FE games stats gained from lvls are randomized, meaning, the growths are NOT standard. can we agree on that?. Now. I look for a hack / fan made game that without randomized stats growths on lvl up and u are telling me that most hacks dont follow the randomized mechanics of the original games? If thats the case, then thanks for the info.
  9. Hello! I opened a similar thread about a year ago asking the same question, and back then there were no replies. So today i ask again. Is there a FE hack or a fan made project without randomized stats gained on lvl up? thanks in advance.
  10. At first i asked if someone knew a project with standard stats growth or a project where upon leveling up you get points which you distribute on the stats you want. Basically a project without random growth rate. But well i didnt manage to find and so im here suggesting my ideas how can a developer create such a project. FE games are one of the best series i have played, fun and addictive but i believe that there are a lot of things that can be improved and thats something that only fan-made projects can do. As you have all guessed by now i dont like random growths especially in strategy games. I believe strategy shouldnt involve randomness. So please dont try to convince me how wrong i am or how FE games cant be played in other ways cause thats simply not true. Thank you. The above being said lets get into how i imagine an improved FE game. 1)Classes should be unique. Statistical, item wise and passive/active skill wise (pretty obvious and common in FE games as u all know). 2)Uniqueness among the same classes is also the same important. Basically the characters themselves. What determines the differences in 2 characters that are the same class is their background story. How they grew up, the experiences they lived etc. Generally everything that formed what they are. So for example, a Berserker that has lived with Monks will: have different stats have the same passive active/passive skills but maybe at different ranks? have some different active and passive skills even be able to wield an extra weapon? will be able to have higher/lower rank of the same weapon etc. 3)Big maps are really nice without that meaning that small maps cant be nice and realistic as well. 4)Now the basic reason why i opened this thread. So as i said the idea is to get rid of the random stats growth and instead provide standard stats growth along with manual stats distribution which i will explain below. Part 1 (the standard growths) Classes and characters start with specific amount of attributes but as they level up gain standard growths. For example upon lvling up your Berseker named Zeker (a random name i just came up with) will always get (or not get) a standard amount of growth for each one of his attributes. The actual amount of attributes/stats gained is totally up to how the developer will balance his game. For example, one developer might make it so that every time his Berseker lvls gets 3 STR points and another make it so that he gets 0.5 STR. Its totally up to how you balance your game. And obviously the same goes for every other class and character. You might be wondering why i suggest this and why not just keep unites with zero growths and the answer to that is because by doing what i suggest above you give your unites even more uniqueness. For example, Berseker A might start with 10 STR and Berseker B might start with 11 STR. 1 points to STR isnt that great difference and will not make each one of these Bersekers unique but if u give them standard growths (influenced by their background story) then their difference in STR will be a lot different at max lvl because Berseker A might gain only 1 STR point per level while Berserker B might gain 1.4 point STR per lvl. So eventually those 2 Berserkers will end up with unique stats. This is why its good to have standard growths VS of no growths at all. I just want you to keep in mind that the characteristics of each character are determined by their storyline, i know i mentioned this above but this is very very important. Part 2 (the points' distribution) This basically means that every time a unite lvls up he gets an amount of AP (Attribute Points). Again the amount of AP gained on every level is 100% up to how the developer wants to balance his game. One developer might give 0.5 AP to his unites uppon lvling up and another might give 4 points. Its totally up to HOW you balance your game. Then what the player simply chooses on which attributes/stats he wants to spend his points at providing build options, something that FE games never had as strategy games, which is a shame. 5)To make the game eevveeen more complex here comes the another suggestion that includes 2 parts. Part 1 Skills/abillities based on 1 attribute or 2-3 attributes or even stats. What does this mean? this means that for example a heavy armor unite's skill damage can scale with STR but also his totall Weight (combined). Weight itself = damage, because the heavier object hits you the more damage you get (simple right?) but power (meaning STR) is also a part of it. Because the stronger person will simple hit you harder with the same object. So basically what i suggest here is skills (or abilities, some ppl call them abilities) to scale with 1 stat or attribute or a couple of stats or attributes combined (as with STR + Weight example). Note that this can be done with both passive and active abilities. ((I know i confused you a little here. Just to clarify. By Stats i mean things like Physical damage, Magical damage, Weight, Armor etc. By Attributes i mean things like STR, Agility, INT etc. (althought this isnt that important if u get confused). )) Part 2 Skill Points (SP) Upon leveling up you will get a specific number of Skill Points (SP). You will use these SP to enchance a chosen number of your existing passive and active abilities......! Something very very important is to have a small number of total SP compare to the total number of your active and passive abilities. Because this way you can have build diversity through skills as well. Ill give you an example of part 2 to give you a better understanding of what i mean here. If a unite can learn up to 10 passive and active abilities in total then you should be able to upgrade only 3 of them. Why? because if you can upgrade all 10 then there is no room for build options but if you can upgrade 3 out of 10 then there is. Another thing here that is totally up to the each developer is the times each skill can be upgraded/enchanced. For example, even if you choose to you 3 abilities out of 10 you still have to choose how many times you want to upgrade these 3 abilities... To make things even more complex, you can make it so that with every upgrade of the same skill the skill's functionablity also changes Now if you combine part 1 and part 2 you can get an insane skill system with a lot of depth and customization. ===== To conclude this whole topic i want to say that the thing i am dying to see is a project without random growths. I myself have zero coding skills (never developed anything). Plus my real life state isnt the best to dive myself into learning and creating the way i want. So i hope someone else does it. Those for now, if anything else comes to my mind, ill EDIT. Sorry for the lacking english.
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