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  1. I’m sorry about what happened 9 months back.... are you ok?

  2. Hi. Can we please talk? I have a lot of things on my mind.

  3. Happy Birthday King of Ice and Snow!!! I hope it's a good one and get everything you were hoping for!

    1. Rex Glacies

      Rex Glacies

      Thank you! Just got a couple dollars and Amazon gift cards (which will probably be used to get school books) so far. Though I'm not really asking or hoping for anything in particular, so I'm content. Thank you!

  4. 1. I have not but it looks neat from my google search. 2. Fire Emblem Heroes, Pokemon Go, Song Pop 3. Indiana Jones movies were really cool for me. Especially since I used to play all the lego games. 4. To kill a Mocking Bird, I think. 5. Can I use a TV show? If so, the Lone Ranger. 6. Harley Quinn 7. Up 8. Frozen 9. Disgusting 10. Princess Peach 11. Keyblade 12. Lightsabers 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZZjbGGlOk4 2. Tennis Shoes. Preferably with Memory Foam XXII. Uhhhhh I really don't know. I've just always based my style on cartoony things. If you want a big name artist I'd say Rebecca Sugar, though she's not "historical" XXIII. Ticcytx, Gzeidraws, ylilea, and an artist who took her work off and deleted stuff under the user KellyDrawsalot. XXIV. Hmm probably Weiss. XXV. You say this because you know I'd say Nora, then Pyrha, then Ren :P Sun is really awesome XXVI. Rapier XXVII. Myrtenaster XXVII. One I like to ask is if you could make a color named character like RWBY what would you name them? 1. Yup, sucks it was during a busy week, but hey, I've enjoyed it. 2. Initial - Super cold and distant, but super smart Now - A super analytical, old fart mathematician who is also a huge anime nerd. 3. Arc or Rex. I wanna ask some questions hehehehe 4. I said kill for no reason. If they touch Hashi I change my mind and kill Thank you! 5. All Might!!! I love him so much!!! Followed by Froppy! 6. Todoroki and Tenya of all of those in Class 1A. Thise are just awesome! In general, Tomura's quirk is OP and Eraserhead's quirk is super cool. 7. I really loved the internships, Froppy's episode being a really good one. 8. All for One vs One for All, oh my gosh this is just so wonderful!!!!!!!!!! I won't say much more for anyone still wanting to watch the show but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 9. I've not actually shipped as much in this one. Midoriya X Ochako is cute I guess. Slightly All Might x Inko simply because Dad Might is best Might. No take backs. 10. Okay so like, I have to have the time to do so. Which typically I do not. I can try to play more, and tbf, I signed up for a training mafia that never occurred, sooooo. 11. Professor Layton Games are super fun, I think you'd enjoy them, 12. Quality animation. It doesn't have to be too flashy, but as long as it's quality then it's wonderful and I will appreciate more than choreography even though typically it has both. 13 All for vs One for All or Naurto and Minato vs Obito. 14. Kim Possible was super amazing and something I grew up on. It showed me that even a normal girl could do big things. tbf though she was far from normal, but little me loved it. Steven Universe was highly because of the animation, but also the little lessons that pop up everywhere, like dealing with the grief of a losing a loved one. There are so many deep touching moments through the show and it inspires people and I want to be able to make something that does the same thing. Big Hero 6 showed me that nerds can be awesome too. All my life I was called a nerd and this just helped me feel better showing that smart people rule the world. you can do amazing things regardless of what others say about you. My Hero Academia shows it's possible to do incredible things no matter how where you start and where you come from. Despite your past and your hurdles, if you work your hardest, you can overcome these giant obstacles. 15. “If the drive behind one’s actions is the thought of another, then it is never meaningless.” – Erza Scarlet 16. It's on the next to watch list, and you can thank @SullyMcGully for that. I just haven't been able to watch it and other things on the list above it, but it's near the top rn. 17. Thank you for reminding me about Voltron, which I love! New voltron, old Voltron is hilariously cringe-y. 18. Kushina. I mean, she's the best. She's a firey hot head, who loves her man and her family more than anything else, to the point she would lay down her life for them. 19. The Fated Battle Between Brothers arc. I cried too much. :'( 20. “If you don’t like your destiny, don’t accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be.” – Naruto Uzumaki 21. Not completely, I've seen clips but I haven't jumped in yet.
  5. Oof sorry!! 1. It may sound weird but I have fell in love with particular room at first sight. It was the animation room and full of wonderful equipment. Yes I'm a nerd. 2. I've had writing grow on me. I used to despise it, though i enjoy it now. 3. I'd pay money to get to see the sights off NY again. Too bad I'm broke. 4. Batman is super smart and super awesome. 5. Heh a really sappy dream with my boyfriend in it. I won't kill y'all with sappy details. 6. I read a ton of them! Webtoons is full of good ones. 7. Garfield 8. I love awkward zombie!! I'll link a favorite in a bit. 9. They are fun but i havent been on one in ages. 10. IT LOOKS GORGEOUS! THE VA IS GORGEOUS! THE MUSIC IS WONDERFUL! AHHHHH CANT WAIT! 1. Oh! Id heard about this! It's really cool! I think some other animals do it too. 2. I truly love Oboro's character. Even though she's just a side character, she still has so much depth and personality. 3. Suns. Lots of sun. 4. Its a really cute game and I really enjoy it. 5. They have nice sound. Their music is really chill vibe. Sorry Donnel gave me trouble. 1. I've heard of it breifly but not really. 2. Caeda is literally a Disney Princess who sings a birds come to her. (I dont have much else that comes to mind) 3. Woah i need to start listening to more of this soundtrack! 4. Hmm I'll get back to you on this but I cant think of anyone I truly despise. 5. Dark Knights. 1. I never really use them because I hat being dependant on them. I use simi-Jeigans tho. 2.PoR had a great recruitment theme. 3. Caeda 4. Probably werewolves. 5. Lincoln Vampire Killer because i read the other one. 1. You're our sweet mom who is super caring and I truly appreciate you. 2. I'm not gonna use because I'm awkward with that topic. Feel free to use it though. 3. I've been through two weeks. And its been alright. Changed to a sane roommate so its good. 4. When I was little I'd change the number on my sports jersy to my age. My parents told me I had to pick a number and stick with it. So I added all of my siblings ages together at the time and got 27. 5. English/Writing Drawing Art History (Renaissance to Modern times) Psychology Health Design I XV. Tokyo Mew Mew, Pokemon, Fairy Tail, Full Metal Alchemist(and brotherhood), Seven Deadly Sins, Naruto, Little Witch Academia, My Hero Academia, RWBY, And more that I can't remember rn. XVI. Oh boy I have a huge hypothetical list. It never ends. XVII. Hmm this changes often but a general thing is My Jax or Lapis Drawing found on my art forum. XVIII. Renaissance. The rebirth of some wonderful paintings and armour XIX. As in historical artist or like anyone? XX. Wii XXI. Save it. If I'm not allowed to, i wish for the ability to teleport anywhere I want to when I want to. 1. Earbuds 2. Awwwww they are adorable! 3. I do. I have FE Warriors, Snipperclips, Stardew Valley, and Octopath Traveler. 4. Answering your questions 5. Answering your questions in the car.
  6. 1. I cried for way too long over this video.  The song by itself is adorable and cute, but the video is super depressing. This song gets me too. Yes, that is not the original artist, but I think the distortion in the music makes this version sadder, to me at least. 2. Easy. Faye. I feel like she is wasted potential as a new character who was just wasted praising and stalking Alm the whole time. 3. Cuphead is really cool! I love the inspirations it took from the older styles and I certainly enjoy it, despite being bad at the game. 4. I enjoyed the magic system in echoes, but managing the hp got a bit painful. Luckily, it made leveling up healers easier. 5. Accuracy is the big thing. Why use what won't hit. If you are going for non echoes archers where they can only attack from 2 away, making some more weapons that allow attack from afar and close would help. If it's echoes style then I'd just avoid changing that because 1-5 range is a ton.
  7. 1. I didn't like Donnel because he was a pain. The rest are pretty decent to me though I forget about Laurent all the time. 2. This one from Echoes just because of the tension/intensity to it and it just being soothing to listen to. I am able to work much quicker with this in the background. 3. Path of Radiance had a pretty cool one. Of course Awakening's had me super amazed at the time. #bias 4. Wonder Woman is the only option here NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAN!!! 5. I have a lot of different shows that I find super inspirationable so I'll cut it down to two shows, an anime, and a movie. Kim Possible, Steven Universe, My Hero Academia, and Big Hero 6. Fun Fact, Steven Universe and Big Hero 6 are what have inspired me to become an animator.
  8. 1. Due to my bad luck, I'd say guaranteed level up stats or no chance of missing.I truly would enjoy skills like reposition being made more available and usable by most units. 2. This one. 3. No Pulp 4. Ooof this one hurts. I'd say loved and lost because at least you would have gotten those good memories and will always have them with you. 5. The fool who follows the fool. The fool made the mistake, yes, but he who follows had the choice to his own path, yet he blindly followed. VIII. Hmmm. Off of the top of my head, I know I dislike peppers but I'm drawing a blank right now. IX. Cookies and Cream! X. Fuschia XI. A disgusting shade between brown and yellow. Bleh XII. Luke; It contains a lot of information with the life of Christ, and many good paintings take origin from Luke XIII. Disney World with my boyfriend!! XIV. Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Shadow Dragon, Awakening, All Three Fates, Echoes, Heroes Forks for stabbing, spoons for eating. 1. I have heard of it, but I have not seen it. It's on my list. 2. Typically cats, but I have a soft spot for some dogs. 3. To me Jojo is... ....To Be Continued! Lol I think it's a really unique anime and I truly appreciate the humor. 4. Typically I like puzzle games or strategy/turn based combat games. I suck at real time combat. 5. I have but I have not seen/played it. I like the character designs and art but I haven't really heard too much about the plot. 1. I like a lot of pop/rock. 2. I really want to play more of the Legend of Zelda Series. I've only played the Four Swords game, and I was told that was the worst of them soooo yea, I'd like to play more of those. 3. Well my username is something I made for posting my art. I love alliteration, hence Anime and Arts. 27 is my lucky name and I put it together and that's what you get! 4. Cake! 5. Those are answers to the questions you asked! Not a problem I don't mind to repeat things. I was introduced to anime because someone told me that one of my characters was a rip off of an anime character. I watched the anime to see if they were correct. They were not. 1. As long as it's calm and a known cat, a cat is free to sleep on my lap at anytime. 2. My life felt like it was a lie when someone told me I was a legal adult now. Full Body shiver. 3. Mangos are delicious. 4. Without. 5. Hmmm Echoes. I loved the graphics, the music, everything! The characters were super quirky too :3 I've seen you around. I think you're pretty cool even though I don't know too much about you. I love musicals, because I'm a dead girl walking! ;) Wicked is probably one of my favorites because I actually got to go see it on Broadway and it was amazing! looks at side profile Awakening I've never read the books. Wasn't allowed to growing up and never found the time as of recent. Cookies and Cream First, wow he's a rando random an! Now, I think you're pretty cool. I think I'm absolutely crazy, but I try to be kind to everyone I meet. I'm really not sure. That's probably good question for them sometime. I know fragments of sign language and when I talk, sometimes I start to sign what I am saying with smaller more common phrases, such as "Same" Honestly and Respect are the two biggest things for me. When someone takes a water of something from the fridge AND REFUSE TO REPLACE IT. HAVE COMMON CURTASY. AND IF IT'S THE LAST ONE TELL ME AND I'LL BUY MORE! Dude that characters sounds awesome!! I'd be interested in seeing more of a fighting style with that, and It'd be funny if he talked to the puppets out of battle and everyone called him crazy. I grew up with a lot of Disney, so Kim Possible, Hannah Montana, Lilo and Stitch, Teen Titans (The good one). As for games, it was a bunch of lego games like the Star Wars games and Spyro games. 1. Kuzco 2. Kuzco 3. Kuzco Anna, Rapunzel, and Kuzco Belle 1. Never read or watched them. 2. I enjoy clue a lot, but I'm always down for the more exotic games like One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Exploding Kittens, and Snake Oil. 3. I love puzzle games! They help me think and keep me thinking. 4. I don't mind either way, as long as the animation is good, I will appreciate a fight scene flash or not. 5. Oboro would be awesome to meet because then I could also ask her to make me an outfit! Plus she's totally awesome! 6. People are jerks. Don't let that hurt you or affect how you see yourself. You were made to be the perfect you, don't think any differently.
  9. Ah well, like I said, a few of my SF friends weren't around during my first interview so they teamed up to get me voted to they could pester me ask me some questions. I can. I'll tag you when I get Mr. Beany uploaded. I presume you mean these? 1. Huh, neat way of phrasing things. I don't have too many characters I truly hate or dislike, and I have a ton I like, so it will probably lean towards the likable side. That being said I'd say Marcia from Tellius. ( I may map this out later) 2. Scrambled 3. Well ya see me friend, I'd totally pass if this were anything close to reality(A. I'm in a happy relationship, B. I'm attracted to Males), but to humor the question a Marshmallow. Huggable, and Cuddlable (those may not be words, but their Anime27Arts patent now) 4. I can safely say I've done neither of those, thankfully. 5. They are snazzy and all that Jazz. I personally don't mind them. Would I wear it? No. Would I judge others who wore one? No. Tumblr is just toxic. I really hope not, but with the crazy things in politics today, there's no telling.
  10. 1. Either the huge level spike, or the game making the dead characters playable. I liked some of the dead characters and wanted them t live, but the deaths shouldn't have been changed for it. 2. I just wish the characters had more info about them. Each one was kinda bland aside from your main characters. I've head New Mystery fixes this, kind of, but I don't have access to NM or a good enough computer to run a ROM for it. 3. I do watch some Marvel, though I'm more of a DC person. Which makes me scum to some people. My favorite is probably Guardians of the Galaxy. 4. Hmmm... I'm glad I was able to cut 15 in off of my hair and donate it to Locks of Love, but I wouldn't do it again, at least for a long time, because my hair grows so slowly and I really like the length it is. Plus, while it's good to know I helped someone, it's also weird to think that my hair is on someone else's head. 5. I've always been a math person in school, but I love learning about chemistry and the chemical makeup of surrounding objects. 1. I love Star Wars! I'm a huge nerd about them! The newest trilogy isn't completely awful, but it's not my favorite. 2. The Seven Deadly Sins Anime. The first few episodes are full of fan service and I saw them and figured I'd hate the show. I continued because I was begged to keep watching it. Now its one of my favorite animes. 3. This new Rise of the TMNT. I love the animation, the colors, and the voice cast. They are all amazing. The designs, content, and what they've done with the character has me hating it. They have replaced all their weapons and changed their personalities and it ticks me off, but I love the cast and smooth 2D animation so it's a weird love hate situation. 4. This highly depends on the person's taste. My recentest suggestion of something I just automatically suggest is My Hero Academia. 5. Stay away from the realm known as Tumblr! Idk, maybe I suggest stay away from One Piece because it's so long and it traps you in because it's forever long. Says a Naruto and Fairy Tail Fan.
  11. That's great to hear! 1. Mia was always a favorite followed by Athena. 2. I have quite a few actually. I won't sit and list them all at the moment but I really enjoy My Hero Academia, The Seven Deadly Sins, Full Metal Alchemist, and Fairy Tail. 3. Least favorite is hard, since I truly have enjoyed all of the ones I've played, but I felt like Shadow Dragon was really flat. I liked the character designs etc, but it is an older game and they don't quite delve into character personalities too much. 4. Three Heroes looks amazing!! I was squealing at the trailer reveal! Christina Vee and Lauren Landa apart of the voice cast? Heck Yea!! The 3D models are gorgeous and I will be there at a midnight release of this game for sure. 5. I've actually never heard of this. Proceeds to google. Five minutes later. It seems really cool, though this is just at first glance. I might check it out more in depth sometime. Really? I was one of the ones with very few questions at the time, weirdly enough. 0. HECK YEA I AM!!!! 1. Kinda, kinda not. I know my friends mentioned doing so, since most of them missed my first one, but I had no idea they'd do it this week until they had started posting and said they were. 2. Fighting games are really fun, though I don't play too many. I'd love to play more though! I've played Smash, the Crosstag Blueblaze crossover with RWBY, an old arcade version of Street Fighter and some of the Naruto fighting game. 3. Like I said, I'm eclectic, so it's hard to pick a specific type for me. A lot also falls under multiple categories, so I like a lot instrumental work, as well as some of the pop rock stuff. 4. My profile picture is currently the bride and groom Caeda and Marth, and I put it up during the Bridal season during heroes just because I absolutely love them as a couple and I wanted to get into the mood. I think I'll probably change it soon though. Then you can ask this question again. 5. Like I said, it has a bit of nostalgia clouding my vision, but this being my first FE game and my first real experience at a game made it really special to me. I absolutely loved the story, and while it may seem like a simple story, been there done that, it was my first real step into any game with a progressing story aside from saving the princess who isn't in this castle. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Chrom and Robin and did pair them. I felt as if that dynamic made the story deeper with themes of family and these bonds being strong enough to break those of the past.
  12. Oof the hard questions already. Well if you check out the nifty thing known as my profile, you will see I'm an huge geek of all things nerdy. I'm an artist and am currently attending art school. I've been here on SF since 2015. I love cartoons, videogames, anime, web comics etc. Anything else you needed there? 1. Nothin' much daawg. Just sittin' here answering all you awesome peeps questions. 1. My day is going alright. I'm finally getting to relax, so that's great. Thanks for asking! How was yours? Can I even ask questions during this? 2. It's about time!!! TBH he should have been one of the first Legendary Heroes, but I guess they were saving him for when Legendary Hero hype was dying, so from a business/gamemaker's standpoint, I get it. 3. Favorite - By far the diverging endings at the end. I really love that and it's story. Least Favorite - Uh probably the level spike, but I did a lot of grinding on the side so that wasn't too bad. I just remember being upset about it at first. 4. Chimichangas!! 5. As in videogames? I enjoy the Pokemon, Professor Layton and Ace Attorney Series. Hahahah feel free to ask away! 1. Yup! I'm a fan of most types of music, and I have an extremely eclectic taste in music so I like a bit of everything. 2. I love peaches! 3. I'm from a country area, literally in the middle of nowhere. My hometown doesn't even appear on most maps. 4. Honestly, it wouldn't take a lot to get me to say that. 5. Awakening was my first so it does have a bit of bias in my heart. It was my first true RPG and I truly loved the story of it (Chrobin Shipping makes the story have hidden and extra meanings). It was also my first step into more mature gaming, seeing as up until then, I hadn't play a ton of games outside of Marios and Lego games. 1. Looks up. The sky. 2. Ooof this is the really hard question. Uhhhh I enjoyed Professor Layton & the Unwound Future or Octopath Traveler the most probably? I have no idea 3. Maybe its because you aren't creative Nah you came up with unique questions thus far. 4. I dunno, can I? 5. I really just enjoyed playing through the story, but after first play through, I love the pairings. I may or may not have a few shipping charts. 6. Uh pass. I don't really wanna kill anyone regardless. Hurt people? Sure, that's a long list, but I wouldn't kill anyone. 7. Sceptile so my brother will stop complaining. I'd love to have someone from Octopath in Smash, but I feel like a cool edition would be Neku (TWEWY). 8. I love Tressa and Ophilia and I will not choose between my precious children. 9. I think Primrose's story is the most interesting as far as I've gotten. 10. Ew... Childhood... uhhh maybe making up stories and acting them out with toys with my siblings. Hahaha, it okytay! You were one of the few here for my first interview, so I get it. I. I usually am able to come up with a few, but usually they all feel cliche. I understand the struggle though. II. Hmmm, either Frozen or the Little Mermaid. Both have amazing songs and I really enjoy the stories, and the animation is just amazing! III. I had to think about this one for a while because I didn't watch too many of the live actions, or recall that they were Disney. So after looking over a list on a wiki, I'll go eith Sky High. IV. I assume this means not Pixar either? If Pixar counts, then Wall-e, if not then Big Hero Six. V. I really like Anna and Rapunzel, especially with the depth they've given her in the TV show. VI. Ursula is my favorite, but points to Gaston for him making me laugh the most. VII. Absolutely not!! There's not such a thing as overboard with Disney.
  13. Hi guys! Come one, come all! Ask me as many questions as you'd like. I'll answer them as soon as I can!
  14. Its Sucy!!!!! Ahhhhh! She looks sooooo good!!! You've even got the mushrooms!!! She looks amazing!! You did really good!
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