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  1. new to this, kinda assumed it would be like acnl hex values, a bit confused. Can somebody fill the ppl in who dont have any experience with what ur doing and how? Kinda wanna try this out myself...
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ive been looking for an answer for such a long time
  3. oh, my mistake. i have the marth and lucina character dlc, think they might show up?
  4. pretty sure the amiibo come with the legit verion of their weapons, and cannot trade them. that might make sense actually, but im pretty sure they dont have supports can somebody who has the actual amiibo check it out?
  5. I'm new to making posts on this website s please bear with me. I have spent hours trying to din out where the swords "Lucina's Replica-Sword", "Marth Replica-Sword", and "Ike Replica-Sword". I've seen them on wikis with no location included, and the only thing i could find is another person asking the same question on gamefaqs without an answer. With all this, I'm led to believe that maybe its not out yet, or that its very common and easy to find and im just overlooking a crucial detail. But, on multiple accounts, when visiting castles and initiating castle battles, their units have had all three of these swords (cant find them again, but if i do, ill post pics if needed) i know this is a long thing, sorry, just kinda in desparation. tl;dr : i dont know where the lucina, marth, and ike replica-sword in game items are, need to know where or if theyre out yet. Thanks in advance!!~
  6. got a relative time? got a new years party around 10 pm EST and i wanna know if its worth lurking for the next 4 hours or if i should just wait until after :P
  7. thank you so much for keeping us all updated! its really appreciated :D also i know i asked this question already and got an answer, but what will be included in the patch? Incase theres anything confirmed or deconfirmed, such as full inclusion of supports, partial, or none
  8. Thank you sooo much for the quick response and working on this diligently, it means a lot that you guys are doing it the right way and not with piracy, also are testing the things before distribution. Good luck with the patch, can't wait!!
  9. I've been lurking in this thread for a while, and I've decided to finally make an account to say thank you for working on this. I understand its difficult and you may not receive as many thank yous as you should, but i will say lots of people i know are enjoying this game, and this game has made me a fan of the fire emblem series. Now the only question I'm asking is what major things will be included in the next patch, and when will it be released? Not necessarily a set date, just more of a "before new years" or "some time in the next few weeks". Or if you guys could keep us updated with a google doc, but i understand if thats too much work. Again, i really appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting into this and i wish i could help but sadly i dont know any japanese or anything about how coding works. Thanks, and keep at it! :D :P
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