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  1. Sorry when I said Awakening kiddies, didn't mean to condescend. I meant it more like a trainee from SS(I started with awakening too). And if you like FE13 continue enjoying it :)
  2. I know, but it just feels like there's so much demand for it, plus they pop on $2 for every translated release. That means the games would be $12 each which is a whole lot of money. Maybe they want to keep the Awakening kiddies in the dark from how good the rest of the games are. I personally buy every nintendo VC game they localize late (Earthbound 0, Sin and Punishment, ect.) to get them to do more and my dream is to have all the Kaga Emblems on 3DS. I need it there so I can retry FE5 over and over on trains, planes, and my bed.
  3. FE3 and 4 are apparently going to be on the japanese n3DS virtual console and they're not getting translated. That's kinda ridiculous considering how much Awakening sucks up to FE3 yet they're still keeping it in japan. Losing free money I say, especially when you've already officially localized half the game. Source: http://gonintendo.com/stories/253674-japan-list-of-snes-titles-found-in-new-3ds-snes-vc-release
  4. how is that possible? do you have Ike arms?
  5. Hmmm, alot... I like Smash, Devil May Cry, Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, Shin Megami Tensei, Etrian Odyssey, Metal Gear, Sonic, Zelda, Bayonetta, Valkyria, Megaman(X, Zero, and ZX as well), Castlevania, Yakuza, and others I can't think of immediately.
  6. I'm super grateful for everyone who voted mine to the finals, I was worried no one would no one would listen mine because it's 15 minutes long and based on music from games that never came outside japan and were made 20 years ago lol I'm really happy though, thanks everyone who listened to the end of the SNES tribute arrangement :)
  7. So I joined the forums recently to enter the competition, but after seeing all the talent and meeting all the amazing people made me want to stick around. I play tons of games, and only started playing Fire Emblem recently but it'a really fun so far. I hope to have lots of fun here :)
  8. Wow, this is really exciting, today I see if I get cut out of the running or not *crosses fingers*
  9. Ooooh, that's cool, tell your sister she has a nice voice
  10. This is super interesting! How did you isolate the vocal track? If you reproduced it sounds really authentic. It sounds like build up at the end when that bass instrument starts going too. Were there plans to continue this? As is it would be perfect incidental music for a scripted event, like a calm after a battle but another one begins right after. It'd be super cool to talk about if you're willing to come out of the woodwork.
  11. Call and response? Although the way you set it up makes it seem more like sonata form. Good work regardless, this is really impressive mixing.
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